• A Word of Caution About Crazy Job Titles

    Once upon a time, companies had a handful of C-level executives, and every title meant precisely what it said: the chief executive was the man or woman in charge; the chief financial officer was the king or queen of the checkbook. Now, however, it's not uncommon to have several people with "chief" in their title -- and they're not always in charge of much more than a portion of their own time. How did we get here, and is it a case of too many chiefs and not enough admins?

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Boost Your Office's Fun Factor, How to Tell Someone You're Job-Hunting and Success Secrets From The Co-Founder of Twitter

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Building Your LinkedIn Profile? Avoid These 8 Buzzwords [infographic]

    Ready for a side of irony with your professional social networking? The most popular self-descriptor this year on LinkedIn profiles, at least for Americans, was "creative."

  • Zombie Businesses: Companies That Came Back From the Dead [infographic]

    If you are in need of some inspiration, the facts in this infographic should do the trick. Did you know that in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple? The ensuing years saw the company lose revenue in spades to the PC and Windows operating system. It wasn't until 1997, when Apple decided to hire Steve Jobs again, that it hit its stride and became the go-to company for innovation and design.

  • 'Twas the Night Before Unemployment: Holiday Party Horror Stories

    "What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day." --Phyllis Diller

    Between year-end bonuses and office holiday parties, there can be a lot to celebrate in the month of December. An open bar alone is enough to warrant the distinction of "the most wonderful time of the year." Here at PayScale, as we gathered twinkle lights to ready our desks for the holidays, we decided to ask our friends and co-workers about their holiday horror stories. Let these serve as a cautionary tale to help you keep your job for another holiday season. 

  • Three Cities Launch Venture Capital Funds to Spur on Entrepreneurship

    City officials in New York City, Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon are serious about attracting startups to their neighborhoods. So serious, in fact, that they've launched venture capital funds to seed fledgling companies.

  • How Valued Are You at Work? [infographic]

    Have you ever wondered whether you're valued at work? Here's a simple infographic that will allow you to take a test and see.

  • Facebook and Zynga Break Up

    Facebook and Zynga just changed their business relationship status to Single. Last week, the companies went their separate ways, and independent game developers stand to benefit from the breakup.

  • Expanded Data Set for Salary Reporting, the back end, and More - Ravenna Release
  • Dev Bootcamp is a Tech Training Program That Focuses on Employability First

    The action-packed Dev Bootcamp turns programming neophytes into strong, entry-level software engineers in a matter of nine weeks. The program's focus on employability has led to a surprising statistic: 90 percent of its graduates find tech jobs within three months after graduation.

  • Does Your Resume Contain One of These Overused Professional Buzzwords?

    LinkedIn recently compiled the latest version of its annual Top 10 Overused Professional Buzzwords rankings, which draw on the social networking site's 187 million users. Does your resume contain one of these tired descriptors?

  • Best College Ever Offers Puppy Room to Stressed out Students

    Students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada can now defeat those exam blues by hanging out in a room full of puppies.

    "It fills a niche that people need right now because students are super stressed," said Michael Kean, one of the genius students behind the idea. The dogs are provided by Therapeutic Paws of Canada, which is a non-profit organization that regularly visits hospitals and schools, but sadly, not our house.

  • Strategies for Sleeping at Work [infographic]

    The good people at Online Clock have focused on helping others wake up and get to work on time, but now they've turned their attention to those sleepy moments while you're at work. They shared some of their favorite sneaky tips for getting some rest on the down low, right under your boss's nose.

  • How Shark Tank is Popularizing Entrepreneurship [infographic]

    ABC's hit reality series "Shark Tank" has created a new wave of excitement for entrepreneurship. One of the show's producers, Clay Newbill, explained how they find participants: "My goal is to find the best people with the best ideas. Whether it be for a business or a product, I look first for something that makes me and my team say, 'Wow!' We actually call them 'wow' ideas."

  • 'Be the Boss' Lets Employees Compete for a Franchise

    A&E has a new reality show called "Be the Boss" from the producers of CBS' "Undercover Boss" that pits participants against each other to own a role at a franchise. Participating companies include Jazzercise, Complete Nutrition, Auntie Anne's, The Melting Pot and Molly Maid.

  • 9 Tips for Applying for Jobs Online

    How did you find your last job? Chances are you applied for your current position online rather than by sending your resume by fax. In today's tech world, many job applications and initial screenings are done online. So, how can you give yourself the best shot at an interview?

  • Your Job Might Literally Be Making You Sick

    Are you sick and tired of your job, or is your job making you sick?

    Increasingly, scientists are finding that stress can make us ill (lowering our immune systems, shortening those pesky telomeres, etc.) So it's no surprise that work, often one of the most stressful parts of our lives, can affect our health. And it's only gotten worse since the economy went south.

  • Why Managers Should Hire Poets

    Be of good cheer, ye MFA students who wish to support your poetry habit with a "real" job: One business expert, as least, thinks companies should hire you first.

  • Self-Gifting to Give Holiday Sales Figures a Boost

    Retailers are hoping that when you make your list of who's naughty and nice, you put yourself in the "nice" column ... and reward yourself with something from one of the pre-holiday sales.

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    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

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