• Make $30 an Hour Without a Four-Year Degree
    For job seekers without a four-year degree, breaking the $25-an-hour barrier can be a challenge. But with more technical certification and associate's degree programs than ever, many well-paying career options are accessible in a broad range of industries.
  • Operations Program Manager Role and Responsibilities
    Name: Henry Cubillan
    Job Title: Sales Operations Program Manager
    Where: Round Rock, TX
    Employer: Dell, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: Goucher College, BA; Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA; Project Management Institute, PMP Certification
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median Sales Manager Salary.

    Sales Operations Program Manager Role and Responsibilities 

    Henry Cubillan is one of the best inspirations for customer service we’ve interviewed. He has gotten to the top levels of a global company like Dell by working hard and utilizing effective customer service. In a chief role of operations program manager, Henry has been able to help customers from all over the world. In this interview, he discusses the functions of the operations manager and offers some sage advice for anyone pursuing a career in sales management.

    What are the functions of an operations manager?

    Henry: My main responsibility is to support fulfillment programs for some of our largest public and Fortune 500 customers. It's my job to craft a response plan that meets the customer's expectations in terms of procurement, SLA levels, product fulfillment and delivery. I am the face of operations in front of our customers and I ensure that all support teams throughout the organization work to meet the customer's requirements. For example, we may have a customer that needs 20,000 notebooks delivered to 550 locations around the world within a very short time frame. It's my job to work with the customer to understand their capabilities/limitations at each location, craft a delivery schedule that meets their needs, work with our fulfillment teams to ensure that (once a purchase order is received) we are building the product in a timely manner, comply with all of the customer's specific requirements, and deliver within the agreed-upon time frame at each and every location.

  • Secrets of a Discount Designer Clothing Boutique Owner

    Name: Betty Lin
    Job Title: Small Business Owner,Discount Designer Clothing Boutique
    Where: betty lin -- Seattle, Washington
    Years of Experience: 25 years of fashion experience
    Other Relevant Work Experience: retail, department store, specialty store
    Education: BS Business Administration, Marketing San Francisco State University
    Salary: Research Retail Salaries by job title.

  • Expert Searchologist - Salary for a Seattle SEO Specialist

    Name: Jon Lanman
    Job Title: Expert Searchologist / SEO Specialist
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 3 years in Marketing
    Other Relevant Experience: Marketing Assistant, Event Marketing, Publicity Intern
    Education: B.A. in Communications
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find SEO Specialist Salaries.

    In this Salary Story we take a look at the day-to-day duties of a Seattle SEO Specialist. Self-proclaimed Searchologist, Jon Lanman shares his passion for SEO, and gives advice on how to begin a career in SEO.

  • Cosmetic Salesperson - Job Description & Salary
    Name: Julie Olen
    Job Title: Salesperson for Retail Cosmetics
    Where: West Hollywood, CA
    Employer: Janet Sartin
    Years of Experience: 25
    Education: Berklee School of Music, Boston MA, two-year course. Sawyer College of Business, diploma in Instrumental Performance. University of Vermont, diploma in Photography. Trinity College of Vermont, graduated from Women's Small Business Program.
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find the median starting salary for sales associates.

    What is a Cosmetic Salesperson's Job Description?

    Whether you're a hairstylist, clothing designer or cosmetic sales rep, working in the world of beauty and fashion is all about helping people to look and feel good. For those who work at department stores, helping customers first-hand can be fun, but also challenging - and working at the cosmetics counter can be an especially demanding job. With many people passing through, a cosmetic salesperson manages a high volume of clients.  Plus, a cosmetics line regularly introduces new products and discontinues others, and competition is just a few feet away.

  • Job for Math Majors - Quantitative Research Coordinator

    Name: Amber Dean
    Job Title: Quantitative Research Coordinator & Business Owner
    Where: Macon, GA – United States
    Employer: Private Club Associates Continuum

    Years of Experience: 25 years
    Relevant Experience: 2

    Education: Took some classes at Griffin Technical College; computer programming courses for 1 year at Macon State College; degree in art, took statistic courses and research methodology at Mercer University; degree in math, took statistics and math courses. 
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find median marketing research analyst salaries.

