• Will More Female Breadwinners Mean More Female Entrepreneurs?

    A recent Pew Center analysis found that 40 percent of households with children under the age of 18 have a female breadwinner, either as the sole salary earner or as the partner who earned more. Elaine Pofeldt of argues that this could create a boom in female entrepreneurship.

  • Tabatha Takes Over: YouTube is My Trainer
    In last week's episode of Tabatha Takes Over, Tabatha met a business owner who couldn't understand why her Hollywood nail salon was failing. Customers came in but they never came back. Why?
  • Public Speaking for Organizational Success: Your Pathway to Leadership
    When it comes to the top skills that are valuable for any career, the ability to deliver your message through public speaking tops the list. Communication in all its forms can be a deal breaker in almost every career. In today’s connected business world, having the skills to communicate in both the written and spoken word are paramount to success. Consider that many companies pay big bucks to hire a motivational speaker to come in for just one day. If you can harness this skill, there’s no limit to your career growth.
  • 3 Practical Tips for Working Moms, From the Quora Question of the Week
    Going back to work after having a child is a difficult decision to make, especially when it entails leaving your children at home to be cared for by someone else. In a perfect world, everyone would work together to prepare meals, clean the house, and stay on schedule, and working women would find that blissful work-life balance. For most, though, this isn't the reality. Regardless of whether you work inside or outside the home, being a working mother is difficult. It's inevitable that priorities, finances, and sleep schedules will shift when we juggle work and children. We turned to the Quora community to see what practical tips its members have to share with other working moms.
  • The Big Brain Theory: Looking for America's Next Great Mind
    There are TV competition shows that look for the next great dancer, baker, pop star and fashion designer. But the folks at Discovery Channel wanted to set their sights a little higher. They're looking for America's next great mind in the field of science, technology, engineering or math.
  • 4 Tips from Teen Moguls that the Rest of Us Could Learn From

    Gen Y is often unfairly characterized as a generation of lazy and spoiled young people who expect all things, including success, to be handed to them. However, as recently explored in PayScale’s Gen Y data, 15% of management positions are currently being filled by the Gen Y age group, with the average salary of $39,700 being earned. Additionally, Millennials have been inventing and becoming overnight millionaires almost regularly. Is it possible that we could learn more about business and success from this generation?

  • 5 TED Talks on Women and Leadership
    Powerful women have been in the news a lot recently, helping companies large and small reach their full potential, making tough decisions, and refusing to let gender bias get in the way of their goals. For women who are just beginning their careers, it helps to see female leaders paving the path and breaking through the "glass ceiling" once and for all. Here are five TED Talks from women who are true examples of what can be accomplished with a bit of tenacity and ability.
  • What's Trending on Twitter? - Interviewing, Health Datapalooza, and Lululemon
    In this week's Twitter trending recap, we will discover a new method candidates can use during interviews to land their dream jobs, check in to one of the biggest health and medical conventions to see how one woman entrepreneur is paving a new path for other females in her industry, and discuss how Lululemon's pants recall cost them mega-millions and left them feeling a bit ... exposed. Find out how these three trending topics touch on issues that can help improve your everyday work experience.
  • 3 Reasons Women Don't Start Businesses (Even When They Should)

    Last year, seven women started businesses for every ten men who did the same. So why, then, does the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report say that there's a "big confidence gap" between male and female entrepreneurs?

  • 3 Life Lessons Learned Watching
    "Shark Tank" is that awesome reality television show on ABC in which entrepreneurs seeking investment in their small companies present themselves to potential investors. It's called "Shark Tank" for a reason.
  • 3 Tips from Entrepreneurs on Becoming

    Sometimes, we're our own worst enemies when it comes to career development. We lack the confidence to make big leaps, or we second-guess ourselves until opportunity stops knocking. A recent LearnVest article asked several prominent entrepreneurs to share their advice on beating fear and becoming a success.

  • Crowd Rules: Dealing with Debt
    According to Crowd Rules host Pat Kiernan, there are times when debt is good for business. That's kind of hard to believe. The only time debt may be a good thing is when it gets you a slot on Crowd Rules and a chance to win $50,000. Let's meet this week's business owners:
  • Airbnb Stays Declared Illegal In New York City
    Airbnb, the popular online community marketplace that allows you to rent out your home to travelers, has been ruled illegal in New York City by an administrative law judge despite efforts from the web service to persuade the city not to do so. PayScale investigates why this happened to one of the Internet's biggest recent success stories and what it means for business travelers.
  • The 7 Worst States for Startup Entrepreneurs
    If you want to start a new business, you might want to think about relocating. A recent report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows that some states are better than others when it comes to starting up in the tech world. Does your state rank as one of the worst?
  • Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    Job Title: Auto Detailing Business Owner
    Where: Bellevue, WA
    Years of Experience: 30
    Current Employer: Bradleys Detail of Bellevue
    Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington
    Salary: Research median owner operator salaries and salaries for auto detailing jobs.

    Auto Detailing Jobs - Auto Detailing Business Owner Profile

    What is it like to run your own successful business? In this Salary Story, the owner of a luxury auto detailing business shares some of the challenges and rewards of owning a business. Information on starting a auto detailing business, managing auto detailing jobs, and the daily tasks of an owner operator are all included.

    PayScale: What is your owner operator job description?

