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  • Just Say "Yeah!" to Get Ahead at Work

    A study by MIT Sloan School of Management found that words like "speech," "middle," "bottom," "flat," and -- we are not making this up -- "animals" will tank your proposal's chance of success. If you want the boss and your coworkers to look favorably on your work, the best thing to say is "yeah."

  • 5 Reasons Why You Are Not the Boss

    It is disappointing to be looked over when your company is looking to fill a management position. It is even worse when a co-worker with less experience than you gets promoted.
  • When the Boss Promotes the Wrong Person

    You hate your lazy, good-for-nothing co-worker. Your boss is considering your lazy, good-for-nothing coworker for promotion. Knowing what to do, what not to do, and how to behave will help you keep your job and your sanity.
  • Offer Solutions Instead of Complaints

    Managers hire people to fix problems, not complain about them. Employees who are prepared to offer possible solutions are considered highly valuable. These problem-solvers are the ones who keep their jobs in a tight economy. They're also the workers who are offered merit raises, and, eventually, promoted.
  • Using Your Performance Review to Negotiate a Raise You Deserve

    It’s that time of year again when the department manager notifies you that it’s time to have a chit-chat in the office about your performance at work. While this can be more than just a little intimidating for many folks, did you know that it’s also a prime time to negotiate a much-deserved promotion? The key is to walk confidently into your manager’s office armed with the evidence of your value to the company and a list of achievements that back this up.
  • Start Doing the Work for Tomorrow's Job Today

    You've probably heard the expression, "dress for the job you want." But how about doing the work for the job you want -- even before you get it?

  • If You Don't See Yourself on This Career Path Five Years From Now, It's Not for You

    It's arguably the worst question in the interviewing process: "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" If your honest answer would be, "Doing the exact opposite of this job," then perhaps it's time to consider making a career change.

  • Are You Sure You Even Want That Promotion?

    If you had an opportunity to get a promotion, you'd probably go for it. What's not to like about a better title and more money, right? Well, depending on your current situation and the reality of the promotion in question, you might be better off staying put. How do you know when to stay, and when to go forward?

  • How To Read Your Salary Report

    You already know that is the place to go to quickly generate a personalized Salary Report that tells you exactly how your total compensation compares to people like you. (And if you don’t know that, go complete your Salary Report right now.) You probably have even spent some time poking around and looking at the array of charts and lists contained on the report. But today we’re going to show you how to get the most out of that information.

  • 5 Tips for Managing Up

    One of the quickest ways to ensure a miserable office life is having a poor relationship with your manager or supervisor. Whether you have trouble communicating or your manager just isn't cut out for managing people, the relationship you have with your boss can determine the course of your career. So, what can you do to make it better?

  • 3 Ways to Build a Career When You Don't Want to Be a Manager

    Most of us want to be promoted at some point. But what happens when moving up the ladder means taking on a supervisory role -- and you don't want to be a manager?

  • Is it a Good Time to Ask for a Promotion?

    Of course you want to grow in your career -- nobody wants to be doing the same job forever. But when it comes to taking that next step up the corporate ladder, timing is everything. Knowing when to broach the subject of a promotion is as important as documenting why you deserve one in the first place.

  • 3 Books That Will Tell You What to Be When You Grow up

    There are tons of career aptitude books on the market, ranging from the serious (encyclopedic volumes for career counselors) to the silly (career aptitude and astrology, anyone?). But if you really want to find the job you were always meant to have, you'll want a balance of practical advice and inspiration. These three books are a great place to start.

  • 5 Step Salary Negotiation Guide

    Negotiating a new salary can be intimidating, whether you are asking for a raise or accepting a new job offer. The better prepared you are for the conversation, the more likely it is that you will get the salary you deserve. Arm yourself with an aresenal of information and read on for 5 tips for an easier salary negotiation. 

  • How to Clean up Your Online Appearance

    You'd never dream of going to a job interview unshowered, with pillow creases on your face. But while most of us attend to our physical appearance prior to interviewing, we sometimes neglect to give the same care to our online selves. And after all, when it comes to landing an interview in the first place, online is more important.

  • Building Your LinkedIn Profile? Avoid These 8 Buzzwords [infographic]

    Ready for a side of irony with your professional social networking? The most popular self-descriptor this year on LinkedIn profiles, at least for Americans, was "creative."

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