• Is the 72-Hour Work Week the New Normal?

    If a recent survey is correct, the standard 40-hour week could soon look like vacation. (Vacation, as we know, now looks like you, hunched over your smartphone on the beach, shielding your inbox from the glare with your own body.)

  • Here's How to Eat Healthier When You Work at Home

    When you first started working at home -- either full time, or a day or two a week -- you thought it would be the solution to all your bad habits. No longer would you be stuck trying to squeeze in gym time during a half-hour lunch, or choose the least awful snack out of the vending machine. Then you began your WAHing ways, and now the office looks positively healthy by comparison. What gives?

  • 5 Weird Desk Toys of the Rich and Famous

    What's a desk without desk toys? Most of us have a stress ball or bobblehead or two hanging around our workspaces. But famous folks really step up their office decorating game.

  • The Office Politics of Racism

    Early in her career, Julie Chen had plastic surgery to make her eyes look "less Asian." She didn't come to that decision in a vacuum: a boss at a local station in Ohio told her, "You will never be on this anchor desk because you're Chinese."

  • 5 Ways to Be the Best Coworker Ever
    Are you an awesome coworker or are you the kind who steals lunches and makes inappropriate comments? If you want to be the toast of the office, here are some simple tips for upping your game.
  • Blurred Lines in the Workplace
    Workplace dynamics have become increasingly problematic thanks to social media making the lives of employees and employers easily accessible online. Can this intermingling of personal and professional be detrimental to the workplace hierarchy?
  • 5 Things That Don’t Belong in Work Emails
    Have you ever received an email from a stranger, and it started with, “Dear Sir or Madam…” and you felt 30 years older just reading it? Well, we’re here to save you from making the same mistake by providing you a list of five things to ban from your future email correspondences.
  • 3 Tips for Apologizing to Your Employees
    You're the boss and, as they say, it's good to be king. But what happens when your employees hear you making a sexist remark? As the guys at Penny Arcade saw at PAX, sometimes you just have to own up to your mistakes. Read on for tips on regaining the respect of your employees.
  • Measuring Sleep to Improve Employee Performance
    The Vancouver Canucks professional hockey team were concerned their demanding schedule was hurting their performance on the ice. Their solution — start measuring their players sleeping performance.
  • How to Behave When Co-Workers Grieve

    Grief hurts, and there is no use pretending it doesn't. These three tips will help you behave appropriately toward a grieving co-worker.

  • 3 TED Talks to Rejuvenate Your Life and Career
    These three TED Talks are sure to get your career juices pumping and help you to start the work week off right, so take a minute to watch these presentations and see if you don’t have an “ah ha” moment each time.
  • 5 Signs That No, You Do Not Have Great Multi-Tasking Skills
    Out of all of the skills printed on resumes, multi-tasking is probably the most overused. It is rare that an applicant will admit that he or she is unable to manage more than one task at a time, but unrealistic to believe that the entire job-force has great multi-tasking skills. Here are a few signs that you are not a great multi-tasker, along with a few quick tips to help (because, multi-tasking).
  • 5 Perks That Prove Some Offices Are Actually Spas

    Think luxurious workplace perks went out with flip-phones and a stable economy? Think again. While many of us would be happy just to have health insurance, some lucky workers toil away at companies that offer really fancypants perks.

  • En Vogue: The Working Woman's Fashion Dilemma
    Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer appeared in last month's issue of Vogue, elegantly perched on a lawn chair, decked out in the high-end couture she's known to wear. The image elicited some sharp response from women who felt the image belittled the Silicon Valley powerhouse by dressing her up as a more of a fashionista than a C-suite celebrity.
  • Fido Friday is Wagtastic

    Tomorrow is Fido Friday at PayScale and the office will be full of four-legged coworkers. It's basically the greatest day in the history of days.

  • 20 Funny Truths About Your 9-to-5
    Heading back to work after a holiday weekend can be depressing, so here are 20 humorous quotes about the realities of your 9-to-5 that will surely make you chuckle. Remember, sharing is caring, so pass this on to your co-workers who could use a mid-day pick-me-up.
  • Messy Desk vs. Clean Desk: Which Is Better?

    Are you a clean-desk person or a messy-desk person? Before you sheepishly hide your files or borrow a neighbor's desk toys, you should know that there are plusses and minuses to both styles.

  • Engaged vs. Disengaged Employees [infographic]
    Do you find yourself checking your phone every five minutes while you're at work? If so, then it seems that you are like millions of other American workers who have "checked out" while clocked in.
  • Here's Why You Should Get Drunk at Work

    Alcohol enthusiasts, rejoice: It turns out that (moderate) drinking at work might boost your performance.

  • Sleep Your Way to the Top: The Importance of Getting Your Zzz’s
    It’s often overlooked, but a good night’s rest plays a huge factor in a person’s well-being, especially when it comes to that person’s career. PayScale takes a look at how catching up on your zzz’s can help boost your productivity and make you a happy camper at work.