3 Common Pitfalls of Work Friendships

The benefits of work friendships are pretty clear -- a sense of belonging, a positive corporate culture, improved communication and commitment to the team -- but that doesn't mean that having friends at work is totally without risk. Here's how things can go wrong, and what to do to make them right.

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1. Failing to draw boundaries.

"You need not put Saran Wrap around your cube, but you must find a way not to violate the first tenet of professionalism: maintaining adequate boundaries," writes at Andrea Bonior, Ph.D. at Psychology Today. "It might have seemed like a good idea at the time to let your team members know about your blog, or confide to that intern about that you went through a bit of a hallucinogenic phase in high school. Tread carefully. Whether it's too loud of personal phone calls or having a bright-pink email signature listing every last one of your favorite movie quotes, it can be quite tempting to reveal too much -- greatly damaging your professional identity in the process."

Solution: Remember that the office is a place of business, even if you're lucky enough to like most of the people in it. Don't tell anyone anything you wouldn't put on a sign and hang over your desk.

2. Wasting time.

Even if your team has some time on their hands, chances are, other folks in the office have plenty to keep them occupied. Add in the fact that many companies work in open offices or paper-thin cubicles, and you can see that treating the workplace like the neighborhood bar or coffee shop can get pretty annoying for the people who have to overhear your conversations.

Solution: Be considerate. If you need (or want) to catch up with a co-worker, book a conference room or head to the cafeteria -- anywhere you won't disturb colleagues who need peace and quiet.

3. Spoiling your working relationships.

Friendships change over time. Outside of work, that can be fine; inside the office, it can negatively affect your professional progress.

Solution: Don't engage in petty disputes with co-workers. Be the person who rises above drama. Most of all, work hard to give yourself and others space to let small frustrations burn off before they become big interpersonal problems.

Done right, office friendships can teach you how to be a better friend to people you meet outside of work, as well as making your days at the office more pleasant and productive.

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  1. 1 Wanda Sanchez 30 Aug
    Yes indeed, many of them. I was filing taxes for a client at the Hrblock office when I worked there. And my client refused to a submission of the taxes to the IRS and State because she believed her last year taxes where to little. I went to last year taxes and explained to her that she had made mostly wages in the prior year to an estimate of 8k and that that present year she had made half in wages est. 3k because at the last year taxes she had commenced to receive unemployment benefit at the end of the year which follow through the following year and that was half unemployment and then midyear to the end employment and that her EIC was based on her Income. She was yet not satisfy but I could tell that she kept trying to gamble a negotiation because she with held me for a while without leaving. Finally she decides to wrap up when a coworker comes in a 2pm she gets up and decide to go but the coworker decided to revise her taxes. And I told her to please if she decided to submit to please change the tax professional number. Instead, she denies that she would but instead verify what a former manager had verify. So when I walk away, she goes and make a fake schedule c and submit then goes and get me to complete the forms signature of which I refuse because I never completed those taxes. So when it escalate to an office meeting of which later the manager went and did the same filed a head of household for a client that I had refused to file because his wife had claimed head of household they married and live in the same household and he was claiming head of household to a child of them both and she did hers.. I asked him to come with her an amended because I had put information in the 8863 not allowing the application to efile and that was the reason why. My manager comes at a later day I am out of work and complete the efile for him by erasing the 8863 information of family member names and efile and with my ptin. I had to file a 3439A and a14157 suggested by the IRS and they went and terminate me saying I was dangerous to clients and coworkers that I was dangerous, and I yelled and scream to everyone and that was not truth ever and the company suggested that I never come around there until investigated and that I was not terminated and I know I was the district manager asked me to hit the door I was an issue and that the manager will walk me to the door. The corp said that I was not terminated but on disciplinary leave. Lawyers refuse the case. And up to this day I went to the www.theworknumber.com to get a work verification and my social security number does not match my pin number which should also be the default ssn. Shady and destructive.


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