• Technology Coordinator Salary

    Name: Marcie T. Hull
    Job Title: Technology Coordinator
    Where: Philadelphia, PA
    Employer: Science Leadership Academy (School District of Philadelphia)
    Years of Experience: 7
    Education: Temple University's Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, PA, Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median technology coordinator salary.

    Technology Coordinator Salary

    For readers who are interested in a technology coordinator salary and want to learn about a technology coordinator job description, this Salary Story is the place to log on! We spoke to school technology coordinator Marcie T. Hull who told us about information technology coordinator positions and more.

    She covered information technology coordinator duties, the outlook for technology coordinator jobs and different technology coordinator job descriptions (Marcie is also a teacher). Whether you want to make a change in your career or add some skills (and salary) to your present job, this interview is a must-click!

  • Nuclear Engineer Salary

    Name: Michael Flagg
    Job Title: Nuclear Engineer (Reactor Service)
    Where: Columbia, Missouri
    Employer: University of Missouri - Columbia
    Years of Experience: 1.5
    Education:B.S. Nuclear Engineering from the University of Missouri - Rolla
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median nuclear engineer salary, and compare it to petroleum engineering salaries with masters degree

    Nuclear Engineer Salary

    How much money does a nuclear engineer make? You may be hearing that question more and more as the U.S. considers going back to nuclear power. Even now, nuclear engineers are in demand as we found out in this Salary Story with Michael Flagg.

    In our chat, he covered nuclear engineer college, a nuclear engineer's necessary skills, the future of nuclear engineers in the market place, factors than can affect a nuclear engineer salary, as well as earnings and advancements of a nuclear engineer. This interview is charged with info!

  • IT Project Manager Salary Survey

    Name: Don Spencer
    Job Title: IT Project Manager
    Where: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Employer: Self-Employed - Consulting
    Years of Experience: 24
    Education: Hons.B.A. (History & Philosophy, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), M.A. (History, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a project manager.

    IT Project Manager Salary Survey

    Do you enjoy computers, managing projects and all things 2.0? Then you may want to consider a career as an IT project manager. If you don't know what the job description for IT project manager professionals is, then this Salary Story will fill in the missing data.

    We recently interviewed IT project manager Don Spencer who gave us the inside scoop on career paths for IT project managers and a realistic IT project manager job description. If you want more info on the average salary of a project manager, you can also check out our IT project manager salary survey. Take a moment to log on to this interesting career!

  • Computer Technician Career

    Name: Mike Petry
    Job Title: Computer Technician
    Where: Southern California
    Employer: Pacific Boat Trailers/Self
    Years of Experience: 23
    Education: Some College / Self Taught (A+ Cert)
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average salary for a computer technician

    Computer Technician Career

    For those interested in a computer technician career, the job outlook for computer technicians (and other techies) seems bright. A computer technician's starting salary will vary depending on many factors, including location, experience, and certifications earned. However, regardless of starting salary, a computer technician career offers high growth potential. With that in mind, we recently spoke to computer technician Mike Petry about the average salary for a computer technician, the job description of a computer technician, a computer technician starting salary, and computer technician qualifications.

    In addition to all his "teching," Mike also writes a blog about his computer technician career called "CRS-Caffeinated and Requiring Sugar" at If you're wondering about computer technician starting salaries, the average salary for computer technician professionals, or how to embark on a computer technician career, don't miss this interview with a self-made pro.

  • Salaries for Web Designer

    Name: Dave LaFlam
    Job Title: Owner, Freelance Web Designer/Slackbax Media
    Where: Santa Monica, CA
    Years of Experience: 5+
    Salary: $40,000 - $80,000
    Employer: Self
    Education: BFA

    Web Designer Job Description:

    The job of a web designer is to build web sites for clients (I also maintain web sites if clients call for that service) using HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Javascript and PHP. I also do consulting, re-designs and monthly updates. As a freelance web designer, I build/create micro-sites, perform platform testing (MAC & PC), test browsers on sites, as well as incorporate interactive and ecommerce elements. I also equip web sites for video/audio streaming (Quicktime, FLV) podcasting, blogs and more.

  • Craig Newmark: Craigslist Founder and Customer Service Guru

    Name: Craig Newmark
    Job Title: Customer Service Rep and Founder of craigslist
    Where: San Francisco, CA
    Years of Experience: 30
    Salary: Top Secret (See PayScale's Average Customer Service Salary)
    Employer: Self

    Customer Service Job Description:

    I perform specialized customer service functions, including fighting online scams. I also talk to the press as required. Jim (Buckmaster) is a much better manager than me, but I'm really good at customer service and customer feedback. It helps me maintain the spirit of craigslist, and shows that we're committed.

  • You want to be a President

    -- Started, but couldn't finish before bed-time...
    --  Adam
    Have you ever wondered how much a president makes? Over dinner, someone recently asked me how much I thought The President of the US made.  I had no idea, so I referred to my old friend: Wikipedia.  There I learned that the President's salary is $400,000 per year. Then I started wondering how much other types of presidents made.