• The Salary Review Process

    Salary Review Process The Salary Review Process: How It Relates to Performance Reviews

    Whenever you do performance reviews employees want to know, “What does my performance evaluation mean for me financially?” Many companies try to break the link between salary and performance reviews, as in performance is about performance and money is about money. But, I don’t think you ever truly can.

    So, how can you achieve your company’s long-term goals, retain top employees and motivate under-performing employees with your salary review process?

  • Salary Range of a Cop

    Salary Range of a Cop Need to Set a Salary Range for a Cop? PayScale Offers Real-Time Compensation Data

    By Staff Writer

    We have received numerous questions from HR professionals and business owners wondering what the people in various job positions and industries are paid. So, with this post, we offer you the first in a series of analyses and up-close views we’ll be taking of the salary ranges for many different jobs.

  • Motivation in the Workplace: Top Employee Motivators

    Top Employee Motivators Employee Motivation in the Workplace: It’s Not About Money. It’s About Productive Work Relationships.

    Part 2


    “I’m learning recently, you can’t motivate people. You’ve got to provide the work environment that’s going to make them want to do a better job. You just can’t make them do a better job by paying them more money.”
    – Company owner*
  • HR Cost-Cutting Measures

    HR Cost Cutting Mearures HR Cost-Cutting Measures - A Guide for HR Managers

    Are you a human resource manager or HR professional that has been asked to help your company cut costs? Besides reducing paper use, limiting morning donut runs or making the company party a potluck, how else can you save bucks at the end of the month? What about the role of compensation in human resources cost cutting?

  • Anger Management in the Workplace

    Angermanagement Ethical Issues in the Workplace - Anger Management

    A few months ago, a friend of mine went on a job interview. He later told me that while he was waiting in the lobby for his interview, he could hear the not so muffled sounds of someone yelling from an office nearby. It was obvious that the person was an angry boss and was yelling at one of his employees. When it was time for his interview, the hiring manager came into the lobby to introduce himself and, lo and behold, that voice sounded awfully familiar. Yes, it was the same manager that had just uncorked on one of his employees.

  • Creating a Salary Benchmarking Plan

    Compplan The Importance of Creating a Salary Benchmarking Plan

    By Staff Writer

    In previous posts, we have covered different aspects of salary benchmarking at an organization. From choosing salary benchmarking data sources to getting buy-in at the corporate level, there are plenty of actions to take. But, before you make calls, send emails, do online research and get others involved, there’s a crucial step you can take that will help you produce the best results possible: put together a salary benchmarking plan ahead of time.

  • Cost-Effective Employee Training Methods

    Employeetraining Helping Employees Be Their Best in an Economic Downturn: Cost-Effective HR Tips

    By Staff Writer

    Surviving economic downturns requires resourcefulness, especially when it comes to keeping employees happy at work. When budgets are tight, your organization’s stress level can jump up. Deadlines shorten, staffs shrink and everyone is doing more with less. Plus, you don’t have as many staff parties, free snacks and outings to look forward to.

  • Leadership in the Workplace: The Importance of Integrity

    Leadership Leadership in the Workplace: The Importance of Integrity

    Okay, so it’s time to re-engage your management team and provide them some refresher training on leadership in the workplace, and you’ve been asked to research and bring in the latest and greatest leadership training materials. Hopefully, you will find some new insights or perspectives on the roles of workplace leadership and on what makes a good leader. As an HR professional, I too have been tasked with this assignment.

  • Reasons for Company Layoffs: Save Costs without Salary Freezes

    Salaryfreeze Why Salary Freezes and Pay Cuts Don’t Work

    In these tough economic times, many organizations are looking for ways to reduce spending. Inevitably, payroll jumps to the top of the list of costly culprits because it is often one of the largest costs an organization has. But, does shaving down your spending on compensation through across-the-board salary freezes and pay cuts really result in true savings?




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