• Starting Over at 70: XOX Betsey Johnson
    In the 1970's, Betsey Johnson was on her way to becoming an American fashion icon. Known for her whimsical designs, mismatched fabrics and bright colors, her clothes were popular with the young rock stars of the era. From there, she jumped hurdle after hurdle, never giving up on her wild fashions and wilder behavior. Going to a Betsey fashion show was like going to the circus and they always ended with the designer doing her signature cartwheel on the runway.
  • 5 Lessons from Tabatha Takes Over
    To some people, Tabatha Coffey is a demonic elf who enjoys berating hardworking hairdressers for their sloppy work and poor attitude. To others, she's more like the elfin queen who has the magical ability to pull a failing business back from the brink.
  • Art Careers - Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

    Name: Patrick Howe
    Job Title: Artist, art gallery owner, art instructor
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: Self
    Years of Experience: 7
    Relevant Work Experience: I have exhibited my artwork widely in galleries and museums. I have also taught art for many years. I was the head preparator for the Portland Art Museum. In the past I have worked in ad agencies as a creative director and award-winning art director.
    Education: BFA from the Museum Art School (now PCNA) in Portland, OR, 1974.
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find art occupations and salaries.

    Art Careers - Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

    Many artists struggle to find a balance between work and art, wondering if they should get a day job, become a commercial artist, or focus on a fine art career. Before committing to the life of an artist, many want to know: can you really make a career as an artist? According to this Salary Story, the answer is yes, but it won't necessarily be easy. Patrick Howe, an artist, art instructor and owner of a Seattle art gallery, describes how he made the leap from toiling at a day job to doing what he loves. If you're a struggling artist or just want to know more about art careers, don't miss Patrick's advice on what it takes to create a successful fine art career.


  • Becoming an Architect - Average Architect's Salary

    Name: Jen Uh
    Job Title: Residential Architect and Project Manager
    Where:Bellevue, WA
    Years of Experience: 6
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, Architectural Studies (UW); Master of Architecture (UW)
    Salary: Use PayScale’s research center to find the average salary for an architect.

    Becoming an Architect - Average Architect's Salary

    What skills do architects need? According to Jen Uh, a residential architect and project manager, having a love of both math and art is key for a career in architecture. In this Salary Story, Jen talks about how she fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an architect. Even though the education required to become an architect is lengthy, the work is rewarding and the progress is tangible. Just imagine the satisfaction of standing inside of a house you designed, knowing how much planning and work went into the process.

  • Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

    Name: Dustin Evans
    Job Title: Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator)
    Where: Tulsa, OK
    Employer: Disney, IDW Publishing, Viper Comics, Ape Entertainment, SLG Graphics
    Years of Experience: 4
    Education: BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Oklahoma State University

    Comic Book Artist Salary: How to Be a Comic Book Artist

    Are you interested in becoming a comic book artist?  Look no further, comic book artist Dustin Evans has come to the rescue! In this Salary Story, you'll learn how to be a comic book artist and about the factors that affect a comic book artist salary. The wacky adventures of a comic book artist are just moments away; keep reading!

  • Graphic Designer Salaries

    Name: David Grey
    Job Title: Graphic Designer
    Where: Troy, NY
    Employer: Self-Employed  
    Years of Experience: 8
    Education: BA - Psychology, Tufts University, MFA - Graphic Design, California Institute of Art
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median graphic designer salaries.

    Graphic Designer Salaries

    What is a graphic designer? What is the average yearly income of a graphic designer? These are questions we hear quite a bit at Salary Stories. Thus, we turned to graphic designer David Grey to give us a clear picture on what is required to become a graphic designer, factors that affect graphic designer salaries, the life of a freelance designer and more!

    He filled us in on the education needed to become a graphic designer, how he built his graphic designer resume, and the differences in the average yearly income of a graphic designer per location.

    David explained that working as a graphic designer allows him to be creative on a daily basis. When asked what he likes best about his job, exercising his creativity and working for a variety of clients were at the top of his list. For anyone interested in learning more about this creative position, plus graphic designer salaries and benefits, this interview is a must-read!

  • Professional Musician Careers: Average Musician Salary

    Name: Stefano Capobianco
    Job Title: Musician (Singer/Songwriter/Producer)
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Employer: Self-Employed (Stefanovox.com)
    Years of Experience: 18
    Education: Bachelor of Arts
    Salary: $50K (See PayScale's Research Center for the average musician salary by years of experience)

    Professional Musician Careers: Average Musician Salary

    Since a musician's salary can vary as much as music itself, the average musician salary may seem elusive. During our interview with professional musician Stefano Capobianco, we learned that the average musician salary is shaped by many factors, including the size of venues that one plays, types of music (covers or original) and income earned from TV or films. We asked this veteran player about his professional musician career and musical influences, the average musician salary, educational requirements for a musician, what advice he has for anyone interested in professional musician careers, and that all important question: why musicians get the girls.

    Many people dream about being rockstars, but professional musician careers require hard work. If you're wondering how to make your dreams come true, whether you just finished your first guitar lesson or you're about to take your band on the road, don't miss this success story about one professional musician career.