    Owner operator of luxury auto detailing business. My job includes day-to-day operations of a company that specializes in polishing, waxing and shampooing of vehicles. I am responsible for the marketing, hiring, training and management of my workforce. I am also responsible for quality control.

  • Outside Sales Representative Job Description
    Name: Jason M.
    Job Title: Co-owner & main sales rep –
    Where: Black Diamond, WA
    Current Employer: iLocal Marketing, Inc.
    Years of Experience: 11 Years
    Other Relevant Work Experience: Numerous Sales Jobs, Print Advertising, Internet Marketing, Telecommunications, Telemarketing, Outside Sales
    Education: Green River Community College, AA Degree; Washington State University
    Salary: Use the PayScale Research Center to find the median outside sales representative salary.

    Outside Sales Representative Salary and Job Description

    Outside sales representatives, also simply known as sales reps, are professionals who commonly travel to businesses or other organizations in order to sell their firm’s products or services. Maintaining contact with current customers and attracting new ones, professional sales reps make presentations to buyers and management or may demonstrate items to production supervisors. Salaries are typically at least partly based on performance as outside sales workers frequently receive commissions on their sales. Although many sales workers receive a base salary in addition to commission, some receive compensation based solely on sales revenue.

    In this Salary Story, Jason outlines an outside sales representative job description, explains how he got into the field, and discusses the top challenges he faces as small business owner. In addition to describing his sales rep position, Jason also explains how he became co-owner of a small Seattle Advertising Agency. Although outside sales representative jobs are typically lucrative, Jason’s decision to go into business for himself could be a particularly wise move, based on the typical salary of a small business owner. Keep reading to get an insider's look at owning an advertising and website development business.
  • Owner Operators Salaries – Children's Playground Franchise

    Name: John Anderson
    Job Title: President - Owner Operator
    Where: Tulsa, OK – United States
    Employer: BounceU -
    Children's Playground Franchise
    Years of Experience: 25 years
    Relevant Experience: 15 years as a
    mortgage broker
    Education: BS Business Administration
    Annual Salary: See PayScale’s Research Center for median 
    Owner Operator Salaries.

    Looking for a new career where you could be the president of your own company? Ever thought of running your own franchise? For John Anderson, leaving the mortgage industry and owning a children's playground franchise was a wonderful change of pace. In this Salary Story, John shares the trials and tribulations of owning a children's playground franchise in Oklahoma.

  • Personal Trainer to Small Business Owner

    Name: Bonnie Katz
    Job Title: Small Business Owner, Personal Trainer
    Where: Fitness Together - West Seattle Personal Training
    Years of Experience: 10 years in personal training, 4 years being a small business owner.
    Education: Cornish College of the Arts - BFA, Renton Technical College - Health and Fitness Technology
    Annual Salary: The national average salary of a small business owner with 10-19 years of experience is $70,372. The average salary of a personal trainer with 10-15 years of experience is approximately $23.00/hour.

    For most personal trainers, the term "average salary" doesn't really apply. The majority of personal trainers are paid by the hour. Because personal training is a one-on-one activity, many personal trainers choose to ditch the gym and work for themselves, a smart decision that will most likely increase a personal trainer's salary. The average salary of a personal trainer is highest when self-employed, a difference of over $10 an hour.

    In this Salary Story, Bonnie Katz offers advice on working as a personal trainer and becoming a small business owner. She gives an insider's look at owning a personal training business and discusses the top challenges she faces as small business owner. If you're into fitness, don't miss this inspiring interview!

  • Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    Name: Jamie Lamb
    Job Title: Meeting and Event Planner (& Professional Bridal Consultant)
    Where: Middletown, Pennsylvania 
    Employer: Self-Employed - Coordinated Dreams
    Years of Experience: 3
    Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management, Franklin University
    Salary: See the PayScale Research Center for the median event planner salary.

    Meeting and Event Planner Careers

    If you're interested in meeting and event planner careers, you don't want to miss this Salary Story.  Meeting and event planner Jamie Lamb told us about various meeting and event planner positions, gave advice for new meeting planners and explained the leadership skills required for successful event planner careers.

    Jamie also gave tips for beginning meeting planners on how to become a certified meeting planner, told us about the factors that affect an event planner salary, meeting planner duties and what to expect from both independent and in-house event planner careers. This interview provides invaluable info for anyone wondering how to join the ranks of independent meeting and event planners.

  • Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers

    Name: Shirley Fine Lee   
    Job Title: Meeting Facilitator 
    Where: Lewisville, Texas 
    Employer: Self-Employed,
    Years of Experience: 12+
    Education: North Central Texas College Associate of Science, Dallas Baptist University BA in Management Information Systems 

    Meeting Facilitation Training: Meeting Icebreakers

    For readers interested in working as a meeting facilitator, or who want to know more about effective meeting icebreakers and where to go for meeting facilitation training, this Salary Story covers all the points. Veteran meeting facilitator Shirley Fine Lee told us about how she got started as a meeting facilitator, including the types of meeting facilitation training she received, as well as the outlook for careers in meeting management.

    Shirley also gave us info on team-building, meeting icebreakers, meeting invocations and tips for meeting facilitator careers. Plus, we found out what to expect from meeting facilitator salaries. If you want some great tips for meeting facilitator methods and training, this interview is a must-click!