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  • Best College Ever Offers Puppy Room to Stressed out Students

    Students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada can now defeat those exam blues by hanging out in a room full of puppies.

    "It fills a niche that people need right now because students are super stressed," said Michael Kean, one of the genius students behind the idea. The dogs are provided by Therapeutic Paws of Canada, which is a non-profit organization that regularly visits hospitals and schools, but sadly, not our house.

  • Sperm Donors and Sugar Daddies: The New College Fund

    When I was in college, it wasn't uncommon to find me looking for clever ways to earn a quick buck. Many of my friends suggested plasma donation, which could have made me up to $200 richer, but I was too prissy for such things. This generation of college students might not be so squeamish. When it comes to paying for college, it could be that today's economy is forcing students and parents to get creative -- and a bit personal. 

  • When Should You Take Advice From a College Dropout? When It's Bill Gates

    On the surface, it might seem kind of strange to ask a college dropout for his advice on how to reform our educational system. But when that college dropout is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, well, maybe we want to bend an ear.

  • 5 Majors That Pay the Least: A Fairy Tale

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella who skipped the ball to go to college. She dreamed of earning a fat salary to finally buy some nicer clothes. She just didn't know what major to choose. With no fairy godmother to guide her, Cinderella majored in child and family studies, believing making a difference in the lives of struggling families would surely garnish a nice paycheck. She was shocked to discover her mid-career earnings would average less than $38,000 per year. Poor Cinderella. She should have gone into engineering. 

  • Where The Big Bucks Are: 6 Top Colleges by Region

    Will studying on sunny beaches lead to a high salary? In PayScale's 2012-2013 College Salary Report, we found out which college in each region of the U.S. offered its graduates the best shot at a high paycheck. If you are trying to decide between a New England autumn or mountain skiing between classes, look no further than our list of the six top colleges across the U.S. 

  • Fancy Liberal Arts Colleges Can Pay Off

    If you're considering going to college, do the words "liberal arts college" make tuition dollars dance before your eyes? While the're known for being high dollar, PayScale's 2012-2013 College Salary Report has found that some liberal arts colleges make up for their top tuition in top post-gradaute earnings.

  • Best Majors for Making Money [infographic]

    My childhood plans for my life were simple: go to college, become Princess Leia, get married, and then drive around the country in an RV with my grandmother and my dalmatian, drinking orange juice. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered Texas A&M University did not have a Space Princess major -- not even in the school of liberal arts. I was forced to evaluate my options. Did I want a major that would provide philosophical meaning to my life or did I want to earn a hefty paycheck? (Spoiler alert: I became a writer.) 

  • Top 10 Party Schools of the Past Decade: A Comparison by Salary

    Attend a traditional party school and you could learn many valuable life lessons. “Beer is hydrating.” “Staying up all night drinking coffee and eating Pop-Tarts improves critical thinking.” But the lesson nobody ever teaches is that attending a party school will get you ahead in life. Colleges where afternoon classes and bad hangovers are the norm aren’t known for turning out big earners, but is that rep even deserved anymore?

  • College Choice: An Economist's View [video]

    For many high school students, the idea of choosing a college and a major can be more stressful than finding a date for Homecoming or accidentally wearing a prom dress that highlights armpit sweat. (That last bit is entirely hypothetical and definitely not something that happened to this author in Texas, 1999.) To help you sort through the overwhelming amount of advice you might be receiving -- go here! major in this! don't take out too many loans! -- PayScale's lead economist, Katie Bardaro, sat down to answer your questions in today's G+ Hangout with PayScale -- College Choice: An Economist's View. 

  • Want to “Make Memories” at College? Pick a Party School That Pays [infographic]

    Psst… hey, high school students. Come closer for a secret your parents don’t need to hear. Remember that party school you’ve been eyeing, the one with 24/7 ragers and beer pong tournaments? Turns out that a degree from that institution could lead to a high-paying job after graduation.

  • Jane Lynch Says, "Don't Major in Debt"

    Actress Jane Lynch is probably best known for playing caustic coach and enemy of student music enthusiasts Sue Sylvester on "Glee," or for her work with Second City and in films like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." (Or for being my spirit animal, but I digress.) But she's also an activist who spends a significant portion of her free time giving back to the community. Most recently, she's spearheaded the Don't Major in Debt Campaign for National College Finance Center website, which helps students find free, unbiased information on grants, student loans, and paying down their student debt.

  • CollegeMapper Helps Kids Choose the Right School -- for Free

    In the old days, college selection consisted of rolling into your high school guidance counselor's office, hopefully sometime before your senior year, leafing through a few brochures, and sending out applications. The times, my friend, have changed. Twenty-five percent of college-bound kids hire outside help to guide them through the college process. The trouble is, of course, that costs money.

  • Is College Worth It?

    A college education is more expensive than ever before, and debt-saddled students are graduating in an environment where perhaps half of them can expect to land jobs in their fields. After awhile, you have to wonder if it's worth the cost.

  • Choosing a College? Check PayScale's Latest Rankings by Salary Potential

    Choosing a college? Unless you're well-funded, you may have over $200,000 in tuition and expenses to deal with once you have your degree. If you want to make a decision that accounts for paying off those loans one day, PayScale can help. Check out our most recent version of the PayScale College Salary Report where we rank schools and majors by post-graduation earnings and other key factors.

  • Vocational High: Preparing Students for Life without a College Degree

    Many people believe the purpose of a high school education is to prepare students for college.  The end goal for many American high school students is admission to a two-year or four-year college, though many might not know what they want to study.  Paradoxically, the cost of two-year and four-year degrees has increased to the point that many students are not able to afford a college degree. 

    Many school districts are responding to this issue by providing students with opportunities to learn a trade while earning a high school diploma, thus allowing them to enter the workforce somewhat, if not fully, trained upon graduation.  These vocational programs serve a growing need in our high schools and I hope to see the trend continue in the future.

  • Does It Matter Where You Go to School?

    In a time of rising education costs and crippling student debt, future college students need to ask themselves whether the big ticket prices of certain colleges are worth it. In other words, does it matter where you go to school? Will graduating from a top-tier school bring you more financial success?

    Using our extensive database here at PayScale, we decided to take a look at the typical earnings for graduates of common majors and how they differ across a set of schools with different levels of notoriety.

    (Note: find out your earning potential at

  • Your School's Secrets Revealed

    Pomona College or Penn State University? PayScale can tell you which college is most likely to lead to a high-paying job after you graduate. But, what is it actually like to attend these or other schools? This question is best answered by students who have actually been there. To collect more first-hand information like this, we have created a new school reviews feature on PayScale.

  • Colleges Owe Students Their Best Chance at a Bright Future (Without the Rose-Colored Glasses)

    There’s been a lot of debate lately about the value of higher education as compared to its costs. In fact, puts out an annual ranking on the return on investment for a college education by school. And, the schools that fall to the bottom of that list, in terms of providing a good return on investment for their students, have a lot to say about how an education’s value shouldn’t be quantified in monetary terms. How should it be measured, then? It certainly costs money to attend college, so why shouldn’t students expect some type of monetary return on that investment? It is, in fact, an investment in their future, or so they’re told.

  • PayScale's G+ Hangout on The Value of Education

    How confident are you that the work you've done in school will pay off with the career and lifestyle you want? PayScale gathered experts for a Google+ hangout to share their insights on this topic and help educate current students.

  • Somehow, We Make More Money Than Our Parents, But Are Less Upwardly Mobile

    According to a new study by the Economic Project, 84 percent of Americans make more than their parents did. However, only a third moved up between income classes in the past 40 years. What gives?

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