• So You Hate Your Job: Here's How to Make Things Better

    Very few of us will make it to retirement age without ever having a job we can't stand. Sometimes, the work itself is boring; others, it's the manager that's dragging us down. No matter what the reason, there are steps you can take to improve your situation, even if you're temporarily stuck where you are.

  • Make Sneaky Appointments From Your Desk With This App

    One reason workers hate open-plan offices is that it makes it nearly impossible to schedule appointments for mundane but necessary things like haircuts and car maintenance. Fortunately, there is, as they say, an app for that.

  • Ladies, Stop Pointing Fingers and Climb That Corporate Ladder Already!
    As if it wasn’t hard enough being a woman in today’s day-and-age, now women must deal with the scrutiny from the media that comes along with making it big in the business world. Women tend to shy away from their career dreams to avoid being dissected by the rest of the world. But why?
  • 35 Habits of Productive People [infographic]

    What's the difference between a truly productive person and someone whose Facebook account eats their entire afternoon? Good habits.

  • Bet on a Vet: Get Veterans Back to Work
    Bet on a Vet is a campaign to help disabled veterans utilize their skills and talents in the workplace here at home.
  • Worker Who Quit via Video Gets a Response From Her Former Boss

    Remember that woman who quit her video production job via viral video? Well, it seems her former employers have a response, which they submitted -- you guessed it -- via viral video.

  • Use Your Skills to Save the World: Computer Game Edition

    Seattle-based game developer Game It Forward is the creator of a bingo-trivia game for the iPad called Quingo. Game play is free and supports a variety of causes, including Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Kiva, and PAWS.

  • Bad Medicine: 42 Percent of Med Students Say They Were Mistreated

    Is making big bucks as a doctor worth being treated poorly while you're in school?

  • 4 Ways Government Shut Down Will Hurt Women
    The federal sequester is felt by a wide range of demographics, it's true. But some of the programs getting shuttered until the nation's leaders get their act together and come up with a budget agreement affect the nation's most marginalized people – the working poor, children, veterans, the elderly and women.
  • Has Inflation Shrunk the Minimum Wage?
    Economists argue over whether inflation has shrunk the minimum wage, and they never seem to resolve the issue. Here we have the argument over money and inflation simplified.
  • After the Interview

    After the Interview
    Often, the first thing you do after a job interview is come down off of an adrenaline high. Then, you freak out about all of the things you forgot to say, or think about whatever you think you did wrong. Pour yourself a calming cup of tea and try doing these three things instead.
  • 13 Personality Types in Every Office [infographic]

    It's no wonder every new TV season offers so many new workplace comedies. Even the dullest office is teeming with characters -- some more entertaining than others.

  • It's Time for Voicemail to Join Fax at the Obsolescence Corral

    Why does technology drive us crazy? Maybe, in part, it's because while we constantly get new sources of input and information, the old systems take so long to fade away.

  • The Myth of the Lone Genius
    Never feel intimidated by the Superman/woman in the office. A variety of skills and talents leads to the success of the team.
  • On First Day of Obamacare Signups, Exchanges Overloaded

    Visitors to many state exchanges found an error message when they attempted to log on to compare health plans this morning.

  • The PayScale Index Gets Real, Predictive and Transatlantic, and Lots More
    Aloha! Welcome to the Hawaiian release of the PayScale consumer product. We're continuing our march down the list of the most delicious cuisines of the word. This release has a ton of great improvements for The PayScale Index and the beta version of the Research Center. Read on for the details and the screenshots of the updates.
  • Buying Power of Incomes Is Dropping

    Were you one of those lucky few who were able to hold onto your job during the Great Recession, but still feel the pinch when it comes time to pay bills or buy groceries? Well, you are not alone.

  • Surviving the Emotional Effects of a Job Transition
    It happens every day. Someone decides to change careers, suddenly loses a job, or lands an assignment in an entirely new field. During this job transition, however, some powerful emotions can crop up – including fear, overwhelm, depression, guilt and even anger. While this is a natural effect of a job change, not having a plan to manage these emotions can set you up for a career meltdown. Learn how to survive even the most difficult of job transitions with these helpful tips from a career coach.
  • The Key to Happiness at Work? Change Your Perception
    Do you arrive at work every morning grumbling or do face the day with a big smile on your face? Having a ‘case of the Mondays’ seems like the norm in many workplaces. But it’s also a major contributor to poor work performance, team breakdown, and project failure. While employers try to do their best to raises employee morale and bring back this employee satisfaction, it’s actually up to each individual employee to take control of their own happiness. By changing your perception of work, you can experience true satisfaction in any job.
  • This Woman Is the Best Job-Quitter Ever to Quit a Job

    Think back to how you quit your last job. You probably spoke with your manager, put it in writing, and negotiated an end date that would be best for everyone involved and didn't burn any bridges. You are very mature and should continue to do things exactly as you are. That said, let's look at a video of your new hero.

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