• 5 Best Cities for New College Grads

    Got your heart set on living in a big (or biggish) city after graduation, but don't feel like spending every penny of your graduation money on new digs in a tough job market? A recent Business Insider story ranked the best cities for new grads, in terms of mean annual income, median rent, and unemployment. Here are the top picks.

  • Should You Accept That LinkedIn Invitation?

    If you accept every single LinkedIn invitation you receive, you're eventually going to have quite a filing problem. But if you're too selective, you might miss out on valuable connections, as well as the good career karma that comes with helping other people. So how can you determine which invitations are worth accepting?

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Phone Tips, Tech Terms for Entrepreneurs and PayPal in Space
    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.
  • Should You Be Friends With Your Coworkers?

    We spend most of our waking hours at work and tend to have at least something in common with our coworkers (even if, worst-case scenario, it's only that we're all looking for another job). So it's natural that we might want to make friends with some of our colleagues. But should we?

  • How to Hide 3 Common Resume Flaws

    Somewhere out there, there's a person with the world's most perfect resume. His degree relates to his field of study. He got a job related to his degree right out of school, and each subsequent gig -- at which he stayed for the perfect length of time -- built elegantly on the learnings of the job before. We do not like this person very much, but that's not a problem: if this platonic ideal of a job seeker really exists, he's pretty rare.

  • 5 Lowest Paying Master's Degrees [infographic]
    Getting a master's degree is a great way to give your career a boost with more opportunities for promotions and a higher salary. But, not all master's degrees pay. The infographic below from BestMastersPrograms.org outlines the five lowest paying master's degrees.
  • Rizzoli and Isles: Working Hard for the Money
    TNT's popular detective series Rizzoli & Isles is back with new crimes, crazy crooks and more family drama than ever before. How do the salaries of real life detectives and medical examiners stack up against the salaries of those who play them on television?
  • Does Someone Have to Go: Personal Feelings Trump Business Decisions
    Last week on Does Someone Have to Go, the employees of True Home Value were faced with three tough decisions including whether or not to fire an employee with a drinking problem. This week, three employees had to stand in front of their peers and plead to keep their jobs. Time to see how it all turned out.
  • 5 Business Lessons You Won't Learn in School
    College is a great place to learn about your desired profession and gain the skills to help you get there. However, there are a few things about the business world that college will fail to teach you. Check out the five business lessons you won't learn in the classroom.
  • Creative Careers: Interview with Film Makeup Artist Patty Bell
    Patty Bell has been working as a film and TV makeup artist for the past 20 years. She's working on TV commercials, films such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and she works extensively with sports programs such as NFL on Fox.
  • What Marriage Equality Means for the American Workplace
  • How Federal Law Helps Wal-Mart Fight Unionization
    Federal law gives employees the right to form, join, and assist labor unions. This allows employees to act together for their own benefit. Federal law also allows unionized laborers to choose representatives to bargain with employers on their behalf. Therefore, it may seem surprising that federal law has also allowed Wal-Mart to discourage unionization, often within legal limits.
  • The Importance of Internships From Lauren Berger,
    We had the chance to chat with Lauren Berger, "The Intern Queen," to get her input on the role that internships play in preparing college students for successful careers. Here's what the internship expert had to say.
  • Married Dads Whose Wives Don't Work Make More Money

    Want to earn more dough? Arrange to be a man, get married to a woman, have a kid -- and then ask your wife to stay home. According to a paper in American Sociological Review, you'll be making bank in no time. (If bank is defined as 4 percent more money, which in the post-recession age, it kind of is.)

  • Proven Helps Make Your Job Search a Little Simpler
    A new app helps make the job hunt a little easier. Proven combines job ads from websites like Craigslist, SimplyHired and Beyond, letting you view them all in one place and putting them conveniently on your smartphone.
  • Which States Are Richer: Dog States or Cat States?

    Most people will tell you, with very little prompting, whether they're dog people or cat people. What they don't mention, and probably never think about, is whether where they live has any relationship to their preference. That's right, thanks to a recent BuzzFeed article, we know there are dog states and cat states. Which made us wonder, which states are richer, states that believe dog is man's best friend, or states that worship felines?

  • Nurse Practitioner vs. Doctor of Nursing Practice [infographic]
    If you are looking for a career in nursing, here is everything you need to know about being a nurse practitioner versus a doctor of nursing practice. Maryville University put together the below infographic to help you figure out which career path is best for you.
  • 10 Organizational Tips for Professionals From Donna Smallin Kuper of Unclutter.com
    A big part of being productive in work and life is staying organized. PayScale turned to professional organizer, Donna Smallin Kuper of Unclutter.com, for some tips on how professionals can stay on top of things, whether they commute to an office or work at home.
  • Just Say

    A study by MIT Sloan School of Management found that words like "speech," "middle," "bottom," "flat," and -- we are not making this up -- "animals" will tank your proposal's chance of success. If you want the boss and your coworkers to look favorably on your work, the best thing to say is "yeah."

  • 3 Tips for Getting Customers to Pay Up
    Accounts receivable employees are sometimes between a rock and a hard place: a non-paying customer and a boss who will blame them if the customer does not pay. Follow these tips to maximize your ability to bring home the bacon and keep your boss happy.

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