    What can you do with a math or statistics degree? As it turns out, there are jobs for math or statistics majors in many fields. For math lovers like Amber Dean, a quantitative research coordinator, it's possible to find great satisfaction in a job that uses math on a regular basis. In this Salary Story, Amber describes the many advantages to a job in quantitative research. 

    By using math and statistics, Amber is able to learn consumers’ preferences and purchasing habits. A major part of the job involves using research and analysis to examine the most important information gathered from focus groups. If you love analyzing statistics as well as working with people, this can be both a fun and rewarding challenge. Overall, working as a quantitative research coordinator involves a mixture of marketing research and math analysis. Keep reading to find out if this job is right for you.

  • Spanish Speaking Jobs: Hispanic Marketing Manager

    Name: Melissa Kopecko Meyer
    Job Title: Hispanic Advertising Manager; Hispanic Marketing Manager; Bilingual Marketing Manager; Bilingual Advertising Manager
    Where: Seattle, WA - USA
    Employer: WaMu (Washington Mutual) & JPMorgan Chase
    Years of Experience: 5
    Other Relevant Experience: Six Sigma Green Belt training and an internship at the Spanish Council for Demographic Research in Madrid, Spain
    Education: University of Phoenix MBA - Global Management, Summa Cum Laude; University of Wisconsin Madison - Bachelor of Science Spanish/Sociology/Business, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa; Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Various coursework completed all in Spanish, also worked at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas in Madrid
    Annual Salary: Median Marketing Manager Salaries range from $40,000 to $76,000. Use PayScale’s Research Center to compare Marketing Manager Salaries by City.

    Whether you’re planning to work abroad or keeping your career stateside, there are countless career opportunities for bilingual job candidates. With the rising development of a world economy, bilingual fluency opens the door to greater career possibilities within various industries. And, as the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for employees who are bilingual.

    In this Salary Story, Melissa Kopecko Meyer describes her career path as a Hispanic marketing manager. When asked how she got started as a bilingual marketing manager, Melissa says she simply followed her strengths and interests. If you’ve ever asked, “What job can I get with a Spanish degree?” here’s just one example of the many Spanish-speaking jobs awaiting you, along with some sound advice from a career insider.

  • What is the Average Salary for Marketing Careers?

    Name: Ann Burgess
    Job Title: Web Marketing Manager/Web Content Manager (Editorial, Promotions & Co-Branding)
    Where: Calgary, Alberta – Canada
    Employer: Shoptoit.ca
    Years of Experience: 1.5 years in this position, and 6 Years of marketing in the oil and gas industry
    Other Relevant Experience: Recreational shopping and fashion design
    Education: International Academy of Design and Merchandising, Toronto, Ontario
    Annual Salary: What is the average salary for marketing managers? Use PayScale’s Research Center to find Marketing Manager Salaries, Marketing Director Salaries, and Web Content Manager Salaries.

    Over the past ten years, the Internet has noticeably altered traditional methods of shopping, thus launching a boom of companies setting up business through online store fronts. And with the rising cost of fuel, many shoppers are inclined to look online for their purchases rather than driving to the mall. But just like any successful retail store, online stores require teams of qualified professionals to keep them operating at their full potential.

    For this Salary Story, we hear from Ann Burgess, an essential part of the team at Shoptoit.ca, a Canada based e-commerce website. Starting her journey in a fashion design career, Burgess eventually moved on to a brief stint as a receptionist before finding her way into her current position in online web marketing and content management. Read on to find some helpful pointers for launching your own online marketing career.

  • Legitimate Work at Home Jobs: Work at Home Internet Jobs

    We've all heard of outsourcing, but lately that trend is reversing somewhat, creating new legitimate work at home jobs in the U.S., according to an article on CSMonitor.com. These work at home internet jobs are called "home-based customer service agents." When they clock in for work, their phones ring at home; they make reservations, take customer orders, check on deliveries and answer questions.

