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  • What's Trending on Twitter? #SFOCrash #AmandaBynes #Hyperloop

    This week's Twitter roundup recaps three trending topics that have caused quit a buzz: #SFOCrash, #AmandaBynes, and #Hyperloop. Why should you, as a professional, keep hitting the refresh button on your Twitter feed? Well, somewhere among the snark and the manic updates, you might just find some timely lessons to apply to your career. Read on to find out how the above trending hashtags relate to having a career back-up plan, what is and isn't appropriate workplace attire, and eliminating the stress of your morning commute.
  • Big Brother Contestants Get Canned for Racist Remarks on Live Feed

    On the reality series, Big Brother, contestants live in a small house with a group of strangers while cameras roll 24 hours a day, recording everything they say and do. They also know that anything that doesn't violate primetime censorship rules could end up on one of the three episodes CBS airs in a week.
  • 7 Biggest Interview Mistakes HR Professionals Encounter

    Ever wonder what the average Human Resource professional notices in an interview when they glance across the hiring desk? As a job seeker, this could be some very valuable insight to have – a clear advantage over other candidates who are oblivious to the mistakes they make in the interviewing hot seat.
  • The Connection Between Employee Wellness and Recognition Programs

    Employers have long known that corporate wellness and employee recognition programs work, but how well they support business objectives has been previously unknown. That is until a recent study was released that provides valuable insight into the connection between employee wellness and recognition programs.
  • Quora Question of the Week: You Did WHAT and Still Got the Job?!

    Have you ever landed a job after talking your way out of almost every interview question? Or, maybe, you didn't ignore his questions, but your answers inadvertently caused the interviewer to resign. If so, you have something in common with these Quora members. Their stories beat anything you've ever seen or done in an interview.
  • You're Fired! Employees Who Went Out With a Viral Bang

    It seems to happen more often, nowadays: people getting fired for something they posted on social media. Many seem to believe it's perfectly acceptable to put whatever they choose on their social media networks. After all, what about freedom of speech? As it turns out, tweets and posts aren't always protected by the First Amendment. Here are a couple of recent and noteworthy cases of employees being terminated for something they posted online.
  • Public Speaking for Organizational Success: Your Pathway to Leadership

    When it comes to the top skills that are valuable for any career, the ability to deliver your message through public speaking tops the list. Communication in all its forms can be a deal breaker in almost every career. In today’s connected business world, having the skills to communicate in both the written and spoken word are paramount to success. Consider that many companies pay big bucks to hire a motivational speaker to come in for just one day. If you can harness this skill, there’s no limit to your career growth.
  • Give Your Resume a Leg Up with a Job Referral

    Are you struggling to get your resume noticed by hiring managers? You are not alone. In today’s competitive job market, getting on the radar of the top hiring managers takes more than just a well-written resume. It helps tremendously to get a referral from a trusted source, which can open many more doors to career success.
  • Career Satisfaction: Are American Workers Happier? [Infographic]

    As you travel to the office on an average workday, do you believe that you could possibly be one of the happiest employees in the world? Research indicates that employees in the US tend to be more actively engaged and satisfied with their jobs. In fact, employers are taking drastic efforts to provide incentives to create career satisfaction for top performance workers. It’s all about raising employee morale and productivity in a challenging economic climate.
  • Watch Out for Office Hazards – Workplace Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

    Do you know how to spot safety hazards at work? Even though you may think you work in a relatively trouble-free workplace, the statistics say otherwise. Let’s take a look at the top workplace hazards that may be hiding right in your own office space, and how to avoid becoming a victim.
  • 6 Things Every New Hire Packet Needs

    Whether you are hiring a single employee, or an entire department of staffers, presenting a well-organized and branded hiring packet can make your business shine. Hiring packets essentially provide an introduction to the company culture and make for a more streamlined onboarding experience.
  • Improving Your Bottom Line with an Authentic Corporate Culture

    The popular buzz phrase for many companies is “corporate culture”, which is increasingly becoming more important in the race for top talent and performance. A well-defined corporate culture is the personality of a business to the outside world. Above the mission statement and vision plan, the corporate culture determines the way in which employees and clients view the company as a living, breathing organism.
  • Addicted to Technology? 10 Reasons to Unplug for More Brain Power

    The human brain is an amazing organ, capable of operating at average speeds of 100 Hz per second, with over 10 billion neurons firing at once in a very efficient manner. While this is a bit slower than the standard operating system of a computer or mobile device, most people find it increasingly important to utilize technology to augment their normal workday. Multi-tasking for eight hours a day seems like the norm for millions of working professionals.
  • Legalizing Gay Marriage is Good for Business

