• Are You Undermining Yourself With Punctuation?

    Take look at the last ten work emails you wrote. How many exclamation marks do you see? How many smiley-faces, emoticons, LOLs? Be honest: Is there a YOLO floating around in there?

    I won't judge. (OK, just a little, but only for the YOLO.) Over-punctuation is a hazard most office workers face, and as Meredith Lepore at the Levo League points out, it especially plagues women, who use all those extra !!! and :) to make themselves look friendlier, to compensate for bad news, and to just plain make people like them.

  • Are Computers Breaking Our Hearts? [infographic]

    Computers have changed the way we live our lives. In some ways, they have taken over our lives. This latest Crucial.com infographic shows how computers could be breaking our hearts.

  • Hiring a Relative Without Ruining Your Relationship
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job
  • Top 5 Worst Bosses [Infographic]

    We've all been there. From a micro-manager who insists upon telling us how to forward an email for the 16th time to the boss who manages from afar, sending 47 email at four in the morning, yet never making an appearance in the office, a horrible boss is enough to make any worker dream of calling in sick, forever. PayScale decided to find out which professions suffered the most horrendous supervisors. The answers may surprise you. Read on to view our latest infographic and see who's suffering the most. 

  • Behind the Dish: Work Life on a Chef's Salary

    By Brian Steel, PayScale.com

    The last time you sat down for a delicious meal in a fancy restaurant, did you wonder about the chefs who prepared it?  Here at PayScale, we always want to know more about the people who work in one of the 13,000 job titles on which we gather data. This week, in addition to providing chef salary information, we will also explore a day in the life of a chef. Join us as we go behind the dish. 

  • The Anatomy of a Great Resume [infographic]

    It's time to look for a job. What do you do now? The first thing you should do -- and the most important thing you can do, according to this Top Counseling Schools infographic -- is to create the perfect resume.

  • Corporate Culture Mindset [infographic]

    The culture of the corporate world is seeming to evolve. This HumanResourcesMBA.net infographic defines corporate culture as "the set of tactic understandings and beliefs that form the foundation of how an organization works." What traits do some of the most innovative firms have in common?

  • Bad Medicine: Can Nurses be Saved?
  • Want to Nap at Work? Here's How

    For some of us, 3 p.m. is the worst time of day. Halfway between lunch and the quitting whistle, it's the time of day when blood sugar is low and spirits are lower. What we wouldn't give for a nap during those mid-afternoon doldrums. How we envy those who work at cool companies with nap pods and snooze-friendly policies.

    The good news is that you, too, can nap at work -- if you're prepared to be a little sneaky.

  • 9 New Ways to Sit in a Chair, Thanks to Mobile Technology

    Your tablet and smartphone might have revolutionized the way you work (and waste time) but they're also ruining your posture. In fact, according to a recent study by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, our mobile devices have inspired whole new ways of sitting in a chair -- and they're not necessarily the greatest positions for our bodies to be in for long periods of time.

  • What Not to Do When Rejecting a Job Applicant

    HR managers can get hundreds of applications for a single job, and they may have to interview dozens of candidates before finding the right one to join the team. Many times, the other candidates get overlooked in the process and are completely forgotten. A recent study by CareerBuilder, however, shows that if a job candidate is unhappy with how he or she was rejected, it can have a larger negative effect on the company in question.

  • What Does Your Email Say About You?

    While a measly email seems like nothing more than an easy means to get a message to another person or company, there are several factors that go into an email that can either make or break your brand. You might come off as the smart and witty person that everyone wants to work with, or your email might reveal that that you just haven't picked up modern times yet. Factors like your domain and signature can tell potential clients a lot about your brand.

  • 6 Work-Life Balance Hacks From a Type-A Control Freak

    The only advice worth getting is advice from people who are successful at whatever they're advising you to do. You wouldn't want financial planning advice from someone who was bankrupt, for example, or cooking lessons from someone who always orders out. So when it comes to getting tips on how to balance work and life, I want info from someone who is spectacularly good at both their job and their personal life.

    Enter Liz Pearce, CEO of online project management startup LiquidPlanner, mom, wife, friend, and self-described "type-A, perfectionist control freak."

  • PayScale Gets Swink'd: Best Office Hair

    We've all been there. It's after lunch on a crazy Wednesday at the office and you just happen to glance a peek at yourself in the reflection of your computer screen. Your hair looks as frazzled as you feel. Many of us resort to the emergency ponytail, grabbing the rubber band from our desk drawer and hurriedly putting our hair up. Still, we don't feel as confident as we did when we left the house. Luckily, there are simple tools and tricks for preventing the Wednesday Hair Frazzles.

  • Marissa Mayer: Innovator or Company Killer?

    In nearly every survey taken of the American worker, "job flexibility" features at the top of the list of the perks employees dream about. Many tech companies pride themselves on offering their employees the option to telecommute, create their own schedule, or work from home on an as-needed basis. In our ever-changing world of what constitutes acceptable work/life balance, it's no wonder Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's new ban on telecommuting has the tech world buzzing. 

  • Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur [infographic]

    At the rate that jobs are being outsourced, and with more and more companies choosing to bring in contractors instead of employees, a perfect storm is being created. That storm could result in a whole new world of entrepreneurs who could replace employees, as this Funders and Founders indicates.

  • How Google's Cafeteria Keeps Employees Healthy

    When it comes to perks, Google's the gold standard. If you work at Google, your day is a sea of nap pods and free cereal and independent projects. (And, OK, probably some work in there, too. Google employees tend to put in long days.) But there's perhaps no greater fringe benefit than Google's cafeteria, where the gourmet food is unlimited, locally farmed, and culturally diverse.

    It's also a trick, sort of. In addition to encouraging Googlers to work those longer hours, the free food the company offers is specially designed to be as healthy as possible. The thought, of course, is that healthy food will equal healthy employees, which saves health care costs and prevents absenteeism.

  • Pros & Cons of Hiring Friends

    Most companies like to hire by referral whenever possible. Workers love it because it allows them to network their way into new jobs; organizations love it, because good workers tend to recommend other good workers. So what could possibly be the downside to all of this?

  • The 5 Best-Paying Jobs That You Can Get With an Associate's Degree

    When you picture high-paying jobs, you probably think of gigs that require a lot of education. But for every lawyer and dentist, there are a whole bunch of people who have jobs they love -- with great salaries -- that only required an associate's degree.

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