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  • How to Make a Mind Map and Plan Your Career

    There are lots of ways to plan out your career, but visual thinkers and fans of diagrams will love mind mapping, which basically creates a picture of your thought processes.

  • How to Become A Game Designer [infographic]

  • 5 Steps to Finding Your Passion

    You're stuck in a rut, work is just not as exciting as it used to be, and you've unleashed your inner zombie and are simply going through the motions between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If this describes you, it might be time to reevaluate your career choices. Find a career path that you will reignite your passion with the help of the five steps below.

  • 3 Reasons to Take a Side Gig -- and 3 Reasons Not To

    Taking on a part-time job -- on top of your regular, full-time job -- isn't a decision to be made lightly. Best case scenario, it can provide you with money or experience you wouldn't otherwise get; worst case scenario, it can exhaust you to the point where you're doing neither job well.

  • When It Comes to Working for the Same Company, How Long Is Too Long?

    Years ago, a colleague of mine who had held the same title for a number of years went to HR to discuss why she wasn't getting promoted.

    "People really only have your job for two years, max," she said, shrugging. "Then they leave and go somewhere else. You've been here, what six years? That's too long. I don't know what to tell you."

    Leaving aside for a moment the HR person's possible skill deficit (or at least rusty diplomatic skills) was she right?

  • The Road from Business Degree to Business Career [infographic]

    It's a long and windy road from the moment a future business graduate hits school to the time he or she sits down in an office space. This New England College Online infographic demonstrates what happens in between.

  • Top 5 Jobs for Veterans

    If you could hire an employee who was already trained in his or her field, knew the value of teamwork, and was committed to getting the job done, even under the most difficult circumstances, you'd do it, right? So would major corporations across the U.S., which is one reason why so many have created special programs for recruiting veterans.

  • Venture Capital Firm New Enterprise Associates Launches Design Mentorship Program

    New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm that's invested some $13 billion in up-and-coming companies, has launched a brand-new design mentorship program to fuel innovation in the design industry. Called NEA Studio, the 12-week program will challenge five designers at a time.

  • Nate Thayer vs. The Atlantic: Should You Ever Work for Free?

    On Monday, Olga Khazan, the Global Editor of, reached out to veteran reporter Nate Thayer to see if he'd be interested in contributing a trimmed-down version of a previously published article to the site -- for free. Thayer declined, and then publishing his exchange with Khazan on his blog. By Tuesday morning, the internet, or at least the newsy corner of it, was flaming like a comments section.

  • 3 Things You Can Learn From Your Not-So-Dream Job

    Given our druthers, most of us would prefer to toil away at a job we love. It's why we racked up all those student loan debts in the first place, after all. But the majority of workers will still have to do some time at gigs that aren't exactly our dream jobs. Here's why that's not such a bad thing.

  • 3 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Won't Have the Same Job for Your Whole Career

    In a world where even being the Pope isn't necessarily a lifetime job, can any of us hope to put in our thirty years and retire with our gold watch?

    Of course we all know that the answer is no, but the good news is that maybe we shouldn't want the same job for our whole lives, anyway. Here's why:

  • Behind the Dish: Work Life on a Chef's Salary

    By Brian Steel,

    The last time you sat down for a delicious meal in a fancy restaurant, did you wonder about the chefs who prepared it?  Here at PayScale, we always want to know more about the people who work in one of the 13,000 job titles on which we gather data. This week, in addition to providing chef salary information, we will also explore a day in the life of a chef. Join us as we go behind the dish. 

  • The 5 Best-Paying Jobs That You Can Get With an Associate's Degree

    When you picture high-paying jobs, you probably think of gigs that require a lot of education. But for every lawyer and dentist, there are a whole bunch of people who have jobs they love -- with great salaries -- that only required an associate's degree.

  • Start Doing the Work for Tomorrow's Job Today

    You've probably heard the expression, "dress for the job you want." But how about doing the work for the job you want -- even before you get it?

  • What an Engagement Ring Means for Your Career

    Unless you're reading this blog post from inside a romantic comedy, you probably didn't give much thought to what your engagement ring means to your working life. Probably, you and your partner just found a ring you both liked that didn't cost more than your car, bought it, then moved on to the other 100 pressing items on your wedding to-do list.

    In a recent post at the Levo League, Meredith Lepore explains how your ring can impact the perception people have of you at the office. Get ready to grit your teeth.

  • Battling Underemployment in Today's Market

    The person who made your latte this morning likely holds a college degree that has nothing to do with being a barista. Nearly 13 percent of 18-29 year-olds can't find work. Even worse, nearly half of all American graduates in 2010 held jobs for which they were overqualified and underpaid. Put simply, they were underemployed. What exactly does it mean to be underemployed and what does that mean for your future?

  • How to Strategically Announce That You're Changing Jobs

    What's the hardest part of changing jobs (besides finding a new one)? Figuring out when to let people at your current gig know that you're making a change.

  • Is Following Your Passion Leaving You Broke?

    Being passionate about what you do can often be a Catch-22; it can help drive you toward your goals, but it can also blind you to the realistic side of an industry that can actually help you generate some income. J. Maureen Henderson points out in a recent Forbes column that she actually likes that she doesn't sound passionate about her writing: she wants to leave her mind open to the possibilities of the industry and not close herself off to only writing about the subjects she is passionate about. This, she says, would hinder her ability to make money.

  • 5 Things to Think About Before You Accept a Job

    Let's be honest: the first question in most of our minds when we're evaluating a job offer is, "What does it pay?" Without an adequate salary, all the gym memberships and dental plans in the world won't make us happy at our jobs.

    But salary isn't the end all, be all of job requirements. HR expert and Career Spin blogger Mike Spinale offers this list of other important considerations to ponder before signing on the dotted line.

  • 5 Steps to a Career Insurance Policy

    I will fully admit when I first saw the headline of Lifehacker's recent post, "How to Futureproof Your Job with a Career Insurance Policy," I was really hoping that a major insurance company had branched out into providing us all with a success safety net. Despite my disappointment in learning that I wouldn't get to see a gecko or a human disaster area selling me career insurance in a television ad anytime soon, I found the actual advice very useful.

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