• Small Costs Make Big Differences in College Applications
    Small reductions in the cost of applying to college results in low-income students applying to, and sometimes attending, more selective schools.
  • Poor Students are Encouraged to Aim Higher
    The College Board, the group that administers the SATs, is reaching out to high-scoring, low-income students, to convince them to aim higher and apply to elite colleges and universities.
  • Confessions of College Admissions Officers
    What really goes through the minds of college admissions officers, and what it means for students applying to college.
  • The Best Schools by Type

    There are almost as many ways to choose a college as there are colleges to choose from. Sometimes, students know which major they want to study; other times, they're focused on how much money they'll make after graduation. If you want to look at schools based on their type -- e.g. party schools, Ivy League universities, liberal arts colleges, research schools -- we've got all the information you need.

  • Your Barista Is Also Your Underemployed Psychologist

    The bad news is that psychology majors are on PayScale's top ten list of underemployed college graduates. The good news is that if you qualify for membership in Psi Chi you may avoid counseling customers while you brew their grande lattes.

  • Know Where You Want to Live? Here's Which College to Choose

    For some of us, when it comes to picking a school, it's all about location, location, location. Maybe we love skiing, and need to live near the mountains; maybe we can't tolerate the cold, and need a milder climate to stimulate our brain powers.

  • Which School Has the Crankiest Students?

    Here's an idea for our next iteration of the College Salary Report: schools with the most disgruntled students. After reading this post on Jezebel, we'd definitely have to include Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. One of their students wrote one of the more bananas emails we've ever seen and sent it to his classmates:

  • Salary Scrimmage: Party Schools vs. Sober Schools [infographic]

    The decision of whether to go to a party school or a sober school probably has a lot more to do with the student's recreational interests and general lifestyle than it does with earning potential. But since neither beer nor milk buys itself, we thought we'd take a look at both types of institution on an earning-potential basis.

  • Best Schools for Sports Fanatics
    Going to college isn't just about being well positioned for a high salary after you graduate. Your years in college are also about having fun and cheering on your athletically gifted classmates. Find out which schools have both great post-graduate earning potential and an awesome sports scene.
  • 10 Majors That Pay Big Bucks After Graduation

    Money isn't everything, but it's pretty hard to enjoy all the other glorious parts of life if your bank account is in the red. For this reason, it's not a bad idea to make after-graduation earnings a part of your decision about which college major to study.

  • Is Your Alma Mater on Our List of 11 Most-Loved Schools?

    Want to start a (hopefully playful) argument at your next gathering? Ask everyone to name the best school in the country. Odds are, most will maintain that theirs is tops.

  • Degrees of the 21st Century [infographic]

    Some college majors lead to jobs that help the world, while others offer high rates of pay right out of the gate. But if students are looking for jobs that will (almost) definitely be there when they graduate, what should they be studying?

  • How to Graduate With Six-Figure Debt

    The cost of education continues to rise, and students and families continue to borrow ... and borrow ... and borrow.

  • The Skyrocketing Cost of Higher Education

    The cost of higher education continues to grow faster than inflation. What is a college student to do?

  • Opinion: Internships Should Be Paid

    What's worse than working for a living? Working, and not making a living at all.

  • Go Ahead, Study What You Love

    American students pay more for their college education than ever before, so it's not surprising that they want to get the most out of their investment. The trouble starts when people start trying to force themselves to be interested in majors they couldn't care less about.

  • Math, Science Have Most Dropouts of Any Major

    Why are math and science majors worth big bucks post-college? In part, because they're pretty darn hard -- so hard that math and science majors have higher dropout rates than other courses of study.

  • Which College Major Has the Highest IQ?

    Sure, everyone thinks his college major is best, but until now, we were forced to go by cocktail party conversation and/or odds of post-graduation employment for metrics. Now, thanks to an infographic from, we can parse majors by IQ, too.

  • For Some Jobs, You Now Need a Graduate Degree
    Education has long been seen as the way for workers to dig themselves out of poverty and build a life. It seems that more and more education is becoming necessary to do these things. A bachelor's degree helps get you hired, but if you want to advance in your career, you may need a graduate degree.
  • Should Colleges Charge Different Tuition for Different Majors?
    Reacting to to a sharp drop in state subsidies, colleges have opted for selective tuition hikes per undergraduate majors instead of equitable price increases. Does that influence how incoming students select their major? At least one analyst says that does, indeed, appear to be the case.