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  • Fitness Levels and Cognitive Performance

    A new study out of Spain took a look at how fitness can affect your cognitive performances. While the researchers admit that many of the factors require more research, they did find that people with higher fitness levels were better able to sustain their attention.

  • Entrepreneurs Find Success in Unusual Las Vegas Workspaces

    Las Vegas is better known for its glowing lights, casinos and desert heat. But Sin City is also the home to many innovative entrepreneurs. The only downside is that Vegas lacks in office space. So these entrepreneurs have been forced to think outside the box and open up shop in the unlikeliest of places. These new workspaces, however, are actually working in their favor.

  • 3 Bad Celebrity Bosses

    On our worst days at work, it's fun to fantasize about a life in which we wouldn't have to process TPS reports or deal with difficult colleagues. If only we were famous, we think, we surely wouldn't have to deal with all of this.

    Think again. Being a celebrity is no guarantee of escaping the worst parts of the work world. For example, many celebs have lashed out -- quite publicly -- at their bad bosses.

  • Is OSHA A Wasteful Regulatory Nightmare or Common Sense That Saves Lives? [infographic]

    Did you know that companies that been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration save around 26 percent on worker's compensation costs? Maybe this is what President Clinton had in mind when he said, "We have to recognize that, done right, regulation protects our workers from injury, and that when we fail, it can have disasterous consequences. I believe we can bring back common sense and reduce hassle without stripping away safeguards for our children, our workers, and our families." This Compliance and Safety infographic weighs the benefits of OSHA.

  • Study Reveals Global Email Habits

    How do the email habits of citizens in the U.S. compare to those in Russia, Central Asia and North Africa? A new study out of Stanford University of some 10 million emails sought out to discover just that.

  • 10 Networking Tips for Shy People

    Being in a room surrounded by people you don't know but want to know can be unnerving. This is especially true if you're the type of person who tends to cower from such social situations. Unfortunately for the shy types, networking is a necessary part of job-seeking and building a career in almost every profession. Here are a few tips to help ease some of your social anxiety.

  • 12 Things Employers Really Know About You [infographic]

    Applying for a job is vastly different today than it was just a decade ago. Before, potential employers relied on an application or resume. Today, they have the privilege of social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. How much does your employer really know about you? This LAW QA infographic tells all.

  • Some Companies Are Now Tracking Their Employees' Weight

    We're used to a certain amount of surveillance from our employers at this point. Most of us know that we should write anything in an email that we wouldn't hang above our desks, and are resigned to the fact that our bosses can see what we look at online or what we say over instant messenger. But should our company know how much we weigh?

  • 5 Worst Bosses on TV

    Want proof that TV reflects our collective psyche? Look no further than the truly terrible bosses on our favorite TV shows. If you go by what's on TV, we either really hate our managers, or we're terrified that we're going to wind up with life-ruining supervisor somewhere down the line.

  • How to Deal With Criticism at Work

    No matter how you look at it, receiving criticism is never fun. Even though it is a necessary part of life -- especially your work life -- and can help you improve your skills, very few people out there can take criticism well. However, it is important to learn how to keep your ego in check and take the comments in stride.

  • The Perks of Working at

    Fab is a website for deal-seekers and design lovers, who can find a myriad of products sold at a discount. Part of what makes Fab so successful is its office environment and amazing employee perks and benefits.

  • 3 Tips for Surviving the Office Bully

    Think mean girls are confined to high school? Think again. Recent studies show that between 35 and 50 percent of us have experienced bullying or other harassment in the workplace.
  • 5 Worst Bosses in Movie History

    Everyone's had a bad boss -- the manager that never seemed to remember our names, the supervisor who dumped all the worst work in our inbox. But some bosses are so bad, they could only the invention of Hollywood's greatest screenwriters. Let's hope these horrible bosses were just figments of the writers' imaginations.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: JCPenney Tumbles 17%, Groupon Fires CEO and Wonder Bread Will Live

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Are You Hiring for Skill or Friendship?

  • Hiring a Relative Without Ruining Your Relationship

  • Want to Nap at Work? Here's How

    For some of us, 3 p.m. is the worst time of day. Halfway between lunch and the quitting whistle, it's the time of day when blood sugar is low and spirits are lower. What we wouldn't give for a nap during those mid-afternoon doldrums. How we envy those who work at cool companies with nap pods and snooze-friendly policies.

    The good news is that you, too, can nap at work -- if you're prepared to be a little sneaky.

  • 9 New Ways to Sit in a Chair, Thanks to Mobile Technology

    Your tablet and smartphone might have revolutionized the way you work (and waste time) but they're also ruining your posture. In fact, according to a recent study by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, our mobile devices have inspired whole new ways of sitting in a chair -- and they're not necessarily the greatest positions for our bodies to be in for long periods of time.

  • What Not to Do When Rejecting a Job Applicant

    HR managers can get hundreds of applications for a single job, and they may have to interview dozens of candidates before finding the right one to join the team. Many times, the other candidates get overlooked in the process and are completely forgotten. A recent study by CareerBuilder, however, shows that if a job candidate is unhappy with how he or she was rejected, it can have a larger negative effect on the company in question.

  • What Does Your Email Say About You?

    While a measly email seems like nothing more than an easy means to get a message to another person or company, there are several factors that go into an email that can either make or break your brand. You might come off as the smart and witty person that everyone wants to work with, or your email might reveal that that you just haven't picked up modern times yet. Factors like your domain and signature can tell potential clients a lot about your brand.

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