    There are reportedly 110,000 work at home customer service jobs in the U.S., and 80% of these work at home internet jobs are staffed by women. IDC, a market research company in Framingham, Mass, told CSmonitor.com that these legitimate work at home jobs are "expected to triple to 328,000 by 2010."  So how do you find these legitimate work at home jobs?  Keep reading!

    How does your salary compare to legitimate work at home jobs?  Find out by taking PayScale's full salary survey.

  • Executive Recruiter Career - How to Become a Headhunter

    Name: Ryan Cook
    Job Title: Job Recruiter/Headhunter/Direct Hire Consultant
    Where: Overland Park, KS
    Employer: Personnel Connection (A Division of Spencer Reed Group, LLC)
    Years of Experience: Almost one year
    Other Relevant Experience: Started in the mortgage business.
    Education: Avila University - B.A. in Corporate Communication.
    Annual Salary: See PayScale's Research Center to find the median income for an executive recruiter, including management-level executive recruiter career compensation.

    Ryan Cook doesn't mind being called a "headhunter." It might sound harsh, but the term has become synonymous with working as a recruiter. In his role as a professional recruiter, companies give Ryan specific positions that they need to fill. He then hunts down and delivers qualified candidates for those positions. The task may sound straightforward, but a career as a job recruiter is multifaceted. At one moment Ryan is networking to find potential candidates. At the next moment, he's interviewing candidates to match their interests with job positions. When he finds a good match, Ryan will market and pitch his candidates to employers, highlighting their qualifications.

    In this Salary Story, Ryan shares the inside thrills, challenges, and lighter side of headhunting. If you're interested in playing "career matchmaker," but not too keen on the sales aspect of being a job recruiter, check out careers in human resources. You'll find info on a human resources salary and income as an executive recruiter at PayScale.com.

    How would you describe your work as a Job Recruiter?
    Ryan Cook: I provide a free service to people looking to make a career move. I have businesses that pay me fees for talented candidates that would not be found if it weren't for me. Basically, I network over the phone all day scouring the business world for people that my clients need to make or save their company money. It is the most rewarding inside sales position I have ever had, and will ever have. I am a Job Recruiter, a Headhunter, and I love it. I wheel and deal people. It is a lot of fun and when you place somebody that absolutely loves their new position, it is hypnotizing. You know the Monster.com commercials? I feel like I am writing the script to those every time I complete the process.

    PayScale: How did you get started as a Job Recruiter?
    Ryan Cook: I knew if there was any resource I could sell, that would never run out, it would be people. A family friend who was a marketing manager in the telecom industry exposed me to it when I was in college. From then on I was hooked. I knew it would be my career, it was just a matter of when, where, and how I would get into it.

  • Sales Engineer Salaries

    Name: Dan Holmes
    Job Title: Sales Engineer
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Employer: Siemens
    Education: University of Idaho, Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
    Annual Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for median sales engineer salaries, including sales engineering starting salaries and post-graduate salaries in engineering sales.

    Engineering is one of those fields that has enormous growth potential within various specialty areas. "Engineer" can mean anything from petroleum engineer to computer engineer. While all engineering jobs focus to some degree on solving technical problems, most of us probably don't associate engineering with customer relations and sales. However, Dan Holmes, a Sales Engineer, fills a key area within his company, combining his technical knowledge with his outgoing personality to serve and build customer relationships. He gave us a few tips on the benefits of working as a Sales Engineer, plus advice on how to succeed in this type of engineering career.

    Sales Engineer Job Description:
    Dan: I manage strategic customer relationships and provide a strategic plan for customer equipment migrations and maintenance.

    PayScale: How did you get started as a Sales Engineer?
    Dan: I went to college with a plan to get this type of job. I have never enjoyed working in one place, and I have always wanted to be out working with customers. My engineering degree opened the door for a technical sales role, which was ideal for me.

