• Should You Send That Email? [infographic]

    This handy flowchart will help you discern whether to send an email or keep it to yourself. Although the infographic has a lighthearted tone, it's meant to proactively ease the burden of overflowing inboxes. It uses the case study of tech company Atos, which banned internal email after discovering that managers spent some 20 hours a week reading emails -- many of them irrelevant ones.

  • What to Do When Your Dream Job Becomes a Nightmare

    How is a job like a romantic relationship? Well, sometimes the ideal doesn't match the reality. And then, the breakup can be messy.

  • Is Self-Employment Less Risky Than Getting a Job?

    Does self-employment pose less risk than getting a traditional job? In a column for Lateral Action, Joel D. Canfield proffers four compelling reasons that the self-employed are actually safer than 9-to-5 folks. Have the artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers finally won out?

  • Marissa Mayer Rolls Out Google-Inspired Perks at Yahoo

    All eyes have been on Marissa Mayer since she was appointed CEO of Yahoo, and in the latest round of news, it seems she's brought some perks inspired by those at her old Google gig. Can the new additions rev up employee engagement?

  • Is Your Stressful Job Aging You?

    The intrepid blogger who wishes to cover the effects of stress faces a dilemma: Since everyone agrees that some kinds of stress are bad for you, and talking about stress only seems to make it worse, is it really helpful to bring up the subject at all?

  • Future Software Engineer Gives Work Advice [video]

    Most kids resist the pressure to go into lucrative science and math-related fields. (That's partly why those careers pay so well.) Other young folks, though, can't seem to resist number-crunching's allure. One such future geek is Andrew. He told PayScale not only about his computer engineering ambitions, but just how hard he is going to work. This kid is going places.

  • Writer Posts Fake Craigslist Job Ad to Size Up Competitors

    Writer Eric K. Auld has been using Craigslist to scour for jobs, and in a column for Lifehacker, he outlined how he recently posted a fake Craigslist job ad to get a better sense of the local job market and the kinds of applicants that form his competition. What's Joe Jobseeker up against when he applies for an administrative assistant job online?

  • 3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Office Healthier

    Offices and health clubs usually have two things in common: industrial grade carpeting and free water. That's about it. We're constantly reading stories about how bad modern offices are for us: the air might be toxic, the snack machine is making us fat, our chairs are trying to kill us, and so on. What's a health-minded office worker to do?

  • Why Women Quit Science Jobs

    Think stereotypes are harmless? Consider this: Recent research shows that the gender gap in science jobs isn't solely due to fewer women choosing these professions. In part, it's because more women than men drop out of these fields after a few years. And stereotyping might be the reason.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Be the Next Microsoft Employee, Think Like a Gold Medalist and Overcome Your Mental Blocks

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Are Female Doctors Really Getting Paid Less Than Male Doctors?

    A recent headline in the Huffington Post asked, "Why Are Women Doctors Getting Paid So Much Less Than Their Male Counterparts?" The accompanying article maintained that female doctors earned, on average, $12,000 a year less than male doctors -- as long as those doctors worked in research or academia.

    "Women physician-scientists are paid much less than their male counterparts, researchers found, with a salary difference that over the course of a career could pay for a college education, a spacious house, or a retirement nest egg," wrote Lindsay Tanner.

    Bad news, indeed -- if it's true. But do these numbers, as the headline suggests, really apply to all doctors in the U.S.? PayScale decided to see what we could learn from comparisons to our data.

  • How to Interview for a Job When You Have a Job

    Everyone's heard the old adage that it's easier to get a job when you have a job. Unfortunately, no one has come up with a pithy aphorism to help you figure out how to find time to go to an interview while still holding down your current gig.

  • In What Careers Do Women Out-Earn Men? [infographic]

    Women may earn less than men on average, but in some careers, women out-earn men as a matter of course. This infographic outlines some of the ways in which the ladies leapfrog their male colleagues in terms of salary.

  • Will the 2012 London Olympics Make Remote Working Mainstream?

    As the 2012 London Olympics kick off, we at PayScale are monitoring a storyline that has nothing to do with sports and everything to do with remote working. London businesses in nearly every sector are encouraging employees to work from home as much as possible during the two weeks of the Olympics to cut down on traffic. Will this citywide experiment finally make telecommuting mainstream?

  • School Pages, About Us, and Search Technology

    By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

    We released the latest version of the PayScale consumer website yesterday. Here is the rundown of what we shipped, and why it's great.

    School Pages in the Research Center

    PayScale generates a lot of really interesting reports and rankings, like our College ROI and College Salary Report. But, we've never made the school rankings available in our Research Center. So, we integrated our rankings, data from the government, from Wikipedia, and from you (our users) to create a resource for prospective students, current students, parents and alumni. 

  • Should Your Company Allow Office Dogs?

    Many offices have an open-pet policy in which employees can bring their furry friends into work; others even let a prized pooch become a company mascot of sorts, boosting morale and winning over clients. Should office dogs become a part of every workplace?

  • 24-Hour Social Media Ad Agency Shuns the Traditional Workweek

    Brian Mandelbaum is readying a 24-hour social media ad agency that will man companies' online presence all day, every day when it launches later this year. Marketers have traditionally stuck to the Monday through Friday workweek and the 9-to-5 workday, but Mandelbaum says there is an unmet client need for round-the-clock online engagement. How will this always-on model affect employees?

  • PayScale's G+ Hangout on The Value of Education

    How confident are you that the work you've done in school will pay off with the career and lifestyle you want? PayScale gathered experts for a Google+ hangout to share their insights on this topic and help educate current students.

  • Silicon Valley Leaders Warn of Technology Addiction

    Leaders in Silicon Valley, a hotbed of the latest gadgets, technology innovations and the geeks who create them, are increasingly expressing their concern about technology addiction. Have those who drive our tech-obsessed culture finally reached their breaking point?

  • Broke Argentine City Holds Raffle to Determine Which Employees Get Paid First

    We may be complaining about cash-strapped areas stateside, but the Argentine town of Bialet Masse definitely takes the cake. Mayor Gustavo Pueyo announced a raffle to determine which of the town's 92 workers will get paid first. Really?

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