• Paying Employees to Live Near Work Makes Everyone Happy

    Morning commutes are the worst. Whether you drive or take public transportation, most people dread the travel time to and from work. According to the Census Bureau, the average American spends 25 minutes traveling to and from work, each way. That amounts to 208 hours of commuting every year, hours commuters understandably want back.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Boeing Layoffs, Cannabis Cloud and Eagle Scout Vs. Athlete

    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • What You're Doing at Work When You're Not Actually Working

    A lot of the time you spend during your eight-hour workday is not actually spent working. We all easily get distracted and let our minds wander to things that aren't work-related. A recent online survey of more than 1,000 people revealed how we actually spend our time at work. This information should be taken with a grain of salt, however, considering how much time people put into work while at home and on weekends, especially now that everyone is equipped with a smartphone.

  • How Google Continues to Keep Employees Happy

    Working for Google is a dream of many, not just because of what this company has achieved in the last 15 years, but because of its enviable work culture. With 37,000 employees in 40 countries, you might wonder how Google maintains a motivating work experience throughout its entire company.

  • 5 Steps to Finding Your Passion

    You're stuck in a rut, work is just not as exciting as it used to be, and you've unleashed your inner zombie and are simply going through the motions between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If this describes you, it might be time to reevaluate your career choices. Find a career path that you will reignite your passion with the help of the five steps below.

  • Work Spouses: Taboo or New Tradition?

    Let's face it, we've all seen it, and perhaps some of us have been guilty of it. If you have spent a great deal of time (as in the usual 40-plus hours a week) in an office environment, then you may have grown attached to someone of the opposite sex who isn't your spouse. Is the phenomenon of the "work spouse" taboo or a new tradition?

  • How to Deal With Bad Bosses

    Your job is almost perfect. You enjoy what you do, you get along with your colleagues, and your office culture is both relaxed and motivating. There's just one thing standing in the way of this being your dream job: your own, real-life horrible boss.

  • March Madness Causes Major Decrease in Office Productivity
    March Madness is almost upon us! Marking one of the biggest weeks of the year for sports fans, March Madness creates a bit of conflict when it comes to completing work hours while still catching all the games. According to new research from online meeting software TeamViewer, March Madness will actually be one of the biggest distractions at work this year.
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    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Another Good Reason to Let Employees Telecommute

    If you want your employees to do more, suggests Tony Schwartz at HBR Blog Network, you better be prepared to trust them. And sometimes, that means letting them work from home.

  • 5 Tips for Making Meetings More Effective

    Employees often groan at the idea of heading into yet another meaningless meeting where someone will spit out some numbers while everyone else daydreams and doodles in their notebooks. However, there are ways to keep them more engaged and make meetings more productive for everyone.

  • Hourly Exercise Breaks Lead to One Company's Success

    What started off as a bit of a joke and a means to fit into a bridesmaid's dress turned into a companywide program to get employees back in shape. Overit Media introduced a program called OverFit, which has its more than 30 employees take a two-minute exercise break every hour.

  • Should You Tell Your Boss You're Starting a Business?
  • How Even Entry-Level Employees Can Make Their Companies Great Places to Work

    Do you love your company? For most of us, at some point in our career, the answer will be a resounding "no." Obviously, this is even more common when you're just starting out. As an entry-level employee, you have much less control over your work environment than veteran staff members. But there things you can do, even when you're a relative newbie.

  • Job Interview Questions That Will Catch You Off-Guard

    Job interview questions are often standard, allowing you to prepare all your answers before you meet with your new potential employer. But some companies like to ask questions that throw you completely off-guard.

  • Turn Your Office Into an Ant Colony for Increased Productivity

    Researchers have turned to the world of ants to see how people can improve their collaboration process and increase productivity as a whole. It seems a bit weird that ants would be the inspiration for workplace strategies, but these little insects do know how to get stuff done. They build large colonies, find and share food sources, fight off enemies -- and they do so without the help of meetings.

  • Fitness Levels and Cognitive Performance

    A new study out of Spain took a look at how fitness can affect your cognitive performances. While the researchers admit that many of the factors require more research, they did find that people with higher fitness levels were better able to sustain their attention.

  • Entrepreneurs Find Success in Unusual Las Vegas Workspaces

    Las Vegas is better known for its glowing lights, casinos and desert heat. But Sin City is also the home to many innovative entrepreneurs. The only downside is that Vegas lacks in office space. So these entrepreneurs have been forced to think outside the box and open up shop in the unlikeliest of places. These new workspaces, however, are actually working in their favor.

  • 3 Bad Celebrity Bosses

    3 Bad Celebrity Bosses

    On our worst days at work, it's fun to fantasize about a life in which we wouldn't have to process TPS reports or deal with difficult colleagues. If only we were famous, we think, we surely wouldn't have to deal with all of this.

    Think again. Being a celebrity is no guarantee of escaping the worst parts of the work world. For example, many celebs have lashed out -- quite publicly -- at their bad bosses.

  • Is OSHA A Wasteful Regulatory Nightmare or Common Sense That Saves Lives? [infographic]

    Did you know that companies that been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration save around 26 percent on worker's compensation costs? Maybe this is what President Clinton had in mind when he said, "We have to recognize that, done right, regulation protects our workers from injury, and that when we fail, it can have disasterous consequences. I believe we can bring back common sense and reduce hassle without stripping away safeguards for our children, our workers, and our families." This Compliance and Safety infographic weighs the benefits of OSHA.