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Stop Complaining About Being Overworked, Unless You Live in One of These 5 Countries

Americans may think they’re being overworked, but a new study shows that they’re just being a bunch of wimps compared to professionals in these five nations.

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The average American works 1,787 hours annually, according to the data collected in a study called the Better Life Index by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that assessed the average work hours for 36 nations. America, with its standard (in theory) 40-hour work week, places 12th amongst the countries evaluated. Here is a list of the top five overworked nations, according to the study, in ascending order.

5. Russian Federation - People in the Russian Federation work 1,981 hours a year.

4. Greece - People in Greece work 2,032 hours a year.

3. Chile - People in Chile work 2,047 hours a year.

2. Korea - People in Korea work 2,090 hours a year.

And, the country that works its citizens to the bone is…

1. Mexico - People in Mexico work an unbelievable 2,250 hours a year. Compare that to Americans who work an estimated 1,787 hours a year, and that’s a difference of 463 hours more a year.

Which countries work the least from the study? The Netherlands (1,379 hours), Germany (1,413 hours), and Norway (1,426 hours) rank as the top three countries whose citizens work the least amount of hours in a year. Must be nice, right?

Regardless of what nation you live and work in, overworking citizens is a global dilemma. To some degree, everyone around the world struggles with finding work-life balance because managing family and a career definitely isn’t a walk in the park.

Being overworked can wreak havoc on your health, too. The American Institute of Stress states that, “Increased levels of job stress […] have been demonstrated to be associated with increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, and other disorders,” not to mention result in more immediate effects like grogginess, insomnia, and loss in productivity.

Think you have a stressful job? See where your profession ranks in PayScale’s Stressed Across America study to see if you have one of the nation’s most stressful occupations. For more information on how detrimental job stress is to your health and ways to cope with it, read this post.

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