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  • Fed Should Shift Focus to Expand Employment

    If we want the economy to really rally, we need to do something about unemployment. It seems, at first, a semantic ploy, to call for the U.S. Federal Reserve to shift its approach from slashing the jobless rate to actually expanding employment. But there is a difference, and it's less subtle than you might think.
  • Student Loan Reform: It's About Time

    The national student debt now stands at more than $1 trillion. It marked the first time in U.S. history that college debt outnumbered credit card debt. A bill making its way through Congress aims to help Americans better deal with that burden of college debt.
  • Forget March Madness - Which School Will Win Salary Madness?

  • March Madness Causes Major Decrease in Office Productivity

    March Madness is almost upon us! Marking one of the biggest weeks of the year for sports fans, March Madness creates a bit of conflict when it comes to completing work hours while still catching all the games. According to new research from online meeting software TeamViewer, March Madness will actually be one of the biggest distractions at work this year.
  • Marissa Mayer: Innovator or Company Killer?

    In nearly every survey taken of the American worker, "job flexibility" features at the top of the list of the perks employees dream about. Many tech companies pride themselves on offering their employees the option to telecommute, create their own schedule, or work from home on an as-needed basis. In our ever-changing world of what constitutes acceptable work/life balance, it's no wonder Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's new ban on telecommuting has the tech world buzzing. 

  • Battling Underemployment in Today's Market

    The person who made your latte this morning likely holds a college degree that has nothing to do with being a barista. Nearly 13 percent of 18-29 year-olds can't find work. Even worse, nearly half of all American graduates in 2010 held jobs for which they were overqualified and underpaid. Put simply, they were underemployed. What exactly does it mean to be underemployed and what does that mean for your future?

  • 5 Ways to Deal with Underemployment

    Many of us are familiar with unemployment, but how many of us understand what it is to be underemployed? When a person is underemployed, he or she is working at a level far below his or her skill set and experience. In today's economy, espcially for Gen Y workers trying to break into a full and competitive job market, underemployment is a valid concern. How can you deal with being underemployed?

  • Behind the Beard: Conversations with a Santa

    Earlier this week, we wrote about the business of Santa photography. We interviewed Dave Mickelson of Arthur and Associates, a leading Pacific Northwest Santa company. As a special treat, Dave connected me with Santa Russ, one of A&A's most beloved Santa characters. Santa Russ shared with me the incredible responsibility that comes with putting on the red suit and why he's recognized year round. 

  • Holiday Gift Budgets Reflect Sluggish Economy

    The dishes are clean, the leftovers are long gone, and holiday excitement is in the air. Today is Cyber Monday, the day many websites have their own Black Friday-esque deals and steals. With holiday gift giving on our minds here at the PayScale office, we wondered how budgets have changed since last year. Would our users be spending more on gifts this year?

  • Retail Holiday Hiring Snapshot [infographic]

    With unemployment rates still higher than average, it's good to know that the holiday season means lots of new jobs. Perhaps the best news of all is the fact that 29 percent of retailers are planning on hiring more people this year than they did last year.

  • Election Stats: PayScale Users Pick the President

    This election season, PayScale has enjoyed wearing a pollster hat to bring you our predictions for the presidential race, based on the data collected from our users. We've broken your responses down to make an educated guess about how women, or geeks, or nurses might vote. But how are PayScale users planning to vote, overall?

  • Should All Employees Get Election Day Off?

    With Election Day right around the corner, Inc. magazine writer Leigh Buchanan poses a fair question: should all employees get the day off to head out and vote? For some entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding yes.

  • 5 Reasons Hurricane Sandy Could Actually Be Good for Business

    Hurricane Sandy ravaged the northeastern U.S. this week, causing billions of dollars worth of damage, but entrepreneur Gene Marks has a decidedly positive spin on the situation. Marks, whose business is in Philadelphia, argues that Hurricane Sandy could actually be good for business for a few key reasons (so long as you managed to avoid tragedy, that is).

  • Election Stats: Geeks vs. Execs: Candidate Choice

    Are you the type of geek who waxes philosophical about the upcoming election while creating smart solutions to consumers' software needs? Or are you an executive who talks politics between budget approval meetings? Here at PayScale, we're the kind of data-nuts who love to categorize people according to their answers to our survey. Today we take a closer look at news-savvy nerds and election-loving execs to find out who's voting for Obama and who prefers Romney.

  • Halloween Is Payday! (And a Trick, Not a Treat, for Employers)

    What's not to like about Halloween? You dress up, stuff yourself with candy and, if you're working for an employer, you likely get a paycheck. Yes, Halloween is payday. But, while it may be a treat for you, it can be a bit of a trick for employers to get their numbers straight. To celebrate the day, we gathered some payday horror stories for you from HR and finance pros.

  • Halloween Special: Life's Pretty Sweet at Hershey's

    Imagine drinking in the scent of sweet milk chocolate and roasting peanuts for hours on end, all while earning a living. Sound too delicious to be true? We're talking about life as an employee of The Hershey Company, the makers of some of your favorite Halloween trick-or-tweet treats.

  • Election Stats: How Education Level Affects the Vote

    By Alida Moore,

    Do Ph.D.s vote differently from MBAs? We surveyed PayScale's users about their education level and voting preference to find out.

  • Election Stats: Romney Wins with Highest Earning Women

    In today's edition of PayScale Election Stats, we surveyed users to find out if support of a particular candidate changes for men and women depending on how much they earn. Our data on this topic was stark. Read on for the break down of candidate support by gender and income. 

  • Election Stats: Obama Winning With Women

    PayScale surveyed our users to find out which candidate appeals most to each gender. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama was popular among women, receiving 56 percent of their votes, according to exit poll data. Does he carry the support of women voters today? It's the battle of the sexes, election-style. 

  • Election Stats: Voters by Industry [infographic]

    Joe the Plumber was a fixture in the 2008 election, but how will he -- and other workers in the construction industry -- vote this year? PayScale surveyed our users to find out which industries are leaning left and which are leaning right. 

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