These 5 Companies Have the Worst CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio

What's worse than working for a chief executive who makes millions of dollars a year? Working for that same millionaire CEO when you know it would take you 100 years -- or more -- to earn his annual salary.


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PayScale's Putting CEO Pay in Perspective data package highlights the extreme income gap between top officers at some companies and their typical employees.

Significantly, this report looks at the typical median pay, meaning that half the people working at the company earn more than this number, while half earn less. In other words, we're not comparing the richest person at the company with the poorest; we're comparing the highest-earning worker at the company with median-earner.

It's also important to note that total cash compensation takes into account bonuses and profit sharing, but not stock, cash value of retirement benefits, or other non-cash benefits like healthcare.

These are the five companies had the highest CEO-to-worker pay ratios:

1. CVS Caremark (CVS)

CEO: Larry J. Merlo

CEO Total Cash Compensation: $12,112,603

Typical Worker Pay: $28,700

Ratio: 422.04

2. Goodyear Tire & Rubber (GT)

CEO: Richard J. Kramer

CEO Total Cash Compensation: $15,086,645

Typical Worker Pay: $46,700

Ratio: 323.05

3. Walt Disney (DIS)

CEO: Robert A. Iger

CEO Total Cash Compensation: $17,038,538

Typical Worker Pay: $60,300

Ratio: 282.56

4. Twenty-First Century Fox (FOXA)

CEO: K. Rupert Murdoch

CEO Total Cash Compensation: $20,899,150

Typical Worker Pay: $77,900

Ratio: 268.28

5. Honeywell International (HON)

CEO: David M. Cote

CEO Total Cash Compensation: $16,560,958

Typical Worker Pay: $78,400

Ratio: 211.24

See more CEO-to-worker pay ratios in our infographic, below:

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  1. 2 Aaron 05 Jun

    Based on her comment, I think Pam is an unfortunately misinformed, ideologically brainwashed, door to door saleswoman.

    My Comment:

    Do you have data available to support a list of the top 5 companies with the CEO to worker pay ratio that is closest to 1:1? it would be interesting to see those companies juxtaposed against the ones with these grotesque ratios

  2. 1 pam 17 May
    Keynesians poking people and promoting subtle envy with dissatisfaction reports.  Ya think the greatest generation had attitudes like this about their bosses?  Inspire people to strive, explore, achieve, not look around and point at what they don't have...yet.  :)


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