• Salary and Career News Round Up: Easing Back Into Work After Vacation, Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary Now and How Computer Geeks Replaced Computer Girls

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Online Schools for Learning to Code

    Hey, software developers, web developers, web designers – you’re in demand! It’s estimated that by 2018, there will be roughly 1.4 million tech-related job openings in the U.S., but the country won’t have enough college graduates to fill even 30 percent of those positions.

  • We Came, We Tried, We Won a Few
    "A" for effort. "B+" for results. That sounds about right. Our powerful PayScale ping-pong duo, Perry and Mariya, made waves at Geekwire's Summer Bash with their intense playing styles, and for arriving with their personal ping-pong paddles kept in their original cases. The rest of us enjoyed cheering them on and eating from the tasty mac 'n cheese buffet.
  • Many Workplaces Are Now BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device

    Ain't no party like a workplace party, because a workplace party is BYOD.

    Over 95 percent of employers are allowing some kinds of employee-owned devices in the office, according to the Cisco IBSG Horizons Study. Released last month, this survey of over 600 companies gave hope to employees who would rather work on their own snazzy mobile devices than less sexy corporate-provided models.

  • Grab a Geek or Fall Behind, Tech Employers

    Everyone recognizes highly successful companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, and many use their products. But, do you know how they compare as employers? Each company is vying for the brightest minds in the tech industry. PayScale takes a look at what each one offers potential employees.

    From job satisfaction and typical weeks of vacation, PayScale's Tech Employers Compared report and "Battle Over the Geeks" infographic give you the scoop on which company may have the best shot at bringing in the braniacs.

  • Measure Your Personal Productivity Quotient With David Allen's GTD-Q Test

    The GTD-Q test offered by productivity expert David Allen will determine, in two minutes or less, whether you're an Implementer/Micro Manager, Responder/Victim, Visionary/Crazy Maker or Captain and Commander/Autocrat. The quiz measures your personal productivity level as it stands today and determines how effective you are at control and perspective, two essential facets of self-management.

  • Does Your Resume Include These 10 No-Nos?

    By nature, resumes are condensed versions of your experience, skills and proficiencies. Alison Green of the U.S. News and World Report recently compiled a list of items that should never appear on this important document. Are you wasting valuable resume real estate with these 10 no-nos?

  • Addressing Critics of the PayScale College ROI Rankings

    In a previous blog post, I discussed the methodology of the PayScale College Return on Investment (ROI) Rankings, which examine the financial return of attending 853 different U.S. colleges and universities.

    This ranking has garnered a lot of attention and has played a role in the public debate on the financial value of a college education. While the majority of attention has been positive and the report overall has been well-received, there are some criticisms.

    As researchers, we welcome feedback on our data reports and are always looking for ways to improve upon them. However, many of the criticisms we've heard are based on simple misunderstandings of our methodology or the report overall. In this blog post, I will address the points brought up by critics of the ROI Rankings and attempt to clear up any confusion.

  • To Succeed, Don't Emulate Bill Gates

    If success is what you're after, new research indicates that you're better off not following leaders like Bill Gates. Researchers at the University of Warwick and the Oxford Said Business School found that those with aspirations to move from good to great should instead focus on emulating individuals a few rungs down the proverbial success ladder. Say what?

  • RIM and Nokia Shed Over 10,000 Workers in Latest Round of Tech Layoffs

    The tech world isn't having a good year. Just months after HP, Sony and Yahoo announced large-scale layoffs, Nokia and Research in Motion are following suit and scaling back their respective workforces. The biggest cutbacks by far are at Nokia, where up to 10,000 workers will receive pink slips. RIM has been issuing layoffs at a slower pace; for the past several weeks, batches of 10 or more employees were let go. How do these former tech giants plan to bounce back?

  • Can a Boss-Free Office Boost Employee Engagement?

    Ilya Pozin, the founder of digital marketing agency Ciplex, introduces a compelling argument in a recent Inc. column: Institute a boss-free office to boost employee engagement and motivation. Most employees, according to Pozin, spend over one-third of each workday "doing things simply because they have to." By eliminating the rigid, top-down hierarchy in his own company, he enabled teams to self-manage and ultimately boost their own productivity.

  • Mashable Holds Online Career Expo for Digital Talent

    If you're looking to hire digital talent, look no further than the upcoming Mashable Online Career Expo on July 31. Held in partnership with Brazen Careerist, the live event will enable employers to chat with jobseekers on a one-on-one basis.

  • These Industries Have More Jobs Than Applicants

    Most of the job-related stories we see are variations on one theme: There are a lot of people looking for work, and not enough work for a lot of people.

    For some industries, however, the reverse is true: there are loads of job openings, and not enough qualified applicants to fill them.

  • 5 Ways to Foster a Culture of Civility in the Workplace

    Between bullying, discrimination and generally rude behavior, the workplace isn't as civil as it once was. Incivility in the office can lead to higher turnover, lower morale and loyalty, and even increased consumer complaints. How can managers foster a culture of civility in the workplace?

  • Crave Success? Don't Start a Business With Your Friends

    If you're looking for entrepreneurial success, look outside your social circle for business partners. A new Harvard University working paper reveals that venture capitalists who teamed up with another investor based on shared personal characteristics, such as an alma mater, fraternity or ethnicity, were less successful than duos who joined forces solely based on their talents. Why is this so?

  • Ping-Pong Power Players: Perry and Mariya of PayScale

    It's not polite to brag but the fact is that some PayScale employees have mad ping-pong skillz. Meet Perry and Mariya. This dynamic duo works together, plays together and will compete in the upcoming Geekwire Summer Bash ping-pong tournament this Thursday.

  • PayScale HackDay 0.6

    PayScale HackDay 0.6

    What Is PayScale HackDay?

    Once per quarter, the product development, data, and analytics teams all block off our calendars and get together in one big room. Fueled by donuts, pizza, coffee, and (later in the afternoon) beer, we build something that isn't on anyone's agenda other than our own.

    The following is a list of what each participant created.

  • These Part-Time Jobs Pay up to $40 an Hour

    Looking for a part-time job that really pays the bills? You're not alone. Just about 8 million Americans work part time, either because they can't find full-time work or because they like the hours. The goal, of course, is to find a gig that pays decent money while still allowing workers a flexible -- or at least reduced -- schedule.

  • Does Social Media Help or Hurt the Workplace? [infographic]

    Nearly half of U.K. employees feel that social media hurts the workplace, according to new research by Kelly Services. Despite this figure, just 6 percent of British workers are forbidden from using social media at work. What's driving this negative perception of tools like Facebook and Twitter?

  • For Boomers Who Need to Keep Working, a Career Change Might Be the Answer

    Looking for work at any age is tough, especially if you're changing careers. But for workers over 55 (and that's at least 19.5 of us and growing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) that jump can be even harder.

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