How do you measure the value of a college education? PayScale has the salary data to rank hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities based on total cost and alumni earnings. Find the best returns on investment by school type, location, major and more.
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Rank School Name 2013 Cost (?
XThe total cost to attend that school (tuition, room and board, books and supplies) weighted for the length of time it takes most students to graduate with a bachelor's degree.
20 Year Net ROI (?
XThe total income that a graduate will earn after graduation in 20 years of working, minus both what they would have earned as a high school graduate and the cost of college (tuition, room and board, books and supplies), minus the average financial aid amount awarded to students at that school if that filter has been selected. It is their net earnings in 20 years as a college graduate.
Annual ROI (?
XAllows you to compare the return over 20 years when investing your money in a degree at a certain school, as opposed to investing your money in other ways, like the stock market or bonds.
Grad Rate
1 $143,500 $250,500 5.3% 40%
2 $97,920 $184,300 5.6% 56%
3 $163,700 $118,500 2.9% 56%
4 $75,660 $59,020 3.1% 39%
5 $126,400 $8,300 .5% 39%
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* Annualized ROI cannot be calculated because total cost with this housing option is less than the average financial aid package given at this school.