• Apple Employment Growth: 12,400 Full-Time Workers Added in the 2012 Fiscal Year

    This week, tech giant Apple filed its 10-K report with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Mashable uncovered a key tidbit about the company's growth: it added some 12,400 full-time workers during the 2012 fiscal year. This is no doubt partially due to the 33 retail stores Apple added over the same period; today, over 42,000 employees work at Apple stores.

  • Is Your Boss Your Facebook Friend? [infographic]

    Do you think it's a good idea to be friends with your boss on Facebook? Twenty-five percent of the worldwide population thinks so. As this infographic demonstrates, being Facebook friends with a supervisor is more common than you might realize.

  • 3 Ways to Cope With Career Regret

    Fall is the season of many things: pumpkin-flavored everything, holidays centered around overeating, and, as Priscilla Claman at Lifehacker points out, career regret. It's easy to berate yourself for what might have been when your former colleagues are going back to school or taking advantage of new job postings to change gigs. So what can you do, besides sit around and think about what might have been?

  • How Work Transportation Alternatives Improve Your Health [infographic]

    How friendly is your city to alternative forms of transportation like biking and public transit? This infographic by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation outlines some of the many health benefits that stem from transit-oriented communities.

  • Before Making a Drastic Career Change, Try a LifeSwap

    If you've ever pondered ditching your finance career for that of, say, a social worker, a startup called LifeSwap aims to help you experience that career change without turning in your two-week notice. LifeSwap lets users follow a chosen professional for a few hours a day -- think of it as a short-term unpaid internship of sorts.

  • Stressed at Work? Stop Trying to Be So Darned Perfect

    Some jobs are stressful by nature. If you're a nurse or a doctor or an air traffic controller, you have a high-stress profession, and the only thing to do is brush up on those stress management techniques and hope for the best. If you're like the majority of us, on the other hand, the problem might not be your job. The problem might be you.

  • Election Stats: PayScale Users Pick the President

    This election season, PayScale has enjoyed wearing a pollster hat to bring you our predictions for the presidential race, based on the data collected from our users. We've broken your responses down to make an educated guess about how women, or geeks, or nurses might vote. But how are PayScale users planning to vote, overall?

  • Is Email Good or Bad for Us? [infographic]

    Email is one of the most utilized sources of communication that exists today. There's little argument that it's changed our daily lives and has certainly changed our daily interactions. But has it changed us for the better or for the worse?

  • How to Get Better Parental Leave

    The United States famously has some of the worst maternity and paternity leave policies in the world, with zero weeks of paid leave mandated, and only three months of unpaid leave. (And that's if you work for a company with more than 50 people.) So what's a parent-to-be to do?

  • More Business Travelers Skipping Hotels, Staying With Friends Instead

    In the good old days, before the housing market did its swan dive and "austerity" was merely a weird answer in a crossword puzzle, business travelers had it made. Rare was the company that would even ask you to double up in accommodations, and it was assumed that you would stay in a hotel.

    Those days might be coming to an end, at least for some companies. Increasingly, organizations are encouraging workers to stay with friends when they're traveling for work. The good news is, many of them are offering financial incentives to do so.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Beef Up Your Business Skills on the Cheap, Leaders Are Always Positive and Is Your Cell Phone Hurting Your Business?

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • 100 Best Jobs in America

    What makes a job great? Is it the salary you earn, the sense of meaning you feel from the work you do, or is it something else? PayScale teamed up with CNNMoney to create a list of the 100 best jobs in America. Read on to find out which jobs came out on top and why.

  • Should All Employees Get Election Day Off?

    With Election Day right around the corner, Inc. magazine writer Leigh Buchanan poses a fair question: should all employees get the day off to head out and vote? For some entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding yes.

  • 5 Reasons Hurricane Sandy Could Actually Be Good for Business

    Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeastern U.S. this week, causing billions of dollars worth of damage, but entrepreneur Gene Marks has a decidedly positive spin on the situation. Marks, whose business is in Philadelphia, argues that Hurricane Sandy could actually be good for business for a few key reasons (so long as you managed to avoid tragedy, that is).

  • Election Stats: Geeks vs. Execs: Candidate Choice

    Are you the type of geek who waxes philosophical about the upcoming election while creating smart solutions to consumers' software needs? Or are you an executive who talks politics between budget approval meetings? Here at PayScale, we're the kind of data-nuts who love to categorize people according to their answers to our survey. Today we take a closer look at news-savvy nerds and election-loving execs to find out who's voting for Obama and who prefers Romney.

  • The Waze App Seeks to Simplify ETAs for Work and Meetings

    The Waze app is a social GPS tool that aims to streamline communication between you and your friends and colleagues by enabling you to see ETAs in real time. Could this tool kill the "I'm running late" text message or phone call for good?

  • 5 Techniques 'Super Networkers' Use to Rise Above the Rest

    Anyone who's ever attended a networking event knows that not everyone can network successfully. In a column for Entrepreneur, author Lewis Howes shares seven techniques and habits all "super networkers" have mastered to make the most of their efforts.

  • Halloween Is Payday! (And a Trick, Not a Treat, for Employers)

    What's not to like about Halloween? You dress up, stuff yourself with candy and, if you're working for an employer, you likely get a paycheck. Yes, Halloween is payday. But, while it may be a treat for you, it can be a bit of a trick for employers to get their numbers straight. To celebrate the day, we gathered some payday horror stories for you from HR and finance pros.

  • Are You a Social Media Zombie? [infographic]

    Halloween isn't the only time where you'll see zombies armed with gadgets; according to this Confused.com infographic, social media zombies are everywhere year-round. Is the zombie apocalypse already upon us?

  • Smartphones Add HOW Many Hours to the Average Workday?

    You might think that smartphones boost productivity and would therefore whittle down the time we spend at work, but according to a new study by Pixmania, a U.K.-based tech retailer, these gadgets actually extend our workday. Pixmania's survey revealed that smartphones actually add two hours to our day -- and that's after a standard nine- to 10-hour shift.

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