    The Defense of Marriage Act, in addition to being a civil rights battle, has implications in the workplace, too. That's why some major companies like Disney, Amazon and Microsoft (to name a few) have submitted amicus briefs encouraging the U.S. Supreme Court to reform the meaning of federal marriage to include same-sex unions. Their argument: It's good for the country, but it's also good for business.
  • When a Vacation Is Not a Vacation

    We've all heard the benefits of taking a real vacation, such as stress reduction and better quality of life. The problem is that so few working people get to take a good, long break from doing any work or thinking about work.
  • Engaging Employees in Corporate Wellness

    With the Affordable Care Act transforming health care as we know it, wellness awareness in the workplace is a growing trend as more companies look for ways to increase productivity, while simultaneously influencing the cost of health care premiums. From corporate-sponsored health fairs and biometric screenings to onsite wellness services and fitness incentives, any size company can develop a wellness program that supports the well-being of their most precious asset – their employees.
  • The Core Role of Human Resources

    Name: Rossy White
    Job Title: Human Resurces Consultant
    Where: Fort Myers, FL
    Years of Experience: 10 years
    Education: Marketing Degree; Master's Degree in Human Resources Administration
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the average salary of a human resources consultant.

    Human Resources Consultant

    Rossy White is a highly trained HR superstar. She has worked in human resources, public management and consulting for a decade. Her human resources career has involved international work, employment in the public and private sectors and success in starting her own HR business. In this Salary Story, read about the core role of human resources professionals and get Rossy's advice on how to succeed in the HR field.
  • How to Be a Good Human Resources Manager

    Name:Carol L. Kardas
    Job Title:President, KardasLarson, LLC
    Where: Hartford, CT
    Employer:KardasLarson, LLC, Human Resource Solutions
    Years of Experience: 8 years
    Education: Marymount College/Fordam University, BS Psychology. SPHR - Senior Professional in Human Resources, CCP - Certified Compensation Professional
    Salary:See PayScale's Research Center for the Average Salary for an HR Manager.

    HR Manager Career

    You are about to read the story of a person who truly loves her job. There are many companies hiring for HR managers, but Carol decided to take a different route. Her resume is unique compared to the normal resume of HR managers. She has found a human resources niche and, if you already understand the administrative duties of an HR manager, her route may be the perfect road for you. In this Salary Story, Carol gives helpful advice on how to find success as an independent HR manager, and shares her passion for the career. Overall, she provides the great example of how to be a good human resources manager.

    HR Manager Job Description

    Carol: I am an independent contractor with a portfolio career as the human resource person for five companies. Additionally, I provide career counseling to displaced workers to help them find a new career. I also provide compensation services to not-for-profit agencies and create compensation programs for their organizations. I teach HR at a local college for other individuals who want to become certified as an SPHR or PHR. I have been able to take all the things that I love to do and put them into one interesting career. I never thought that I would be an entrepreneur.

  • Human Resources Wage Scale

    Name: Carrie Broadhead
    Job Title: Human Resources Generalist and Employee Relations
    Where: Sidney/Victoria, BC - Canada
    Employer: Viking Air Limited
    Years of Experience: Over 3 years
    Other Relevant Experience: University Career Center (Center for Life Calling and Career Development), recruitment company background, and university level courses relating to HR.
    Education: BA in Psychology with numerous business courses related to HR and extra courses as I have grown within my job.
    Annual Salary: Use PayScale’s Research Center to find Salaries for Human Resources Managers, and Human Resource Generalist Salaries by Experience.

    According to PayScale’s recent College Salary Report, human resources careers are some of the most popular and highest paying Jobs for Psychology Majors. But aside from earning a positive Human Resources Wage Scale, human resources professionals play an integral role in creating healthy balance within the workplace.

    In this Salary Story we meet Carrie Broadhead, a human resources generalist who has completed a BA in Psychology, plus various coursework in business. Carrie’s responsibilities are broad and continue to expand as her employer, Viking Air Limited, expands it's workforce. As any human resources generalist knows, no corporate success is sustainable without positive employee relations, and at Viking Air Limited, Carrie's primary responsibility is managing positive employee relations on a daily basis.

  • Salaries for Human Resources Managers

    Job Title: Human Resources Manager
    Name: David Kennely
    Where: Tucson, Arizona
    Employer: Manufacturer
    Years of Experience: 7
    Other Relevant Experience: 2 years Customer Service Representative
    Education: B.A. in Psychology, Master's Degree in Human Resources Management
    Annual Salary: Median Salaries for Human Resources Managers range from $42,000 to $67,000 based on experience.

    Like many students, David Kennely entered college without a clear vision of his future career. He had an interest in Psychology Careers and knew he wanted to work with people. After exploring his options he eventually found a career that fit his preferences, allowing him to create balance within the workplace.

    Today, David Kennely is a human resources manager who loves his job. In this Salary Story, David explains how human resources management plays a role in maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships within his company. In David’s words, “good human resources is just good business.”

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