• Owner Operators Salaries – Children's Playground Franchise

    Name: John Anderson
    Job Title: President - Owner Operator
    Where: Tulsa, OK – United States
    Employer: BounceU -
    Children's Playground Franchise
    Years of Experience: 25 years
    Relevant Experience: 15 years as a
    mortgage broker
    Education: BS Business Administration
    Annual Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for median 
    Owner Operator Salaries.

    Looking for a new career where you could be the president of your own company? Ever thought of running your own franchise? For John Anderson, leaving the mortgage industry and owning a children's playground franchise was a wonderful change of pace. In this Salary Story, John shares the trials and tribulations of owning a children's playground franchise in Oklahoma.

  • Personal Trainer to Small Business Owner

    Name: Bonnie Katz
    Job Title: Small Business Owner, Personal Trainer
    Where: Fitness Together - West Seattle Personal Training
    Years of Experience: 10 years in personal training, 4 years being a small business owner.
    Education: Cornish College of the Arts - BFA, Renton Technical College - Health and Fitness Technology
    Annual Salary: The national average salary of a small business owner with 10-19 years of experience is $70,372. The average salary of a personal trainer with 10-15 years of experience is approximately $23.00/hour.

    For most personal trainers, the term "average salary" doesn't really apply. The majority of personal trainers are paid by the hour. Because personal training is a one-on-one activity, many personal trainers choose to ditch the gym and work for themselves, a smart decision that will most likely increase a personal trainer's salary. The average salary of a personal trainer is highest when self-employed, a difference of over $10 an hour.

    In this Salary Story, Bonnie Katz offers advice on working as a personal trainer and becoming a small business owner. She gives an insider's look at owning a personal training business and discusses the top challenges she faces as small business owner. If you're into fitness, don't miss this inspiring interview!

  • Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    Name: Jamie Lamb
    Job Title: Meeting and Event Planner (& Professional Bridal Consultant)
    Where: Middletown, Pennsylvania 
    Employer: Self-Employed - Coordinated Dreams
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Franklin University
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median event planner salary.

    Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    If you're interested in meeting and event planner careers, you don't want to miss this Salary Story.  Meeting and event planner Jamie Lamb told us about various meeting and event planner positions, gave advice for new meeting planners and explained the leadership skills required for successful event planner careers.

    Jamie also gave tips for beginning meeting planners on how to become a certified meeting planner, told us about the factors that affect an event planner salary, meeting planner duties and what to expect from both independent and in-house event planner careers. This interview provides invaluable info for anyone wondering how to join the ranks of independent meeting and event planners.

  • Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers

    Name: Shirley Fine Lee   
    Job Title: Meeting Facilitator 
    Where: Lewisville, Texas 
    Employer: Self-Employed, www.shirleyfinelee.com
    Years of Experience: 12+
    Education: North Central Texas College Associate of Science, Dallas Baptist University BA in Management Information Systems 

    Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers

    For readers interested in working as a meeting facilitator, or who want to know more about effective meeting icebreakers and where to go for meeting facilitation training, this Salary Story covers all the points. Veteran meeting facilitator Shirley Fine Lee told us about how she got started as a meeting facilitator, including the types of meeting facilitation training she received, as well as the outlook for careers in meeting management.

    Shirley also gave us info on team-building, meeting icebreakers, meeting invocations and tips for meeting facilitator careers. Plus, we found out what to expect from meeting facilitator salaries. If you want some great tips for meeting facilitator methods and training, this interview is a must-click!

  • Criminal Defense Attorney Salaries

    Name: Scott Pactor
    Job Title: Criminal Defense Attorney - Attorney at Law
    Where: San Diego, CA 
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 6
    Education:J.D. Hastings College of Law, San Francisco; B.A. American University, Washington D.C.   
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for criminal defense attorney salaries.

