• Why it Pays to Pay More

    Pay to Pay MoreJessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    PayScale’s compensation data indicates that an overwhelming majority of employees gave pay raises last year. For millions of workers, this is good news. However, raising wages across the board is a daunting scenario for most businesses.

  • The She-Suite: Attract More Female Executives to Your Company

    Twice as many men than women earn six figures, but less than half of all men report to a female boss – based on recent data found on the PayScale report Women at Work. If companies want to attract the top female executives, they should start by giving them an equal playing field.
  • Your employees are probably looking for a better deal...will they find it?

    Crystal Spraggins, SPHR

    Today we’re releasing the much anticipated 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report.

    Based on data from more than 5,500 business leaders, the report reveals attitudes about compensation, hiring, and retention as the economy continues to recover from the recession. This latest research report shows that while most companies plan to grow in size and offer salary raises in 2015, employers are still very concerned about attracting and retaining top performing employees, which creates serious doubts about their ability to compete effectively in our rebounding economy.

  • 5 compensation and workforce trends for 2015

    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    A 2014 survey released by PayScale revealed some interesting information about compensation and workforce trends. PayScale surveyed over 4,700 companies of all sizes throughout several different industries in several different countries (although a majority of them were in the United States). Much of the information collected implied that a majority of businesses are doing well and looking to maintain or grow in 2015. Employers reported having plans to expand the workforce, achieve better financial performance, and give raises.

  • What are workforce analytics and why do you need them?


    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs 

    Your Human Resources department most likely gathers and analyzes workforce data on a daily basis but you may not even realize that’s what you’re doing or how you can make the most of it. If you’re like one of the hundreds of thousands of companies that have upgraded their technology in the last several years, you probably have a wealthy of data about both past and current employees that you could be utilizing for more than just informational purposes. Though it does require some investment to establish criteria and additional databases, most companies have the beginnings of a fruitful workforce analytics system right under their noses.

  • Compensation Trends in the Insurance Industry


    Tim Low, PayScale

    I recently gave a presentation along with a colleague to all the attendees of the HR & Finance Summit of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, NAMIC.


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