• Lena Dunham, Gen Y Success Story?

    Lena Dunham's backlash began almost before her fame started in earnest. Her success was the result of nepotism, people sniffed, even if those people couldn't name her artist parents. Her TV show was entirely focused on the exploits of privileged, white, upper-class kids. She doesn't deserve her $3.5. million book deal or spots on all those talk shows. But are folks really mad about Dunham's work? Or are they mostly aggravated that she's, well, young?

  • Someday,
    BabyBy Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, PayScale.com

    Remember when you were a kid, and you were the only person in your house who could program the VCR? (Or, for you Gen Y types, the DVR.) Well, in a couple years, we'll have a lot more sympathy for the funny old fogeys of our youth. That's because someday, today's babies will grow up, and they will eat our lunch, business-wise.

  • Want to Go to College? Watch What You Post Online

    A recent survey by Kaplan Test Prep says that schools are finding more online material that damages applicants' chances of admission -- three times as much, in fact, as they found last year.

  • Fight for Your Right to… Facebook?

    Have you checked out PayScale's "Gen Y On The Job" report yet? If so, you might have noticed the different polls on each page of the report, questions about job perks and social media use. One question received over 1,400 responses. Which question was it and how did the results break down?

  • Gen Y Report: Head (North)West, Gen Y!

    PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more. Today we look at the report to find the best metro area for Gen Y workers who are looking to build strong careers in an exciting city.

  • Gen Y Report: Gen Y Kids Are Nerdy Go-Getters

    PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more.

    Gen Y is embracing science and entrepreneurism. PayScale and Millennial Branding's recent "Gen Y on the Job" study shows that Gen Y is more likely to choose the following college majors, relative to all U.S. workers: (1) neuroscience (1.95x more likely); (2) bioengineering (1.86x more likely); (3) entrepreneurial studies (1.82x more likely). The most surprising major that has recently exploded across the country is entrepreneurship. The Kauffman Foundation, a non-profit that supports entrepreneurship, estimates that more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the US offer a course in entrepreneurship. This is two thirds of the total amount of colleges in America and growing.

  • Which Country's Young Professionals Exhibit the Riskiest Tech Behavior? [infographic]

    Hackers, identity thieves and cyber criminals are rampant in today's tech-centric society, and BackgroundCheck.org recently compiled this infographic to suss out once and for all which country's young professionals engage in the riskiest tech behavior.

  • Gen Y Report: Gen Y Has the Skills to Help Employers Pay Their Bills

    PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job" report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more.

    In a recent study, PayScale found that Gen Y workers are more likely to have job skills that center around online marketing and social media than other U.S. workers. Three of the top five most commonly reported job skills for Gen Y workers, relative to all U.S. workers, are blogging, social media optimization, and press releases. This didn't surprise me for a few reasons. First, Gen Y uses social networking sites more than older generations, especially Facebook and Twitter. Second, many Gen Y workers have started social media consulting companies after learning how to use them for business or have applied to work in social media roles.

  • StartupLab: Linking Gen Y Entrepreneurs with Mentors

    One of the biggest challenges facing today's young worker is underemployment. Simply put, due to the limited job market, many Gen Y workers are working in jobs far beneath their qualifications. To combat this, many members of the Internet Generation have pursued startups, causing a boom in young entrepreneurialship. But who is mentoring these young leaders?

  • 3 Surprising On-Campus Jobs That Boost Your Resume

    Can't afford to take an unpaid internship? You don't have to choose between building your career and maintaining your bank balance.

  • Gen Y Needs to Pick Up the Phone

    Chris Moates entered the workforce in 1984, at age 14, working at a drugstore the summer before entering high schol. Since then, he has held a variety of jobs and has interacted all kinds of people in the workplace. What does he think of some of the newest workers to arrive on the scene, the Millennials? Moates offers cautious praise of their tech savvy and a dose of advice on their communication style. 

    Gen Y workers: listen to his advice and then find out your current salary potential here

  • Gen Y Has Great Job Skills, But Few Great Jobs

    Gen Y workers need jobs, "real" jobs. In her interview on "Coach Me Radio" hosted by Caroline Dowd-Higgins, PayScale's lead analyst Katie Bardaro highlighted the underemployment of this well-educated generation, as well as the types of jobs for which they are best suited. What to hear the details?

  • Gen Y Report: Gen Y Prefers Small Employers

    PayScale’s "Gen Y on the Job" report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more. 

    Gen Y is attracted to small startups over large enterprises, according to the recently released “Gen Y on the Job” report. We found that 47 percent of Gen Y workers are working at small companies with less than 100 employees. Thirty percent are working at companies that have between 100 and 1,500 employees and only 23 percent work at large companies with more than 1,500 employees.

  • Listen to Gen Y Report Interview on

    PayScale's lead data analyst, Katie Bardaro, will be a guest on Coach Me Radio with Caroline Dowd Higgins today at 5:30 pm EDT/2:30 pm PDT. Katie will be discussing PayScale's "Gen Y on the Job" report, featuring Millennials' work preferences, education level and typical pay.

  • Hire a Gen Y Worker in France, and the Government Will Pay His or Her Salary

    Good news for younger workers in France: Thanks to a new program, the government will soon pay 75 percent of your salary.

  • Gen Y Demands a Results Only Work Environment (R.O.W.E)

    So long 20-person meetings, cubicle farms and regular work schedules. According to Gen Y expert and Millennial Branding founder, Dan Schawbel, the work world is going to transform over the next two decades as Gen Y takes the lead. And just being at your desk by 8 a.m. won’t help you keep your job. Producing results will.

  • Gen Y Report: Gen Y Chooses Tech Companies

    PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more.

    The best companies for Gen Y are all technology companies, according to PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report. The top five – ranked on Gen Y pay, percentage of Gen Y employees, Gen Y job satisfaction, Gen Y job stress, meaningfulness of work for Gen Y workers, Gen Y work schedule flexibility and green score – are (1) Qualcomm, (2) Google, (3) Medtronic, (4) Intel, and (5) Microsoft. All of them, except for Medtronic, were on this year’s Fortune MagazineBest Companies to Work For” list. Last year, Medtronic was listed at number 23 for the “100 Best Places to Work in IT” by Computerworld. Clearly, all five of these companies have already received recognition for their efforts.

  • A Look at Gen Y in the Workplace [infographic]

    You've heard the rumors about Gen Y - tattoed, rebellious and very tech-smart. What are the facts? And, how does this generation function in the workplace?

    PayScale gathered up stats on Gen Y workers' typical education levels, job choices, salaries, favorite cities and more. See our infographic below for a look at the Millennials, close up.

    See full infographic.

  • Gen Y On the Job: Interviews with PayScale

    Are Gen Y workers really just pampered Facebook addicts with an entitlement complex? PayScale recently released a comprehensive study about the Internet Generation, taking a look at how Gen Y works, who they are working for, and what motivates them to work harder. We wondered how the work ethic of Gen Y compares to that of older generations. To find out, we took a cue from the tech-savvy Gen Y crowd and had ourselves a debate -- G+ style. 

  • Gen Y Report: They Have Bachelor’s Degrees But Aren’t Using Them

    PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report reveals Millennials’ best job and employer options, favorite cities, top job skills, common degrees and more. 

    The old promise of college was that, if you could graduate, you would be almost guaranteed a job in your field. After the economic collapse, that promise is officially gone. In PayScale’s “Gen Y on the Job” report, we found that 63 percent of Millennials currently have a bachelor’s degree, yet the most commonly reported jobs for Gen Y don’t necessarily require a college degree.