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  • Autocrat, Democrat, or Servant: What's your leadership style?

    What kind of leader are you image

    Crystal Spraggins, SPHR

    Every leader has a leadership style. And leadership styles have consequences.

    According to PayScale’s 2014 Compensation Best Practices report, most employees leave their jobs for “personal reasons” or for higher pay. Pay is important, of course. Despite how much we may like our jobs, if our employers couldn’t pay us, we’d likely quit.

  • How to be an irresistible leader

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    Crystal Spraggins, SPHR

    There’s been a whole lot written about the charisma that successful leaders possess, because it seems we humans are drawn to a certain je ne sais quoi in those we choose to follow.

    But far too often it seems, we quickly become disappointed with these leaders. Truth be told, psychic energy alone does not a good leader make. Psychic energy is attractive and a little exciting, but it’s not substantive. To be that truly irresistible leader who can claim both style and substance, a little more is required than charisma. This reputation must be earned through consistent, quality performance and (most important) solid, healthy relationships. No bullies or tyrants allowed.

    What else?

  • 7 bad habits your employees want you to quit now


    Crystal Spraggins, SPHR

    If you’re a manager, even a good one, chances are you have a bad habit or two your employees would like you to break. And if you’re a good manager, your staff would never approach you directly about these bad habits, because your positive qualities outweigh these annoyances, and they know that.

    Still, a bad habit is a bad habit. If you want to be a better-than-good boss, here are a few behaviors to avoid.


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