• Zombie Businesses: Companies That Came Back From the Dead [infographic]

    If you are in need of some inspiration, the facts in this infographic should do the trick. Did you know that in 1985, Steve Jobs was fired by Apple? The ensuing years saw the company lose revenue in spades to the PC and Windows operating system. It wasn't until 1997, when Apple decided to hire Steve Jobs again, that it hit its stride and became the go-to company for innovation and design.

  • How Valued Are You at Work? [infographic]

    Have you ever wondered whether you're valued at work? Here's a simple infographic that will allow you to take a test and see.

  • Strategies for Sleeping at Work [infographic]

    The good people at Online Clock have focused on helping others wake up and get to work on time, but now they've turned their attention to those sleepy moments while you're at work. They shared some of their favorite sneaky tips for getting some rest on the down low, right under your boss's nose.

  • How Shark Tank is Popularizing Entrepreneurship [infographic]

    ABC's hit reality series "Shark Tank" has created a new wave of excitement for entrepreneurship. One of the show's producers, Clay Newbill, explained how they find participants: "My goal is to find the best people with the best ideas. Whether it be for a business or a product, I look first for something that makes me and my team say, 'Wow!' We actually call them 'wow' ideas."

  • Is Personal Branding the New Corporate Culture? [infographic]

    Whether it's investing in leadership training or implementing productivity improvements, more and more companies are realizing that their success is dependent on the individuals they employ. This means taking personal branding and corporate culture in a new direction.

  • The Tipping Point: How Tips Impact Wages [infographic]

    For the person who waits tables for a living, few things are more intense than the fear of being stiffed on the tip. Restaurant servers know what I'm talking about. When it is the end of the month and you have one more Saturday night shift left before rent is due, you are literally banking on your customers to keep a roof over your head. But for those who have never waited tables, you have to wonder -- are tips really that important? To find out, check out PayScale's recently released 2012-2013 Tipping Study

  • Getting Fit To Lead [infographic]

    Ordinarily, the word "habit" can conjure up negative ideas, but a healthy habit can be a really good thing. This is especially true in this infographic, which demonstrates the habits of successful leaders.

  • Health Care Jobs are Booming [infographic]

    One field that continues to boom, despite economic hardships and layoffs, is the health care industry. With 71 billion baby boomers scheduled to retire, more assistance and care is needed, resulting in 24.3 percent of available hospital jobs left open.

  • If Women Get More Pay Raises Than Men, Why Do Men Make More Money? [infographic]

    Will the battle of the sexes ever reach a peaceful resolution? If recent studies are to be believed, it doesn't look likely to even out anytime soon. Even as we approach the year 2013, women and men are still being treated differently in the workplace when it comes to take-home pay.

  • Confrontation 101 [infographic]

    Confrontation is difficult for most of us, but it doesn't have to be a completely unpleasant experience. There are ways of handling a situation that, if done in the right way, can have incredibly beneficial results. Now check out this infographic. Which path would you choose?

  • Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity? [infographic]

    When you sit down at your desk to work, do you think your productivity level rises? What you think might not be the reality. Several common distractions can lead you off track.

  • Is Paper Waste Killing Your Business? [infographic]

    Most of us are aware of how our actions can affect the environment, but what about the effect on our business? According to estimates by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average employee costs an employer $80 per year in wasted paper alone. With a high number of employees, that number can add up fast.

  • Retail Holiday Hiring Snapshot [infographic]

    With unemployment rates still higher than average, it's good to know that the holiday season means lots of new jobs. Perhaps the best news of all is the fact that 29 percent of retailers are planning on hiring more people this year than they did last year.

  • The University Entrepreneurship Report [infographic]

    When picking a university, should your entrepreneurial prowess be a deciding factor? Definitely, because it turns out that there are some universities that give birth to more entrepreneurs than others. Did your university make the cut?

  • The iPhone 5 Travels 20,096 Miles Before Ending Up in Your Hands [infographic]

    With the rise of bring-your-own-device policies, the iPhone has become one of the most-used smartphones in the business world; indeed, in the corporate world, Apple's iOS is the most common mobile platform as of 2012. The iPhone 5, which launched in September 2012, has been particularly difficult for people to get their hands on. When you see the incredibly long and arduous path it takes for this cutting-edge smartphone to get from manufacturing to delivery, it's easy to understand why.

  • The Number of Female Senators Has Tripled in the Last 20 Years [infographic]

    There's little argument in the fact that women played a huge role in the most recent presidential election. In a magnified way, they were singled out among politicians striving to make their mark on their constituents.

  • This is What Social Media Sites Would Look Like in a High School Yearbook [infographic]

    We all remember what high school was like. Some of us loved it and were named the king or queen of prom. Others of us would soon rather forget the whole thing ever happened. Whichever category you fall into, you're sure to appreciate this fun infographic, "Social Stereotypes: You Are What You Share."

  • What's the Future of Email? [infographic]

    Between keeping up with email inboxes crowded with an influx of unread messages and staying up to date with our various social media accounts, it's all too common to find ourselves inundated with information. Things won't be changing any time soon, though, because according to this infographic, the future of email doesn't show any signs of holding back.

  • What's the Right Balance of Work and Play for Internet Use? [infographic]

    Let's admit it: All of us have spent at least a little bit of company time surfing the Web for non-work related content. Allotting some time during the work day for these kinds of activities has actually been shown to be a productivity booster. After all, a happy employee is a more productive one. However, as with anything, there is a balance. The following infographic demonstrates how and why employees are likely to spend time online.

  • Fly the Happiest Skies [infographic]
    When I was a kid, I thought flight attendants had the most glamorous job. All that travel, all that small talk with strangers, plus surely they were allowed to eat any extra slices of cake. (Side note: remember when airlines served cake? Bring that back, guys.) Between the unlimited cake and fancy accessories -- scarves and wing pins, oh my -- nothing could convince me that airline workers were not completely happy. But, as it turns out, some airlines have happier workers than others (go figure). And, we have to believe that makes a difference in customer service when it comes down to holiday travel crunch time. Wouldn't you rather fly an airline whose employees are well paid and mostly satisfied with their jobs? I would.

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