    Criminal Defense Attorney Salaries

    If you're interested in criminal defense attorney salaries or have ever wondered what's it's really like to work as a criminal defense attorney in California (or anywhere else), then you don't want to miss this Salary Story. San Diego criminal attorney Scott Pactor gave us the inside scoop on criminal defense attorney salaries and the attorney jobs California and other states have to offer. This interview is court-mandated reading!

  • Social Worker Salary

    Social Worker Salary

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    Name: Darlene Albury
    Job Title: Social Worker
    Where: Flushing-Queens, New York
    Employer: Self-Employed
    Years of Experience: 16
    Education: Audrey Cohen College-Bachelors Degree in Human Services, Hunter College School of Social Work-Master of Social Work Degree
    Salary: $60K

    Social Worker Salary

    What is the salary of a social worker? It varies quite a bit these days, as do the roles and tasks of social workers, thanks to the Internet. Darlene Albury is a social worker who works via the web. She recently discussed her social worker career, different salaries of social workers, the requirements for becoming a social worker, and more. As you will hear in the following interview, Darlene truly cares about helping people - something that she says is necessary for a successful social worker career.

    If you've been asking yourself, "What is the average social worker salary?" keep in mind that the salaries of social workers are not usually the top motivation for becoming a social worker. According to Darlene, the ability to be altruistic is a more imortant factor in whether or not you will enjoy being a social worker. She has the unique position of being able to use modern technology to reach a wide range of people in her social worker practice. For those interested in the future of social work careers, the salaries of social workers, or who want more info before entering the social service field, this interview is a must-read!

  • Salary for an Architect

    Name: Stephen Jones
    Job Title: Architect
    Where: Marina Del Rey, CA
    Employer: Principal/Owner SFJones Architects, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 10+
    Education: BA in Design at University of Florida - 1986, Masters of Architecture at UCLA - 1992
    Salary: See PayScale's Research Center for the average salary for an architect.

    Salary for an Architect

    It’s no exaggeration to say that Stephen Jones is one of the most sought-after architects in the country. Stephen has designed many high-profile restaurants, from the internationally known Spago in Beverly Hills to the Lucky Strike Lanes which grace several major cities. But can the salary for an architect match an awe-inspiring design? We decided to find out more about architect salaries and how to become an architect from one of the best.

    Stephen discussed his different creations, factors that affect the average architect salary and how to become an architect. Primarily a commercial architect, Stephen is equally adept as a luxury home architect, having designed his own house. He truly loves what he does, sans the architect salary.

    Stephen reminds us that the salary for an architect takes a back seat to the passion one must have for this creative and challenging field. If you're wondering how to become an architect - or earn a higher architect salary - keep reading to find out how Stephen rose to the top.

  • Salary Range: Art Gallery Owner

    fantasy art gallery, salary range, entrepreneur's salary range, gothic fantasy art, art gallery owner, fantasy artwork gallery, original fantasy artwork, publishing software, physician recruiter, fairy artwork, fantasy artwork, gothic artwork Name: Angi Sullins
    Job Title: Fantasy Art Gallery Owner (Duirwaigh Gallery)
    Where: Atlanta, GA
    Years of Experience: 10+
    Salary: $100,000 range
    Employer: Self-Employed

    Art Gallery Owner Job Description:

    I am the president of Duirwaigh, Inc., an inspired agency and fantasy art gallery. We represent artists working in fantasy art, fairy tale and mythopoetic art. Our agency acts as artists' advocate in all business situations and is responsible for selling original fantasy art, publishing prints, calendars and books of such artwork, as well as licensing the copyright to other companies for usage on their products. Our goal is to provide inspiration and enchantment to the world while supporting the artists who create it.

  • You want to be a President

    -- Started, but couldn't finish before bed-time...
    --  Adam
    Have you ever wondered how much a president makes? Over dinner, someone recently asked me how much I thought The President of the US made.  I had no idea, so I referred to my old friend: Wikipedia.  There I learned that the President's salary is $400,000 per year. Then I started wondering how much other types of presidents made.