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  • Lean on Me: What a "Lean In Circle" Can Do for Your Career

    Women have fought tirelessly over the decades for equal rights and have, thankfully, made giant strides. So, how is it that in 2013 women are still not "equal" to men in the workforce? Sadly, too many articles have been written blaming men and the proverbial glass ceiling for this unfortunate state of affairs. But hasn't the ceiling been shattered long ago? We should stop pointing fingers at the opposite gender and figure out a solution to eliminate the imbalance once and for all.
  • 5 Business Writing Tips for People Who Never, Ever Want a Raise

    Regardless of the title that appears on our business cards, most of us are professional writers in some capacity. Don't believe us? Try sending your next work email with only animated gifs to guide your message. Bruce Kasanoff's recent LinkedIn article "Five Tips That Can Double Your Salary" got us thinking about the many ways in which we -- completely inadvertently -- make writing choices that tank our chances at promotions, raises, and the respect of our colleagues. We went through his tips one by one and came up with examples of what not to do, in terms of your business writing, if you want to be a success.

  • Are You a Lion or a Mouse? How You React to Change Reveals Your Work Personality

    Every job can be stressful at times, especially when a significant change event occurs. However, if you tend to react by going into escape mode, you may be a mouse. On the other hand, if you respond by baring your claws, you may be a lion.
  • 3 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation

    When it comes to your career, the only thing more valuable than your experience is your reputation. Unfortunately, the latter is much easier to tank than the former. After all, no matter how many times you lose your temper, you get to keep your CV.

  • 5 Ways to Handle Stress Like a President of the United States

    Looking at photos of U.S. presidents before and after their terms in office is like looking at time lapse photography: in the space of one four-year term, presidents can seemingly age 15 years. Afterward, of course, they start painting and becoming vegan, and then the years drop away again. But what do presidents do, while in office, to keep from completely melting down?

  • Does Age Affect Productivity?

    Does productivity decline with age? A recent study suggests otherwise, claiming today's generation is actually earning less and not as likely to obtain as many academic credentials as workers older than 60. Boy, how times have changed.
  • Tabatha Takes Over: YouTube is My Trainer

    In last week's episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha met a business owner who couldn't understand why her Hollywood nail salon was failing. Customers came in but they never came back. Why?
  • Multitasking Is Worse for Productivity Than Smoking Marijuana

    Here's some depressing news for people who are attempting to be functional humans in the 21st century: doing more than one thing at once, otherwise known as the only way anyone ever does anything anymore, is probably keeping us from being truly productive.

  • 3 Surprising Traits of Confident People

    In a recent column on LinkedIn, Darmesh Shah listed the qualities he feels confident people possess. They were almost universally the last ones you'd expect, if your picture of confidence was informed by movies and TV.

  • Why Your Social Media Obsession is Good for Your Career [infographic]

    You know that guilty feeling you get for checking Facebook at work, because you think that if someone sees you, they're going to assume that you never do an ounce of work … ever? Well, according to the University of Florida's online MSM infographic, you can actually turn that guilty obsession into a viable career!
  • Public Speaking for Organizational Success: Your Pathway to Leadership

    When it comes to the top skills that are valuable for any career, the ability to deliver your message through public speaking tops the list. Communication in all its forms can be a deal breaker in almost every career. In today’s connected business world, having the skills to communicate in both the written and spoken word are paramount to success. Consider that many companies pay big bucks to hire a motivational speaker to come in for just one day. If you can harness this skill, there’s no limit to your career growth.
  • Sheryl Sandberg on Gender Inequality, Women in Tech and Free Speech

    Sheryl Sandberg famously instrumental in Facebook's success also struck up an important national discussion about gender equality in the workplace. The tech giant's chief operating officer recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital about what's changed and what still needs changing after book "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" too the world by storm.
  • Advice for Managers: 3 Toxic Dynamics to Avoid

    Managers are only human, and it can be exhausting to have both people above and people below depending upon you to create results. Avoid the following three workplace dynamics and be a strong leader.
  • How Not To Act When You Don't Like Your Coworkers

    Very few workplaces are without occasional bickering and drama amongst co-workers. The reality is, if you spend that much time with anyone, you are likely going to start becoming annoyed by any number of pet peeves or idiosyncrasies. Although most of us are pretty good at refraining from throat punching people we work with, public bickering can be just as bad. Especially, if you happen to be employed in a public venue, such as the news.
  • Do You Need an Assistant? 3 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

    Most freelancers and small business owners start out operating under the assumption that if they want something done, they'll need to do it themselves, whether it's balancing the books or dusting the waiting room. But how do you know when you need to hire help?

  • Does Someone Have to Go: Employees Vote with Their Hearts Not Their Heads

    Last week on Does Someone Have to Go, we watched as the employees of Velocity Merchant Services roasted their co-workers in candid videos. That was followed by a mortifying round where salaries were revealed and from there, the group chose the three employees they thought deserved to be fired. Can the bottom three redeem themselves?
  • The 5 Commandments of Social Media Etiquette

    Social media has provided the general public with a platform to practice (or abuse) freedom of speech. Yes, a person is entitled to do almost anything they wish on their social media networks; however, let's not forget that recruiters and employers are online as well. The last thing you want is to have your boss find out from Instagram exactly how much fun you had in Vegas last weekend. To spare yourself some embarrassment, consider these social media rules to help you play it safe in your personal and professional life.
  • Addicted to Technology? 10 Reasons to Unplug for More Brain Power

    The human brain is an amazing organ, capable of operating at average speeds of 100 Hz per second, with over 10 billion neurons firing at once in a very efficient manner. While this is a bit slower than the standard operating system of a computer or mobile device, most people find it increasingly important to utilize technology to augment their normal workday. Multi-tasking for eight hours a day seems like the norm for millions of working professionals.
  • 3 Tips from Entrepreneurs on Becoming "Career Fearless"

    Sometimes, we're our own worst enemies when it comes to career development. We lack the confidence to make big leaps, or we second-guess ourselves until opportunity stops knocking. A recent LearnVest article asked several prominent entrepreneurs to share their advice on beating fear and becoming a success.

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Totally Humiliating Yourself on That Video Conference Call

    Oh, for the good old days, when maintaining face on a conference call was as simple as putting the dog out and not blowing your nose directly into the speaker. Now, companies are increasingly relying on video conferencing technology to manage their remote meetings. Mostly, this is a good thing: the old, phone-based calls didn't offer an opportunity to read the body language of the other callers, meaning that we were missing out on up to 90 percent of the message. Video conferencing allows us to get back some of that communication potential -- but potentially at a high cost.

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