• 20 Funny Truths About Your 9-to-5
    Heading back to work after a holiday weekend can be depressing, so here are 20 humorous quotes about the realities of your 9-to-5 that will surely make you chuckle. Remember, sharing is caring, so pass this on to your co-workers who could use a mid-day pick-me-up.
  • Messy Desk vs. Clean Desk: Which Is Better?

    Are you a clean-desk person or a messy-desk person? Before you sheepishly hide your files or borrow a neighbor's desk toys, you should know that there are plusses and minuses to both styles.

  • Engaged vs. Disengaged Employees [infographic]
    Do you find yourself checking your phone every five minutes while you're at work? If so, then it seems that you are like millions of other American workers who have "checked out" while clocked in.
  • Here's Why You Should Get Drunk at Work

    Alcohol enthusiasts, rejoice: It turns out that (moderate) drinking at work might boost your performance.

  • Sleep Your Way to the Top: The Importance of Getting Your Zzz’s
    It’s often overlooked, but a good night’s rest plays a huge factor in a person’s well-being, especially when it comes to that person’s career. PayScale takes a look at how catching up on your zzz’s can help boost your productivity and make you a happy camper at work.
  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes Career Changers Make
    Here at PayScale, we’ve highlighted the success stories of many career changers from all walks of life, age groups, and backgrounds. However, what we haven’t discussed in great detail are some of the potential pitfalls of switching careers. Any career change has a 50/50 chance of going either good or bad. For the brave at heart, a career change can be the best thing to happen to an individual seeking a new and better opportunity.
  • 7 Fresh Tips for a Great First Day at Your New Job

    There is plenty of traditional advice out there for making a good impression on your first day on the job. Show up on time, dress for success, ask questions, and other yawn-inducing advice that you’ve heard a million times. We talked to people in person and on Facebook and added our own ideas to bring you a fresh set of tips for a great first day at your new job.

  • The Show Must Go On: 7 Tips For Returning Back to Work After a Loss
    It can be difficult to resume your normal life after a traumatic experience or loss of a loved one. When the funeral is over and the office beckons, we hope this list of seven tips for re-entering the world helps ease the transition.
  • What Time Is 'On Time' for a Meeting? [infographic]

    If you're an early bird, you know how annoying it is to wait in a conference room while the inconsiderate jerks you work with take their sweet time getting to the meeting. And, of course, if you're always fashionably late, you know how pitiful those "get the worm" types are, fuming over their iPads while they wait for the important folks to show up. So, wait -- is there a right time to get to the meeting?

  • Daycare Employee Fired for Using Instagram to Post Pictures That Mocked the Kids
    Here we go again, people. Two daycare workers were fired recently for using the popular social photo sharing site, Instagram, to post humiliating pictures of the young children they were left to care for at A Heavenly Haven Child Care in Newport News, Virginia. The two caregivers may have thought it was funny at the time, but look who's laughing now in the unemployment line.
  • Your Posture Is Killing You: How to Sit Properly

    People who sit all day are more likely to get cardiovascular disease and cancer than people whose jobs don't require them to gradually transform into a human letter C. Even working out an hour a day can't counteract the effects of sitting. So what can we do?

  • 5 Tips for Surviving the Office Picnic

    Ah, the end of the summer, the time when everyone panics about all the summery things they were going to do, before they wound up watching TV instead. Companies are no different in this regard. Many choose this time of year to add a new wrinkle to forced employee bonding, and that is forced employee bonding in an outdoor setting.

  • Quit Your Job the Right Way

    We all need to move on to the next step in our careers at times. We might look for another job because our egos were bruised at our current gig, or we might jump ship for a better position. Best practice is to not burn bridges as we move from one company to the next.

  • Desk Envy? How Standing Desks Can Get You Noticed at Work
    You’ve heard about the health benefits of a standing desk, but did you know getting off your duff could benefit your career? We talked to Roman Paluta, an award-winning, Minneapolis-based advertising executive who ditched a derrière-friendly chair for a standing desk more than two years ago and knows the career upsides to being upright.
  • How NOT to Fire Someone

    Want to be a better boss? Treat people respectfully even if -- perhaps especially if -- they're on their way out the door.

  • What Does Your Cup of Joe Say About You? [infographic]
    Your morning cup of joe might reveal more about you than you think. Check out this comically accurate infographic to see if your coffee fits your personality. You may be surprised to find out that you're more of a "latte" than a "frappuccino" after all.
  • When Not To Control Your Impulses at Work
    Even meditation masters have their breaking points. Work stress can bring out the beast in all of us — even people like Deepak Chopra, a holistic health guru known for teachings of being mindful, selfless and calm.
  • How to Be Healthy When You're Always Working

    We read a lot of advice on how to have a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of it seems to be geared toward people who live in a bygone age of 40-hour work weeks and yearly vacations.

  • 3 Signs You Were Born to Be a Leader

    Leaders aren't necessarily the bossiest people in the room. True leadership springs from the ability to inspire people to do their best work, and then support them while they do it. Since these qualities aren't showy, it's not surprising that we sometimes overlook them, even in ourselves.

  • How Availability Bias Is Ruining Your Work Relationships

    If we asked you to estimate how much work you put in on your last team project, then asked your coworkers the same question, and added up the percentages, we'd wind up with more than 100 percent. Why? Because the brain can only use the information that's most available to it, and your contribution is right at the top.