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  • 5 Techniques 'Super Networkers' Use to Rise Above the Rest

    Anyone who's ever attended a networking event knows that not everyone can network successfully. In a column for Entrepreneur, author Lewis Howes shares seven techniques and habits all "super networkers" have mastered to make the most of their efforts.

  • Should You Friend Your Boss? [infographic]

    Social media is a huge part of our lives, both professional and personal. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and whatever they've invented since we started this sentence, are great ways to connect with friends, acquaintances, and yes, potential employers. But how connected do we really want to be with our bosses?

  • 5 Ways to Make Online Networking Work for You

    Experts have extolled the virtues of online networking for eons, but how can you make it work for your career? It's one thing to become buddies with an influencer on Twitter and another thing entirely to develop a more meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship. Brazen Life suggests the following five strategies to take your networking skills to the next level.

  • What's the Best Way to Introduce Yourself?

    Ah, introductions. Whether it's at a cocktail party, a board meeting, or a totally unrelated social event, introductions are the best time to show the whole world that you are the most important person in the room.

    Oh, wait. That's actually the opposite of what they're for. Let's try this again.

  • 4 Simple Steps to Making the Most of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has become a Wall Street darling and a crucial player in many recruiting and job hunt efforts. If you are a job seeker, career ladder climber, or career coach, you should know about the following four LinkedIn optimization tricks.
  • FounderDating Helps Startup Co-Founders Make Connections

    If you're looking for your next startup co-founder, consider FounderDating. The social network enables entrepreneurs to network with each other with the goal of joining forces to launch a business.

  • College Students: Make the Most of Your Summer Job

    Dear College Student,

    Your summer job is coming to an end and it is time to pack your car for the drive back to the dorms. Before you re-enter the world of all-nighters, football games, and 3 a.m. Hot Pockets with a Pop-Tart chaser, be sure you update your LinkedIn profile with the new skills you learned this summer.

  • 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Switching Careers

    It can be frightening to think about switching careers, especially if the change is major. Lydia Dishman recently interviewed several professionals who've made a successful shift in a piece for Fast Company; inspired by their advice, here are four questions you should ask yourself if you're interested in following suit.

  • 5 Tips for Effective Networking

    We know how essential networking events are for entrepreneurs and jobseekers alike, and Inc. recently published five strategies power networkers use, as curated by Karl Stark and Bill Stewart of strategic advisory firm Avondale. Add these tips to your arsenal to ensure your networking efforts are as effective as possible.

  • 5 More Extra-Smart Social Networking Tips

    By Sandy Jones-Kaminski

    In a previous blog post “5 Extra Smart Social Networking Tips,” I shared five of my top ten best social networking tips. In this post, I will tell you the last five.

  • 5 Extra Smart Social Networking Tips

    By Sandy Jones-Kaminski

    There are ways that everyone can improve their social networking efforts. Where do you need help? Is social networking taking over your life? Are you braver online than you would be in person? Are you an “open networker” versus a genuine connector? The following list of tips can help you get more from your social networking efforts.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Networking Tips for Introverts, Commuter Marriages and New Grads' Employment Woes

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Networking as an Act of Service

    How am I such a willing networker? I see the process differently than most people. Rather than entering an event trying to figure out how to get the most I can out of the people in the room, I take the opposite approach. I try to see how much I can give. I consider attending networking events my volunteer or “community service” time each month. Why? Here are my five reasons:

  • The Levo League Helps Millennial Women Crank Up Their Careers

    The Levo League is a brand-new service that helps millennial women find industry-relevant mentors, research their career progression, and access helpful information on "soft skills" like professional fashion tips and salary negotiation strategies.

  • Does Size Matter? It Does When It Comes to Your LinkedIn Network

    Did you know that many of today’s job postings list “having more than 250 LinkedIn connections” as a qualification for an ideal candidate? This is especially true in business development, social media management or fundraising positions. And, not surprisingly, more and more employers believe that having a robust professional network connotes success and an ability to connect with others.

  • 3 iPhone Apps for Job Networking During Your Lunch Hour

    Not all of us have the time or desire for job networking after the workday ends, but the following iPhone apps help you connect with people who can drive your career growth during your lunch hour. Why eat alone at your desk when you could be talking shop with an influential colleague or plotting your next career move with a big player in your city?

  • 5 Must-Dos for Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

    By Sandy Jones-Kaminski

    What’s in your name?

    Personal branding is a hot topic, once again, so I thought I’d share some of the ways that you can use LinkedIn to cultivate and reinforce your personal brand. First off, let’s agree that your personal brand represents how you market yourself to the world. It’s what comes to mind when people think of you. It tells folks what you represent, offer or are a go-to person for.

  • New Year, New You: LinkedIn Profile Update for 2012

    by Sandy Jones-Kaminski

    It’s the New Year, a time for fresh starts and clean slates. I suggest that you use this time of year to audit and polish your LinkedIn profile. And, start with the delete key if you’re one of the many folks that went app-crazy when LinkedIn started offering app after app after app.

  • A Happier Holiday Season with LinkedIn

    4109780694_6225c59c83This time of year it seems that there is a holiday mixer nearly every night of the week. And don’t get me started on the “Let’s catch up over an eggnog latte” invites I’ve started to see in my inboxes lately. How can we turn this merry making into career enhancement? Use it to grow our professional network.

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