  • Music Producer Salary

    Music Producer Salary

    Name: Meghan Gohil
    Job Title: Music Producer
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Employer: Owner of Hollywood Recording

    Years of Experience: 20+
    Education: Masters in Media Communication / Audio Engineering, Webster University
    Salary: A Music Producer's salary can range from $20k to over $1 million per year

    Music Producer Salary

    Becoming a music producer sounds exciting to many young people, but they just don't know how to get started. Having produced and engineered top rock acts, Meghan Gohil is the perfect subject to ask about a music producer career and a music producer salary. In this interview, Meghan recalls his path to becoming a music producer, discusses the salary of a music producer and explains the actual role of a music producer. If you've ever wondered about embarking upon a music producer career or the elusive numbers behind a music producer salary, this is a must-read interview!

  • Salary Guide: Fashion Writer & Mortgage Broker

    Name: Daniel B.
    Job Title: Mortgage Broker & Men's Fashion Writer for About.com
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Works: 50% as a Mortgage Broker, 50% as a Fashion Writter
    Years of Experience:  5 as a Mortgage Broker, 2 as a Fashion Writer
    Salary: Mortgage Broker Salary: $50k - $70k/year based on performance. Fashion Writer Salary: about $60k/year also based on performance.
    Education: BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Washington

    What I do as Mortgage Broker/Fashion Writer...

    I write about Men's Fashion for About.com and am a Mortgage Broker for a small company in Seattle. I love the fashion writing, of course, but both jobs allow me to work with lots of interesting people. The best part of being a mortgage broker is developing relationships with my customers and listening to their stories. The best part of my writing job: I go to New York Fashion week twice a year and report the latest fashion trends back to my readers.

    I chose this line of work because...

  • Radio Producer Salary: Mornings on 103.7

    Name: Lee Callahan
    Job Title: Radio Producer/Traffic Reporter for Radio Morning Show
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Years of Experience: 6+
    Salary: Approximately $50,000
    Employer: KMTT 103.7 FM, The Mountain

    Radio Producer/Traffic Reporter Job Description:

    As the radio producer for “John Fisher and Mike West, mornings on 103.7 the mountain,” I make sure that the radio hosts have a lot of things to talk about and a lot of guests: current event guests, movie stars, TV stars, popular guests, like a rock star, high profile type guests. I book two or three guests a day. I am also a traffic reporter; I give updates on the air about the morning commute.

  • A Job In The Performing Arts: Theater Office Manager

    Name: Michelle Lockhart
    Job Title: Theater Office Manager
    Where: Seattle, Washington
    Education: Bachelors - Boise State University
    Years of Experience: 1+ years
    Salary: 20-30K
    Employer: Empty Space Theater

    Theater Office Manager Job Description:

    We’re a small staff, so I do all kinds of things. I manage the front of the house staff, ticket sales, subscription sales and group sales. I manage the experience that the audience has walking in the door, coming through the lobby, all the way to the theater where the artists take over. In the office, I assist with marketing, I help get the posters and programs together, I assist with any kind of special events, silent auctions and upcoming fundraisers.

    I assist with anything that the development director and artistic director need. We're not the WaMu Theater Seattle, so with a small group like us, you really have to fill in anywhere, sometimes loading seats. I do just about anything I can to help the organization in general. I look for ways to promote visual and performing arts vocabulary.

  • On the Silver Screen: Film Producer Annual Salary

    motion picture, hit movie, feature film, silver screen, salary range, film producer work schedule, what is a film producer, producer salary, film school motion picture,one full movie Name: Brendan Davis
    Job Title: Film Producer-Director
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: A lifetime, really – but it’s paid the bills for two years
    Salary: Varies per project (See PayScale's Average Film Producer Annual Salary)
    Employer: Tangible Entertainment (Self)
    Education: BA, Film and Television (with a minor in Psych – very important!): Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

    What is a Film Producer?

    What is a film producer? Well, my job is to find and develop material from which – in my opinion – can be created an artistically and commercially viable project, a hit movie. Then I plan and oversee all aspects of taking that project from the page to the silver screen and making it happen. This entails making or overseeing all major decisions involved in the process (both creative and technical). A typical film producer work schedule is hectic!

  • Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

    Name: Lynn Hasty
    Job Title: Founder/Owner/Publicist Green Galactic
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Years of Experience: 13
    Salary: $60,000
    Employer: Green Galactic (Self)

    Salary Report: Hollywood Publicist Salary

    Do you love working with people, promoting arts and entertainment, or supporting creative projects? Being a Hollywood Publicist sounds glamorous, but as publicist Lynn Hasty told us in a recent interview, it's all about "making friends." We asked Lynn about a publicist's salary, publicist career descriptions, the duties of a publicist, and what jobs for publicists are really like. If you're interested in public relations, a publicist career or publicist salaries, keep reading! 

    Hollywood Publicist Job Description:

    My work as a publicist includes helping clients get themselves or their product or service into the media: print, online, radio, TV. I deal with Arts & Entertainment-type clients and campaigns. In working with basically unknown artists, I interact with the media, to help educate, enlighten, promote and publicize. Hopefully, I get to work with a client on an ongoing basis so that we can achieve these tasks over time.

  • Salary Info: Casting Director

    Name: Amy Klein
    Job Title: Casting Director
    Where: Los Angeles, CA
    Education: College of the Redwoods, UCLA
    Years of Experience: 15+
    Salary: Varies project to project
    Employer: Self

    Casting Director Job Description:

    As a Casting Director, it's my job to evaluate all the speaking roles in a script and make lists of "name" actors for the roles, along with their availability and schedule for the project. I have casting calls for feature films, casting calls for tv shows, casting calls for teenagers, movie auditions and casting calls for kids. I audition actors for speaking parts and present the best choices for the parts to the Producers/Director/Studios. Then the deals are negotiated, usually with their talent agency.