Your Posture Is Killing You: How to Sit Properly

People who sit all day are more likely to get cardiovascular disease and cancer than people whose jobs don't require them to gradually transform into a human letter C. Even working out an hour a day can't counteract the effects of sitting. So what can we do?


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First of all, understand that not all sitting is created equal. Jason Bittel at Slate recently drew his readers' attention to a video from Flikli, which demonstrates how to sit properly, in order to minimize the stress on both spine and heart.

Among the video's findings:

1. The best way to sit is with your back supported, and your feet elevated slightly so that your knees bend.

2. Don't cross your legs.

3. Keep your monitor at arm's length away, and at eye level.

4. Rocking back and forth in your chair might help prevent hunching over and boost your ability to concentrate.

5. Get up once every 30 minutes and do something -- anything -- to stretch your muscles. The video suggests a few simple exercises.

The whole thing is worth viewing, but we have to say, our favorite part is the end, where they suggest that the office of the future might be a more ergonomic place. Here's hoping!

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