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  • Don’t Quite Have it Together? Fake It

    You know that coworker who always makes everything seem so easy, like being organized and not wearing her shirt inside out twice in one week? She either has singing cartoon animals helping her get dressed and organize her expense reports, or she has some of these tricks up her sleeve.

  • Your Office is Just Like Middle School

    Not many of us look back on our middle school years fondly. Puberty, gym class, mean girls—we dreamed of being grown-up because it would mean the end of the Awkward. Surprisingly, middle school and your professional life may not be so different.

  • 5 Business Dining Survival Tips

    Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With the Wind ate her meal before going to the barbecue for the wrong reasons: it was considered unladylike to be hungry. However, even today there may be some logic to not going to a business meal ravenous. Business lunches and business dinners are the worst dining experiences of all, because they are never about the food.
  • 3 Tips for Creating a Work Wardrobe on the Cheap

    Even in this post-formal business attire age, most of us are forced to dress slightly differently for work than we would for, say, hanging around our house watching Netflix. The worst part is that work attire generally doesn't come cheap. So what's a frugal professional to do?

  • 3 Ways to Deal With Your Jerkface Boss

    An over-demanding boss can quickly turn your dream job into your job from hell. Don’t let your micromanaging, unreasonable, monster-of-a-boss keep you from an otherwise great job! Instead of quitting, Forbes offers up some tips for how to deal with your unbearable boss. Here are 3 highlights:

  • 3 Life-Saving Tips for Going Over the Boss's Head

    Going over the boss's head is not fun and can have consequences. If you are drowning in a sea of incompetent management, use these life-saving tips to stay afloat.
  • What's Trending on Twitter? #SFOCrash #AmandaBynes #Hyperloop

    This week's Twitter roundup recaps three trending topics that have caused quit a buzz: #SFOCrash, #AmandaBynes, and #Hyperloop. Why should you, as a professional, keep hitting the refresh button on your Twitter feed? Well, somewhere among the snark and the manic updates, you might just find some timely lessons to apply to your career. Read on to find out how the above trending hashtags relate to having a career back-up plan, what is and isn't appropriate workplace attire, and eliminating the stress of your morning commute.
  • How to Deal With Your 5 Worst Coworkers

    The bad news is that we all wind up with a coworker we can't stand sooner or later. The good news is that if you deal with them the right way, your less-than-perfect colleague doesn't have to ruin your career. (Or even your day.)

  • The Great Divide: How Men and Women View Social Media Use in the Workplace [infographic]

    Women and men often see things differently, and this disconnect carries over to their views on social media use in the workplace. Microsoft commissioned a study to figure out why and where these differences exist between the two genders.
  • 3 Tips for the Office Introvert

    The average American office is not a great place for an introvert, and with the current focus on collaboration, teamwork, and open work spaces, it might be getting worse. This is too bad, and not just for the poor beleaguered introvert; companies need a good balance of personality types in order to succeed, and crushing the souls of their most inner-directed and thoughtful workers is not a great way to encourage that.

  • Your Super-Cool Office Is a Trap

    Slides and fireman's poles replace the stairs. The cafeteria features free cereal and maybe even beer. You might even have a nap room, or a vacation policy that allows you unlimited time off. What's not to love about the new, trendy office? Well, for starters, it's a trick.

  • Quora Question of the Week: What Are Your Favorite Methods for Looking Busy at Work?

    Even if you're excellent at your job, you're probably not fully immersed in your work every second of the day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It's in your best interests, however, to look like you're busy, even when you're just catching up on your Facebook feed. PayScale turned to the Quora community for some tricks that will help you look like you're working hard, even when you're hardly working.
  • How to Make an Open-Plan Office More Productive

    Seventy percent of workers now work in an open-plan office, according to the International Management Facility Association. The real question is, how many of those folks actually like working in an environment that potentially contains more beanbag chairs and foosball tables than doors and walls?

  • Why You Must Be Kind to Everyone at Work

    You never know. Your assistant could become your boss someday. It seems unlikely, but it does happen. A somewhat distraught systems engineer wrote in to the Evil HR Lady at CBS Moneywatch because his direct report was promoted to become his boss. In other words, she "leapfrogged" over him.
  • Is There Such a Thing as 'Work-Appropriate' Makeup?

    Most work dress codes boil down to common sense: if you know anything about the culture of your company, you pretty much know whether or not you can get away with flip-flops during the summer or jeans on Fridays. But once you get past clothing and on to things like makeup and hair, corporate grooming standards are harder to figure out.

  • Turn That Frown Upside Down: Are You a Happy Employee? [infographic]

    The sad reality of having a job is that you probably hate it, at least some of the time. No one wants to do something that they "have" to do. So what does it take to make you a happy camper at work? Let's take a look at's infographic "What Makes an Employee Happy?" to find out.
  • 16 Semi-Serious Ways to Beat Stress

    The Quora community has answers to questions ranging from "How do I export a Twitter list to a text file?" to "What is the best Pixies album?" But some of the best replies are to more general questions that apply to almost everyone. Witness the astonishing 43 answers to the question "What is the simplest way to be calmer, to relax, and to reduce stress?"

  • Office Eating Etiquette

    The best practice for eating in the office might be: don't. Here's why.
  • 5 Business Lessons from Big Brother

    Big Brother is back on CBS for the 15th installment of the popular reality game show. 16 new houseguests signed up to live in close quarters with cameras watching their every move all in hopes of winning the $500,000 grand prize.
  • 5 Career Lessons From the Ladies of "Mad Men"

    The critically acclaimed television series "Mad Men" captures the essence of what work life was like in the 1960s -- marital affairs, mini bars in each executive's office, smoking indoors, segregation, and gender inequalities. Over the course of the show, the women of "Mad Men" break down the barriers that confine them in the home and in the workplace. Let's take a look at the inspiring career lessons that these courageous ladies have taught us over the years.
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