• Whoops! McDonald's Accidentally Illustrates That It's Impossible to Live on Minimum Wage

    What's the best way to help minimum wage workers manage their finances? If you said, "design a financial planning site that presumes they work a second job and don't need groceries," you have a bright future ahead of you designing financial planning sites for McDonald's employees.

  • This Job Really Exists

    This Job Really Exists
    Next time you think there are no interesting jobs left, remember the story of Martin Riese. Mr. Riese is the general manager of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's restaurant, Ray's & Stark. Mr. Riese is also a highly specialized brand of sommelier: he's a water sommelier.
  • Pros and Cons of Waiting Tables as a Second Job
    You have a job, but you are considering picking up work on the side. This may be a great way to meet financial goals, such as paying off debt or growing your savings account. Waiting tables as a second job has its own unique set of pros and cons.
  • Happy Hour for Employees
    Restaurants have a well-deserved reputation for employees who party with each other after hours, and celebrate holidays and other occasions together. A growing trend in the modern workplace, regardless of industry, is to encourage happy hour for employees as much as once per week.
  • 'Giving You the Business' Rewards Standout Employees With a Franchise of Their Own
    Hidden camera shows have been around since Allen Funt began pulling pranks on TV back in 1948. "Smile, you're on Candid Camera!" In recent years, hidden camera shows haven't given people much to smile about as they're generally used to catch employees doing bad things behind the boss' back.
  • 5 Big Tips Waitresses Have Received That May Restore Your Faith in Humanity

    According to our 2012-2013 study on How Tips Impact Incomes, waiters and waitresses earn the lowest base salaries in the service industry. The average base is $5.10 an hour and in some states, it may be lower.  Employees in the service industry are often underpaid and rely quite heavily on the tips they receive for basic living expenses. Although rare,  once in a while we hear of waitresses and waiters who have received larger than normal tips from customers.

  • Coca-Cola Steps up -- or Does It?
    Coca-Cola is pledging to stop marketing to children under the age of 12, and to fund exercise programs in countries in which they do business. Will it do any good?
  • Fortune 500 Companies Offer Training for College Credit

    Want to enroll in "Hamburger University?" Get a job at McDonald's, and you can! The fast food giant and several other major corporations offer training that can eventually lead to a college degree.

  • Seasonal Job Prospects Are Looking Good This Summer

    CNN Money reports that summer hiring is expected to rise more than usual.

  • During 1998-2000, author Barbara Ehrenreich went undercover as low-wage, unskilled laborer in three different types of jobs. She wanted to experience first-hand just how difficult it is to support oneself as a low-wage laborer.

  • McDonald's Requiring Bachelor's Degree

    We know that level of education increases income earning potential. For example, Payscale reports that even fast food workers with a bachelor's degree have the potential to earn $2 to $3 more dollars per hour than other fast food workers. In Massachusetts, however, the situation is getting ridiculous.

  • Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    Name: Kortni Butterton
    Job Title: Restaurant Hostess
    Where: Seattle, WA
    Current Employer: 50 North
    Years of Experience: 3.5
    Education: Issaquah High School, Diploma; Bellevue College, Associate of Arts and Sciences; University of Washington, Communications and Sociology major
    Salary: Research the median salary scale for restaurants, including restaurant hostess jobs.

    Restaurant Job Descriptions - Restaurant Hostess

    A restaurant hostess works on the front lines. As the first point of contact for customers, a hostess has the important task of creating an excellent first impression. It's not always easy, especially after a long shift or when dealing with difficult customers. In addition to representing the restaurant, a hostess often does a ton of behind-the-scenes work in order to keep things running smoothly. If you're wondering what it takes to make it in this job, don't miss this Salary Story from Kortni Butterton. She shares a detailed restaurant hostess job description and describes the ups and downs of working in the food service industry.

  • Waitress Job Description - Tips on Better Waitressing
    Name: June Gunderson
    Job Title: Waitress
    Years of Experience: 20 years
    Where: Green Bay, WI
    Education: ITT Technical Institute, Green Bay
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for median waitress salaries.

    Waitress Job Description - Tips on Better Waitressing

    If you're looking for waitress job openings, take a moment to read our interview with June Gunderson, a waitress with 20 years of valuable experience. She explains which waitressing skills are most important, offers tips on better waitressing, and more. Find out why waitressing jobs can be challenging, rewarding, and lucrative.

    PayScale: What is your waitress job description?

    Everyone thinks waitressing is just waiting on tables. There is much more to the job. When I get to work I have a whole set of prep work I am responsible for before opening for breakfast. Those syrups pitchers and ketchup bottles don't fill themselves. I also have to make sure we have enough silverware wrapped in napkins for the day. The night crew is supposed to help with this, but somehow they are always short. I also do basic food prep. I have to do some of the garnishes and sauces for many of the meals I bring out.
  • Bartender Salary: A Bartender Career Profile

    Name: Craig Hysell
    Job Title: Bartender
    Where: Hilton Head Island, SC
    Employer: Riders Lounge
    Years of Experience: 12
    Education: BA in Communications from Bowling Green State University
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median bartender salary.

    Bartender Salary: A Bartender Career Profile

    Recently Britney Spears made the news, again, by inquiring about bartender jobs at a California hotel. Britney, or anyone who is interested in becoming a bartender, should read this Salary Story. We spoke to bartender Craig Hysell about bartender jobs, a bartender salary, bartending school and more. Many people wonder if they need to attend school to become a bartender. This interview provides the answer, plus insider info on what it takes to succeed as a career bartender. So pour yourself a cold one and keep reading!

  • Fast Food Jobs: Salary of Fast Food Workers

    Name: Tyler Zimmerman
    Job Title: Fast Food Worker (Cashier)
    Where: Carbondale, Illinois
    Employer: Arby's
    Years of Experience: 1 and a half years
    Education: GED
    Salary: According to PayScale's Research Center, the median salary of fast food workers ranges from $5.91 to $8.86 per hour in different U.S. cities.

    Salary of Fast Food Workers

    Fast food jobs vary as much as the people who work them. For some, fast food jobs are a part-time gig, for others, an entry into the job market, temporary position or a full-time career. Tyler Zimmerman is a teen who has worked for Arby's for almost two years; that's a veteran in fast food jobs.

    In this Salary Story, Tyler gave us his fast food cashier job description, plus a behind-the-scenes look into the salary of fast food workers, things that annoy fast food workers, challenges of fast food restaurant jobs, factors that affect the salary of a fast food worker and current trends in fast foods. This is one super-sized combo you don't want to miss!

  • What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef?

    Name: David Benton
    Job Title: Pastry Chef
    Where: Oakland, California
    Employer: Self-Employed - SugarSweet Pastries
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: California Culinary Academy, San Francisco, California
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the median pastry chef salary.

    What is the Salary of a Pastry Chef?

    Looking for a delicious career? For readers interested in pastry chef salaries, the qualifications to become a pastry chef and other career information, our interview with chef David Benton has all the right ingredients.

    In this Salary Story, David told us about the outlook for pastry chef jobs in America, the education needed for a pastry chef, and different jobs for a pastry chef, including hotel and restaurant positions. David discussed how jobs for a pastry chef can be competitive and come with certain expectations, plus lessons learned in culinary school and on the job. He also explained how education and experience impact pastry chef jobs and gave insight into how different employers can affect the working conditions and salary of a pastry chef.   

    If you're interested in becoming a pastry chef, then take few moments to learn more about this creative career. Bon Appetit!