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  • Romantic Jobs That “Set the Mood”

    By Christine Laue,

    For all the primping and prepping you do for a date, Cupid enlists dozens of co-conspirators to make the big event go perfectly.

    The esthetician taming unruly eyebrow hairs wants you to look flawless, and the sommelier pouring wine certainly doesn’t want to ruin the mood with a merlot mishap.

  • Rosier Picture for US Workers’ Wages in Q4 2011

    By Bridget Quigg,

    How have wages fared in the US over the past year? Can any group wave goodbye to the recession besides the oil & gas industry? just released its Q4 2011 wage trend results for The PayScale Index and nearly everyone now has reason to smile.

  • Jobs That Pay $20 Per Hour

    By Bridget Quigg

    Ready for a gig that pays you twenty dollars per hour? There are many options out there. And, of the following list of ten jobs, less than half require school beyond a high school diploma. See which skills you might already have or are interested in and get started.

  • More Apples in Alabama: Teacher Pay by State

    By Lydia Dishman

    Now that sales of pencils and notebooks are in full swing, kids everywhere are facing the inevitability of going back to school. Their teachers have already been prepping for the new academic year. Though envied for their months long “break” from work, the teaching profession involves some trade-offs. One of the biggest: low pay.

  • Want a Trouble-Free Employer? Advice for Job Seekers

    By Bridget Quigg

    Want to the inside scoop on an employer, beyond salary and bonus information? What if current or former employees at a company could tell you about work schedules, time off and the company culture? They can. Instead of going to their offices and asking the employees themselves, you can take a look at PayScale’s handy new “Compare Employers” feature.

  • Pay Off: New List of College Majors by Salary

    Curious how you can make your college degree pay off quicker? More data is emerging now about which college majors lead to the most lucrative careers. PayScale has been publishing a list of college majors by pay since 2008. But, now, a new study of Census Bureau data supports PayScale’s conclusions. Sorry Psych majors, we were right that the aeronautical engineers will likely be out-earning you… by a lot.

  • Are You Built to Make Big Bucks?

    AOL Jobs

    By Gwen Parkes, AOL Jobs

    With so many people either unemployed or looking to change jobs in today's unpredictable economic environment, people are putting a lot of extra thought and time into their job searches, prepping for their interviews and padding their resumes to stand out as "the ideal hire." However, did you know that your fate as an earner could already be determined by your outward appearance and actions?

  • Does Private School Tuition Really Pay Off?

    By Bridget Quigg

    When you hear that someone graduated from Harvard or Princeton, do you automatically assume that they’re making the big bucks? You’re probably right, according to PayScale’s data on what different college graduates earn. But, they also likely paid the big bucks to go to an elite private school rather than a local, state institution. Is all of that tuition really paying them back?

  • Salaries of “Different” Jobs

    How many job titles can you name? From software developer to welder to baggage handler, most of us could maybe come up with a hundred jobs or so. But, there are thousands of job titles out there. You know, the ones that make you say, "Huh, that's different." And, some of those less-well-known or “different” jobs pay well. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a list of your alternative options?

  • Top of Their Class: Teachers’ Salaries by State

    How to you reward someone for helping young people learn the alphabet, have confidence in themselves, remember long division, behave well in public, respect authority, dream their biggest dreams, grow healthy social connections and also turn their homework in on time?

  • TV Star Salaries: 'The Office' vs. 'Grey’s Anatomy'

    What do your favorite TV stars earn? Compare TV star salaries to the salaries of the characters they play on TV. This round: The Office vs. Grey's Anatomy.
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