  • Customer Service Salary Survey

    Name: Heather Johnson
    Job Title: Customer Service
    Where: Rocklin, CA (Soon to be Wasilla, Alaska)
    Employer: Sportsman's Warehouse
    Years of Experience: 4 months
    Education: Masters Degree in Kinesiology, California State University
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the results of our customer service salary survey

    Customer Service Salary Survey

    Are you the helpful type with a friendly personality? Do you have a definition of customer service or feel strongly about providing customers with the best service? If so, you may want to check out a customer service job. In this Salary Story, Heather Johnson told us about her customer service representative job description, her own definition of customer service and the outlook for customer service jobs.

    There are many definitions of customer service and ideas about how to create customer satisfaction. But all customer service representatives have to practice patience, problem-solving, and treating customers with respect. If you're a match for becoming a customer service representative and want to know more about the typical customer service job or salary, then keep reading - the info in this interview is a real bargain!

  • Career as a Financial Advisor

    Name: Russell Bailyn
    Job Title: Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager
    Where: New York, NY
    Employer: Premier Financial Advisors, an independent financial planning & investment advisory firm.
    Years of Experience as a Financial Advisor: 5
    Education: Bachelor of Science from New York University. I’m also on my way to becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
    Salary: While I prefer not to disclose my specific financial advisor salary, I’d estimate the average salary of a financial advisor (who is established) to be in the ballpark of $100K-$200K.

    Career as a Financial Advisor

    IRA’s, 401k’s, IPO’s…. Unless you’re a do-it-yourselfer, or planning to become a financial advisor, the world of finance can be intimidating. Enter Russell Bailyn. In addition to his career as a financial advisor and wealth manager, he has written a blog (and a forthcoming book) on the biz. He recently gave us his outlook on the average salary of a financial advisor and what it's like to have a career as a financial advisor.

    He also gave us tips on how to become a financial advisor, choosing a financial advisor, and developing a successful career as a financial advisor. In regards to the average salary of a financial advisor, he explained how commissions and fees come into play.

    Being a financial advisor involves more than just crunching numbers. If you're interested in helping clients meet their financial goals, a career as a financial advisor may be just right. Keep reading to find out more about how to become a financial advisor and what factors will impact the average salary of a financial advisor.

  • Mom Returns to Work: Average Receptionist Salary

    Name: Therese Landefield
    Job Title: Front Desk Receptionist
    Where: Seattle, Washington
    Years of Experience: 1+
    Salary: $16.35 – hourly wage (See PayScale's Research Center for the average receptionist salary)
    Employer: Atlas

    Mom Returns to Work: Average Receptionist Salary

    For anyone returning to work after taking time off to raise children and run a household, this Salary Story offers valuable advice. We recently interviewed front desk receptionist Therese Landefield about her transition from stay-at-home-mom to professional receptionist. She filled us in on what it was like to go back to work after years away from a 9 to 5 job. For readers who are nervous about taking the leap from full-time mom to employee, Therese offered tips on writing resumes, finding the job you want, and how to translate the hard work you've been doing at home into marketable skills in the workplace.

    This interview is also helpful for anyone looking into receptionist jobs and the average receptionist salary. Therese gave us info on her job as a receptionist, as well as her practical and inspiring approach to work, life, and the pursuit of personal goals.


    Front Desk Receptionist Job Description:

    The front receptionist is important to the company because many times he or she makes the first impression of the company to the client. So I answer the phone, “Good morning, Atlas, how may I help you?” Then they tell me, “Please connect me.” And I say, “One moment please, I’ll transfer you.” And then I transfer them. Sometimes it’s difficult and the transfers don’t go through. I usually go back on the line and say, “Excuse me, the transfer failed, let me try again.”

  • Real Estate Agent Salary

    Name: George F. Lamson III
    Job Title: Real Estate Agent
    Where: Seattle, Washington
    Education: Bachelors
    Years of Experience: 5+
    Salary: 100% Commission
    Employer: John L. Scott Real Estate

    Real Estate Agent Job Description:

    As a Seattle real estate agent, I am typically working with several buyers and sellers, around 10 or 15 at a time. The reason I have so many is because there are people buying throughout the year, but some people may take 3 months or 6 months to buy. One of the tools I use is the Multiple Listing Service For Real Estate Sales.

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