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Often, the first thing you do after a job interview is come down off of an adrenaline high. Then, you freak out about all of the things you forgot to say, or think about whatever you think you did wrong. Pour yourself a calming cup of tea and try doing these three things instead.

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1. Send a thank-you note.

In "Send a Not-So-Boring Thank-You Note," we discuss the importance of both being polite and getting their attention.

Interviewees who send a thank-you note are one step ahead of those who do not. A handwritten personal note shows you took the time and energy to express your gratitude for their taking the time to meet with you. By "personal," we don't mean talking about your personal life. "Personal" in this context means addressing people by name, writing by hand, and mentioning something specific about the interview. For example, "I especially enjoyed the tour of the office and getting to meet your wonderful staff."

While you are at it, make a point of thanking the person who helped you get the interview in the first place, if somebody did that for you.

2. Stay off of social media.

It may feel tempting to jump online and tell your friends how it went, how you feel, etc. Don't do it. You never know what may get back to people at the company you wish to work for.

You might say something you regret later. Even if you compose a seemingly calm post about how the interview is over or went well, doing so will look extremely unprofessional to your potential employer. No manager wants employees broadcasting everything about work on the internet.

And once it is out there, it is there to stay and can be found even after you delete it.

3. Remember to work on other leads.

A job interview is not an end to your job search. A job search is not a linear process. Until you receive the offer you want to accept, don't neglect the rest of your leads.

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  1. 1 bridgett holmes 03 Oct

    Sending thank you letter to the interviewer after the interview have been forgotten nowadays. If you are going to realize it, it is very important. A brief thank you letter is one way to impress the interviewer.


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