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  • Dear Career Women: Our Jobs Are Making Us Ugly

    Good news, working women. Not only do we have to worry about whether our jobs are paying us as much as our male counterparts and the possibility that our jobs may be making us fat, but we also have something else to worry about. And this one is crucial and will directly affect our dating lives, our chances of finding a man to marry us, and even our children. Who knew working could be such a damaging part of our lives?
  • Women In Tech Have Advantage When It Comes to Online Jobs

    It’s no secret that the number of men working in technology careers far outnumbers women who are doing the same. And even though the amount of available technology jobs is increasing significantly, women are still trailing behind men in the race to snatching up these tech opportunities. While it’s true that they make up just a little over one-fourth of the science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) workforce, brilliant female minds have also introduced the world to some of the most innovative technological inventions and advances in history. And now, thanks to a plethora of online jobs to pick from, women can hold their own in the tech workforce while embracing more flexibility and greater work-life balance.
  • Summer Dress Code: Do We Really Have to Wear Pantyhose?

    At some companies, the dress code is, essentially, "Please be dressed when you come in to code." At others, well, the only way you can tell you're not on the set of "Mad Men" is that everyone has a computer. This causes quite a bit of debate during the summer months, when the usual business attire starts to look less like a charming nod to the past and more like punishment. For working women, the real question is, "Do we still have to wear pantyhose when it's 80 degrees outside?"

  • Unemployment Insurance Needs More Reforms for Part-Time Workers

    Unemployment insurance is the social safety net that allows workers and families to survive job scarcity in a volatile economy. Know the laws in your state.
  • The 3 Most Important Things to Do Before Maternity Leave

    It's your job, and it's your maternity leave. Protect your ownership of and access to both by communicating clear boundaries to your boss and co-workers.
  • These 9 Countries Have the World's Best Maternity Leave Policies [infographic]

    Forget Google's celebrated five-month maternity leave. If you lived in one of these nine countries, you'd have a year off (much of it, paid) to spend with your brand-new family member.

  • Starting Over at 70: XOX Betsey Johnson

    In the 1970's, Betsey Johnson was on her way to becoming an American fashion icon. Known for her whimsical designs, mismatched fabrics and bright colors, her clothes were popular with the young rock stars of the era. From there, she jumped hurdle after hurdle, never giving up on her wild fashions and wilder behavior. Going to a Betsey fashion show was like going to the circus and they always ended with the designer doing her signature cartwheel on the runway.
  • Coming Closer to Pay Parity for Women

    The Equal Pay Act outlawed employers from gender-discriminatory pay practices in 1963, but pay still isn't entirely equal. Now, legislation seeks to expand existing law to enact more protections against male-female pay disparities. Fed up, women are "leaning in" hard on this one, which means the Paycheck Fairness Act, twice rejected by Congress, might now stand a better chance of becoming law.
  • Part Time Jobs for Stay-at-Home Parents

    Raising kids is no easy task, especially when trying to stretch a single paycheck from week to week. When one parent has decided to stay at home with the family, a part time job can help to provide some much needed financial support. The good news is that there are many part time career options that give stay at home parents the power to earn and create a balanced family life.
  • 10 Valuable Lessons to Learn From Warren Buffet

    The guy became an investor at 11 years old, paid his way through college with profits from his childhood business and later became one of the greatest billionaire moguls and philanthropists of all time. Warren Buffet knows what he's doing.
  • There May Be Another Reason Women Aren’t Scientists

    Up until now, it hasn't been much of a secret that there are fewer women in high-paying STEM fields. This contributes to the gender pay gap and is made worse by the fact that young girls and women are less likely to be encouraged to enter into these careers. However, a new study has found that there may be another, more disappointing reason that there are fewer female than male scientists.
  • What Women Want at Work [infographic]

    The challenges that women face in their jobs and what is viewed as “success” has changed a bit over the last 5-10 years, both within the U.S. and globally.
  • Mommy Conventions: Business Trips or Paid Vacations?

    Everyone wants to work from home these days, and jobs and companies which allow telecommuting can be few and far between. Working mothers often find the greatest work-life balance when they are allowed to work from home. The fantasy that many people imagine is that of a person who is allowed the luxury of sitting in their pajamas and slippers in front of a laptop, while sipping lattes. All the while, the rest of us have to drag our begrudging behinds into an office to hang out in a cubicle.
  • Employee of The Year: Chinese Journalist Interrupts Her Wedding to Cover an Earthquake

    Just when you thought you had made the ultimate sacrifice for your job by skipping lunch, someone like Chen Ying, a news reporter in China, goes and ditches her own wedding to cover a massive earthquake that hit the city of Ya’an.

  • High-Paying Jobs Have the Biggest Gender Pay Gap

    Want to earn the same wages as your male colleagues? Stick to low-paying gigs.

  • Are You Being Too Nice at Work?

    When executives sit down to write their memoirs, they generally focus on their achievements: which products they created, which companies they made successful, which mistakes they learned from, and so on. They very rarely spend much ink on how nice they were during their time in the sun. The problem, of course, is that women are raised to be nice -- something that can hold them back later on, should they decide to become big figures in the business world.

  • Tina Fey's Tips for Working Women (Hint: Wear a Bra)

    Tina Fey is so beloved at this point, she could probably give up show business and start her own cult. Why does she inspire such fervor in her fans? Well, partly, it's because she uses her powers for good.

    Witness her recent appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio. When host James Lipton asked her "How does a woman, like you, make her way through a man's world?" she offered some very actionable (and hilarious) advice:

  • Delayed Marriage Means Higher Salaries for Women

    Want to make more money? Put off getting married until later in life.

  • Wives Now Earning More Than Their Husbands

    A recent report shows that women in dual-earner marriages are now making higher salaries than their husbands. But is that good news for working women, or bad news for family finances as a whole?

  • Tales of the Gender Pay Gap: Even Sheryl Sandberg Was Once Reluctant to Negotiate Her Salary

    How strong is social conditioning that pressures women not to ask for more money? Even Sheryl Sandberg, during her first salary negotiation at Facebook, nearly undersold herself.

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