3 Grooming Mistakes Men Make in the Workplace

When we talk about dress codes in the office, the focus is often on women. Whether this is because women's fashion offers more variety, or because our culture places more taboos on their dress, is up for discussion. But men should also strive to make a good impression at the office. Below the cut, you'll find a few examples of what not to do.


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1. Having weird or messy hair.

Depending on where you work, a mohawk might be totally appropriate. What's not appropriate? Anything that makes people go, "huh." That includes obvious wigs and combovers, and anything straggly or unclean looking. It's the 21st century. There's no need to be ashamed of a receding hairline. Just keep your hair clean and groomed, and you're all set.

2. Wearing a lot of scent.

Cologne is not as good as a shower. If you want to smell nice, you can't beat the scent of soap and water. Also, the longer you use a particular scent, the more used to it your nose becomes, meaning that although you can't smell yourself, everyone else can. It's hard to get promoted if your boss is too busy trying to outrun your cloud of Drakkar.

3. Not dressing like your boss.

Take a look at the person you report to. He or she should be your model for dress. Sure, a lot of places have more stringent dress codes, official or un-, for management. But if you don't want to stay where you are for the rest of your time at the company, you'll want to step up your game.

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