• Has College Outlived Its Usefulness?
    As the cost of college soars to unsustainable heights, its efficacy has been seriously called into question. Students now have direct access to employers, open-access online courses and a jaded outlook of "finding the right fit" when selecting a place to pursue their higher education. With so many colleges giving such a low return on investment, more people demand to know what they're actually paying for.
  • Young America's Job Crisis
    U.S. youngsters are having a tougher time finding work than their counterparts in other wealthy, large economies. What's going on here? In the land of plenty, shouldn't young talent have a smorgasbord of job offerings to choose from?
  • Student Loan Reform: It's About Time
    The national student debt now stands at more than $1 trillion. It marked the first time in U.S. history that college debt outnumbered credit card debt. A bill making its way through Congress aims to help Americans better deal with that burden of college debt.
  • Will This Generation Be Poorer Than Their Parents?

    The goal of every parent is to give their kids more than they had. But no amount of parental generosity can erase the fact that Gen Y is falling behind previous generations in terms of building wealth.

  • 3 Successful College Dropouts from Gen Y

    They're not as familiar as Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. You might not even know their names, but these young college dropouts pretty much run the internet.

  • Should You Tell Your Boss You're Starting a Business?
  • Battling Underemployment in Today's Market

    The person who made your latte this morning likely holds a college degree that has nothing to do with being a barista. Nearly 13 percent of 18-29 year-olds can't find work. Even worse, nearly half of all American graduates in 2010 held jobs for which they were overqualified and underpaid. Put simply, they were underemployed. What exactly does it mean to be underemployed and what does that mean for your future?

  • An Easy Solution to the Empty Resume Problem

    There's no tougher time to write a resume than when you're just starting out. Even if you have great grades, tons of applicable skills, and a passion to learn, it's pretty hard to disguise the fact that, in terms of actual work experience, your CV is pretty bare. Don't fall back on that 18-point font just yet, however: Thanks to the great minds at 99u, we now have the perfect way to bulk up a skinny resume.

  • Holiday Gift Budgets Reflect Sluggish Economy

    The dishes are clean, the leftovers are long gone, and holiday excitement is in the air. Today is Cyber Monday, the day many websites have their own Black Friday-esque deals and steals. With holiday gift giving on our minds here at the PayScale office, we wondered how budgets have changed since last year. Would our users be spending more on gifts this year?

  • Keep Gen Y from Running for the Door

    Many employers complain that their youngest workers are the fastest to leave. But what makes Gen Y so quick to bolt? Are they lazy or is it that they are just unchallenged?

  • Friends With Your Coworkers on Facebook? You're Probably an American

    Citizens of these United States are the most comfortable being connecting with their coworkers online, at least in the younger demographic.

  • 12 Tips for New Entrepreneurs Who Want to Try Crowdfunding
    Q: What is one tip you would give a first-time entrepreneur who wants to crowdfund their new idea or venture?
  • Kaplan Survey Reveals College Admissions Officers' Top Advice for Students

    Kaplan Test Prep recently completed its latest survey of college admissions officers, and its results suggest that students should think before they tweet and proactively monitor their social media footprint. Can your child's activity on Facebook and YouTube actually hinder their academic future?

  • Lena Dunham, Gen Y Success Story?

    Lena Dunham's backlash began almost before her fame started in earnest. Her success was the result of nepotism, people sniffed, even if those people couldn't name her artist parents. Her TV show was entirely focused on the exploits of privileged, white, upper-class kids. She doesn't deserve her $3.5. million book deal or spots on all those talk shows. But are folks really mad about Dunham's work? Or are they mostly aggravated that she's, well, young?

  • Someday,
    BabyBy Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, PayScale.com

    Remember when you were a kid, and you were the only person in your house who could program the VCR? (Or, for you Gen Y types, the DVR.) Well, in a couple years, we'll have a lot more sympathy for the funny old fogeys of our youth. That's because someday, today's babies will grow up, and they will eat our lunch, business-wise.

  • Want to Go to College? Watch What You Post Online

    A recent survey by Kaplan Test Prep says that schools are finding more online material that damages applicants' chances of admission -- three times as much, in fact, as they found last year.

  • Fight for Your Right to… Facebook?

    Have you checked out PayScale's "Gen Y On The Job" report yet? If so, you might have noticed the different polls on each page of the report, questions about job perks and social media use. One question received over 1,400 responses. Which question was it and how did the results break down?

  • Gen Y Report: Head (North)West, Gen Y!

    PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more. Today we look at the report to find the best metro area for Gen Y workers who are looking to build strong careers in an exciting city.

  • Gen Y Report: Gen Y Kids Are Nerdy Go-Getters

    PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more.

    Gen Y is embracing science and entrepreneurism. PayScale and Millennial Branding's recent "Gen Y on the Job" study shows that Gen Y is more likely to choose the following college majors, relative to all U.S. workers: (1) neuroscience (1.95x more likely); (2) bioengineering (1.86x more likely); (3) entrepreneurial studies (1.82x more likely). The most surprising major that has recently exploded across the country is entrepreneurship. The Kauffman Foundation, a non-profit that supports entrepreneurship, estimates that more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the US offer a course in entrepreneurship. This is two thirds of the total amount of colleges in America and growing.

  • Which Country's Young Professionals Exhibit the Riskiest Tech Behavior? [infographic]

    Hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals are rampant in today's tech-centric society, and BackgroundCheck.org recently compiled this infographic to suss out once and for all which country's young professionals engage in the riskiest tech behavior.