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  • 7 Stupid Statements That Can Sabotage Your Job Interview

    Could you be sabotaging your job interviews without even knowing it?

    With one stupid statement, you can take yourself out of the running for your dream job. Unfortunately, many candidates are following bad advice and need a refresher course in what not to say on a job interview.

    1. Sorry I'm late.
    Let's start with the basics. Never, ever be late for a job interview. It's almost impossible to recover from tardiness, even if you're a perfect match for the job.

    The usual excuses (traffic, subway delays, dog ate your resume, alien abduction) aren't good enough. The interviewer is thinking: “If he can't make it on time for the interview, what can we expect if we hire him?”

  • Would You Give Up Your Facebook Password to an Interviewer?

    Earlier this month, we wrote about the over-the-shoulder Facebook reviews many employers are conducting as part of the interview process, but other companies are taking things a step further by requesting that applicants hand over their Facebook password.

  • What Not to Wear to Your Next Job Interview

    "Sorry, you didn't get the job. We hated your outfit."

    Sound silly? Most interviewers won't be this candid, but it's undeniable that your wardrobe is a key factor in your first impression -- especially in a hyper-competitive job market.

    Naturally, your qualifications, skills, and accomplishments are most important. However, your interviewer will make an initial judgment about you before you get to say a word. You'll probably never get the chance to wow them with your great ideas if you turn them off with your first impression.

  • Should Job Applicants Have to Submit to a Facebook Review?

    Is it right for employers to request that job applicants submit to a Facebook review? The American Civil Liberties Union is fighting this very hiring practice in Maryland after receiving a complaint last year from a Department of Corrections officer who said he had to turn over his Facebook login credentials during his interview. Currently, the agency asks candidates to log into their Facebook account and click through their photos, wall posts and friends as an interviewer looks on.

  • Job Hunting With Pinterest: Pros and Cons

    Social media site Pinterest has exploded in popularity over the past six months, winning favor with everyone from brides-to-be and casual users to crafters, bloggers, cooks, designers and event planners. But can Pinterest be used for job hunting?

    Read on for a few pros and cons of using Pinterest as a part of your job search.

  • Smart Career Paths: Earn 100% More in Five Years

    Where do you see yourself in five years? Whether you are a college student trying to figure out what direction to take or considering a career change, having a strategy can help you maximize your potential. If you think beyond the initial paycheck, there are many jobs that offer considerable career growth in a fairly short time frame. You can move up in the world and make more money at a faster than average pace, if you have the right career path in place.

    Here's a look at five hot career paths where pay can grow quickly over the course of five years, all with a strong job outlook through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • 5 Job Search Advancements to Be Thankful For

    Jim-Hopkinson-Author-B&W-PayscaleBy Jim Hopkinson

    When the pilgrims sat down for that first Thanksgiving meal in Plymouth, they had certainly spent many more hours gathering the corn and preparing the turkey than we do these days. We have plenty of conveniences that make cooking the perfect meal easier. Let’s just say there was no canned cranberry sauce, ready-made pie crust, or microwave oven to heat up those leftovers.

  • Find a New Job Using LinkedIn

    Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? If not, I highly recommend it. There are plenty of ways for professionals to use LinkedIn to grow their careers and their paychecks. Whether you’re looking to switch jobs, improve your professional network or hire fresh talent, it’s important that you get familiar with LinkedIn.

  • Most Common Post-Military Jobs

    By Bridget Quigg, PayScale

    Where can veterans find work? The answer to this question is on many people's minds this Veterans Day. Between the announcement that all U.S. troops stationed in Iraq for the war should be home by 2012, and the recent signing of the federal employer tax credit for hiring veterans, the government and employers are focused on getting our military men and women quickly integrated into the civilian workforce. 

  • Retail Holiday Jobs at Gap

    By Bridget Quigg

    Are you looking for work this holiday season? Need a little more jingle in your pocket?

    We went out on to the streets and interviewed retail workers at some popular retail outlets - RadioShack, Gap, Sephora and more - that are hiring this holiday season. We tried to find out what it's like to work at these stores and how to get hired.

  • Holiday Jobs for Extra Cash

    The holiday season is right around the corner and many retailers have already started looking for temporary help. Seasonal jobs are a great way to earn extra income during the holidays but can have many other unexpected benefits, too.
  • Best Paid Skilled Labor Jobs

    By Lydia Dishman, 

    Skilled labor jobs can pay well, even very well. Yet, many young people feel the pressure to get a college degree and don’t consider hands-on labor. Fortunately, a growing movement hopes to get younger workers enthused about building, fixing, and installing.

  • The Path to Your Dream Job

    By Bridget Quigg

    What does having a dream job feel like? I envision a young man in a tie and slacks skipping down a sidewalk, unaware of the sprinklers spraying him because he is so happy to be going to work. Can a job be that dreamy? It's hard to say. But, some folks at the University of Washington School of Continuing Education decided to try to get you a little closer to career bliss with their "The Path to Your Dream Job" infographic.

  • Touring with the Band: Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay

    By Susan Johnston

    Whether you're into hair bands or hip hop, you may have wished you could tour the word with your favorite band. Extravagent backstage buffets and longs nights of partying await you, but would you earn any money? decided to talk to some music industry insiders of today and find out what it’s really like to go on the road with a band. The following are insider tips on snagging a job as part of the crew, learning needed skills, networking, typical pay and more.

  • "Be Nerdier" and Other Tips for Working in Gaming

    By Bridget Quigg

    The gaming industry tends to attract highly intelligent, creative and fun-loving people. Who wouldn’t want to work in “interactive entertainment”? But, how do you get started in the industry and what is it really like to work on a game? Two industry veterans, and, weigh in with some advice and stats.

  • Panel Interview Tips: Prepare for Success

    Getting invited to interview for a job can feel exhilarating. After all of the resume editing and networking, you’re full of hope for your career and your bank account. But, you still have to get through the interview. And, when the big day arrives, it can be especially frightening to face a panel interview.

  • 8 Summer Jobs - Make a Buck Off Vacationers

    By Rob DiGiacomo

    With so-called “staycations” common in these sluggish economic times, Las Vegas, Miami and other tourism spots that cater to out-of-town visitors may not be the best bets for summer employment. Vegas and Miami rank among the worst places to find work, with seven people on average vying for every job opening, according to Daniel Greenberg, chief marketing officer of

  • Who Is Your Best Employer? Mac vs. PC

    By Susan Johnston

    For years, consumers have self-identified as Mac or a PC people, a label fueled in part by Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads. Some research about the two companies' customers was even done by and it showed that many of the stereotypes are true. Mac lovers are typically younger and more likely to live in urban centers, while PC enthusiasts tend to be more politically conservative and prefer Harley’s over Vespas.

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