• What Not to Do When Rejecting a Job Applicant

    HR managers can get hundreds of applications for a single job, and they may have to interview dozens of candidates before finding the right one to join the team. Many times, the other candidates get overlooked in the process and are completely forgotten. A recent study by CareerBuilder, however, shows that if a job candidate is unhappy with how he or she was rejected, it can have a larger negative effect on the company in question.

  • What Does Your Email Say About You?

    While a measly email seems like nothing more than an easy means to get a message to another person or company, there are several factors that go into an email that can either make or break your brand. You might come off as the smart and witty person that everyone wants to work with, or your email might reveal that that you just haven't picked up modern times yet. Factors like your domain and signature can tell potential clients a lot about your brand.

  • Salary and Career News Round Up: Happy Offices Make More Money, Four-Day Workweeks and the State of Women at Work
  • Is Your Optimism Getting in the Way of Your Success?

    Optimistic entrepreneurs can be great for motivation and helping create an office environment that is upbeat and encouraging. However, being too optimistic can often have negative effects on your business. When it comes time to raise funds, entrepreneurs must often tell stories to ensure the company has a dazzling public image. In the midst of all this optimism, it sometimes becomes hard to see the realistic and sometimes not-so-dazzling parts of your business.

  • Creating a Personal Brand That is Not Cliche

    Cover letters, resumes and LinkedIn profiles all seem to be flooded with the same descriptors -- "hard working," "passionate," and "creative." Using the same terms over and over again can send you into a pile of forgettable applicants. By simply asking yourself a few (albeit tough) questions, however, you can spin your personal brand to be unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Learning to Reinvent Your Industry

    Times change, needs change and businesses simply need to learn how to adapt and reinvent their vision. Take The Learning Channel (TLC), for example. The television network started off as an educational resource that used NASA satellites to get content to the Appalachian states. Nowadays, the channel is better known for "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "Sister Wives."

  • The Science of Being Smart [infographic]

    Being smart means more than just scoring well on a test. It also means being able to "catch on," "make sense" of things and "figure out" what to do, as this Best College Reviews infographic explains.

  • 4 Steps to Take to Achieve Your Career Goals

    Anybody reading this blog is probably on a personal mission to realizing their ultimate career goals. It is time-consuming -- it can take years to become successful in an industry -- but it doesn't have to take over your entire life. Here are some simple steps to take to help you achieve your goals without losing the balance in your life.

  • How to Get Clients Who Didn't Know They Needed You

    Now that you have finally come up with a business idea that might actually make you a bit of money and are ready to start snagging clients that are willing to pay the big bucks, it's time for you to learn how to convince potential customers that they need your product or services.

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    Every Friday we round up the salary trends, career stories and job news that you may have missed during the past week.

  • Economic Benefits of Immigration Reform Outweigh Costs, Study Says [infographic]

    The immigration debate has been an ongoing political and social boiling point. A new study, transformed into the following infographic by The Huffington Post, suggests that there could be an economic benefit that would outweigh the costs of immigration reform.

  • Of These 4 Types of Entrepreneurs, Which One Are You?

    Most entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking, which is what makes them self-making go-getters in the first place. However, there are categories of entrepreneurs that most can fit into. It may not seem important to know exactly where you fit in with the business world, but being able to identify where your strengths lie can help you navigate your new venture.

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  • 4 Ideas to Crank Up Your Creativity

    We could all stand to be a bit more creative in our professional lives, and in a recent article for Fast Company, Bruce Nussbaum, the author of "Creative Intelligence," shares four ideas to do so.

  • The Employees Your Small Business Needs to Succeed

    Choosing the right employees to help take your small business to the next level is vital to your company's success. As Nichole Spaight, the vice president at Adecco, points out, the role of each employee in every small business goes much deeper than a simple job description. The employees' personalities are just as important to the work environment, especially when your company is staffed with less than 50 people.

  • Women in Science Are Outnumbered and Outearned [infographic]

    There have been countless studies about women's earnings and how they are still not up to par with their male peers, even in the year 2013. A perfect example of this seems to be in the field of science, as this CityTownInfo.com infographic proves.

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  • Learn to Keep Your Clients Happy From the Restaurant Industry

    Keeping clients happy is an important part of any business, whether you are a creative, a business professional or the owner of a restaurant. Emily Heyward of Fast Company noticed the parallels between all service industries and points out a few universal ways any professional can learn to keep clients happy with pointers from the restaurant industry.

  • How To Get Your Team Emotionally Invested in Their Work

    Great team leaders can be hard to come by since many tend to overlook just how important office morale is. One way of boosting morale and ensuring employees have their eyes set on the company's goals is to make them emotionally invested in what the organization is working towards.

  • Fired for Facebooking?

    Fired for Facebooking?

    If you want to complain about your job on social media, you better get your colleagues involved in the conversation. Their comments, plus-ones, likes, and retweets might mean the difference between protected complaining and a fireable offense.

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