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  • 9 New Ways to Sit in a Chair, Thanks to Mobile Technology

    Your tablet and smartphone might have revolutionized the way you work (and waste time) but they're also ruining your posture. In fact, according to a recent study by office furniture manufacturer Steelcase, our mobile devices have inspired whole new ways of sitting in a chair -- and they're not necessarily the greatest positions for our bodies to be in for long periods of time.

  • What Not to Do When Rejecting a Job Applicant

    HR managers can get hundreds of applications for a single job, and they may have to interview dozens of candidates before finding the right one to join the team. Many times, the other candidates get overlooked in the process and are completely forgotten. A recent study by CareerBuilder, however, shows that if a job candidate is unhappy with how he or she was rejected, it can have a larger negative effect on the company in question.

  • What Does Your Email Say About You?

    While a measly email seems like nothing more than an easy means to get a message to another person or company, there are several factors that go into an email that can either make or break your brand. You might come off as the smart and witty person that everyone wants to work with, or your email might reveal that that you just haven't picked up modern times yet. Factors like your domain and signature can tell potential clients a lot about your brand.

  • PayScale Gets Swink'd: Best Office Hair

    We've all been there. It's after lunch on a crazy Wednesday at the office and you just happen to glance a peek at yourself in the reflection of your computer screen. Your hair looks as frazzled as you feel. Many of us resort to the emergency ponytail, grabbing the rubber band from our desk drawer and hurriedly putting our hair up. Still, we don't feel as confident as we did when we left the house. Luckily, there are simple tools and tricks for preventing the Wednesday Hair Frazzles.

  • Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur [infographic]

    At the rate that jobs are being outsourced, and with more and more companies choosing to bring in contractors instead of employees, a perfect storm is being created. That storm could result in a whole new world of entrepreneurs who could replace employees, as this Funders and Founders indicates.

  • How Google's Cafeteria Keeps Employees Healthy

    When it comes to perks, Google's the gold standard. If you work at Google, your day is a sea of nap pods and free cereal and independent projects. (And, OK, probably some work in there, too. Google employees tend to put in long days.) But there's perhaps no greater fringe benefit than Google's cafeteria, where the gourmet food is unlimited, locally farmed, and culturally diverse.

    It's also a trick, sort of. In addition to encouraging Googlers to work those longer hours, the free food the company offers is specially designed to be as healthy as possible. The thought, of course, is that healthy food will equal healthy employees, which saves health care costs and prevents absenteeism.

  • Is Your Optimism Getting in the Way of Your Success?

    Optimistic entrepreneurs can be great for motivation and helping create an office environment that is upbeat and encouraging. However, being too optimistic can often have negative effects on your business. When it comes time to raise funds, entrepreneurs must often tell stories to ensure the company has a dazzling public image. In the midst of all this optimism, it sometimes becomes hard to see the realistic and sometimes not-so-dazzling parts of your business.

  • 5 Ways Your Job Is Ruining Your Body

    When you think of dangerous jobs, you probably think of people whose jobs are down-right scary: lion tamers, say, or coal miners. Jobs where your life is in real physical jeopardy. Increasingly, however, studies are showing that some of the worst jobs, health-wise, are the ones where you sit at a desk all day and type.

    Business Insider recently did a round-up of the 18 ways your office job is destroying your body. Here are the five things that are probably going to get us first.

  • What an Engagement Ring Means for Your Career

    Unless you're reading this blog post from inside a romantic comedy, you probably didn't give much thought to what your engagement ring means to your working life. Probably, you and your partner just found a ring you both liked that didn't cost more than your car, bought it, then moved on to the other 100 pressing items on your wedding to-do list.

    In a recent post at the Levo League, Meredith Lepore explains how your ring can impact the perception people have of you at the office. Get ready to grit your teeth.

  • Who's the Boss? (And Why it Matters) [infographic]

    For those of us who are old enough to remember the golden age of Angela and Tony, this WorldWideLearn infographic on managers might not deliver the 80's nostalgia you exactly had in mind. However, it might deliver a different type of nostalgia.

  • How to Make Friends at Work

    We spend most of our waking hours at work. No wonder, then, that the boundaries between social life and work life get blurrier all the time. But should they? And what's the best way to make friends at work -- both for our happiness, and our professional success?

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Minimum Wage Increase, Productivity Secrets and Content Marketing

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Learning to Take Control of your Work Stress

    Stress is part of everyday life as a professional. When you're an entrepreneur, that stress seems to intensify, sometimes debilitating you from running a successful business. That stress is not going away anytime soon, but you can certainly learn a few tactics for managing the stress so that it no longer gets in the way of the rest of your life.

  • Love at Work: When Coworkers Marry

    Last week, after we released our Office Romance Report, we asked you to tell us your most romantic work stories. Turns out, many of you met your spouse in the office. In honor of Valentine's Day, we at PayScale are wearing red, eating chocolate, and getting a little mushy over your stories. Grab a box of chocolates and read these stories that will melt your heart. 

  • Office Fashion Week: Playing Dress-Up

    In honor of Fashion Week, we decided to play dress-up here at PayScale. We partnered with style-maven Jess Estrada, the Seattle-based author of Fresh Jess, fashion and style blog. Jess joined us at Old Navy, where she put together a few office-chic looks for Aubrey Bach, our Consumer Product Marketing Manager. Read on for her tips on looking fierce and professional at work.

  • How to React When Emotions Run High at Work

    People like to keep their emotions and the workplace far away from each other, but emotional outbursts at work are inevitable. Stressful periods, when trying to win over new clients, when the company's finances are at risk, or any other changes in the company can stir up emotions in employees. However, it's how you react after your outburst that really counts.

  • Of These 4 Types of Entrepreneurs, Which One Are You?

    Most entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking, which is what makes them self-making go-getters in the first place. However, there are categories of entrepreneurs that most can fit into. It may not seem important to know exactly where you fit in with the business world, but being able to identify where your strengths lie can help you navigate your new venture.

  • Who's Finding Love at Work?

    When you go to work, are you just hoping for a decent paycheck and a job you enjoy? Or, are you also hoping to meet the love of your life? With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the data geeks at PayScale wondered: who is finding love at work?

  • I Dream of a Flexible Work Schedule

    Let's play a game where we daydream about our ideal job. What's the title? (Supreme Majesty of Everything) How much money will we make? (Eleventy billion dollars) And, most importantly, what will our schedule be?

  • 5 Undesirable Jobs that Pay

    For this week's Casual Friday topic, we asked our users to tell us what jobs they would hate to have. We pulled the top five most common answers and, for fun, consulted our data to see how much these jobs pay. We learned it can pay big money to take a job nobody else wants. 

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