• A Look at Executive Pay Limits

    Executive pay limits Do You Support Executive Pay Limits?

    By Staff Writer

    In the chaotic and frightening times we’ve all stumbled into, it sounds nice to get back at someone, something, an institution, anything, for what has happened to many people’s 401Ks, homes and jobs. Who can we point a finger at?

    Of all the options, the one that has received a lot of media attention is executive compensation. Salary data abounds online, pointing out that executives' motivations are misdirected, resulting in an overpaid, profit-driven culture where the guy or gal in charge only looks out for number one. What do you think is a smart way to change the status quo?

  • Sample of Employee Review Methods

    Employee Performance Review Employee Performance Review Process Part 3: A Fresh Perspective on Employee Review Methods

    I mentioned in an earlier post on the employee performance review process that most employee review methods have a shelf life. It is good to change things up and take new approaches to delivering performance feedback. A new approach provides employees with input that they probably have not heard before or helps them hear it in a way that’s more effective at reaching them.

  • Accounting Salary Guide

    Salary Range for an Accountant Need to Set a Salary Range for an Accountant? PayScale Fills in Your Compensation Data Gaps

    We have received numerous questions from HR professionals and business owners wondering what people in various job positions and industries are paid. So, with this post, we offer you the second in a series of analyses and up-close views we’ll be taking of the salary ranges for many different jobs.

  • HR Guide to the Employee Free Choice Act

    Unionworker Employee Free Choice Act 101: A History for HR Professionals

    If you have spent time on HR or labor relations issues, you’ve likely heard of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), often referred to as the “card-check bill. When I first heard about it, I wondered, “How could something with a title like that be controversial?”

  • HR Guide to the Fair Labor Act

    HR Guide to Fair Labor Act Fair Labor Standards Act: A Basic Overview for HR Professionals

    In order to be an effective human resources contributor, it is of fundamental importance to have (at a minimum) a basic understanding of the more critical employment laws. While I am not pretending to provide legal advice here, I think it will be helpful to take a few moments to assess one such law.

  • Tips for an Effective Employee Review Process

    Employee Review Process Employee Performance Review Process Part 2: Tips for Giving Effective Employee Reviews

    Despite all the debate about whether annual performance reviews ought to happen, the fact is that they still usually do. And, if you’re going to make time for them, you may as well make them valuable for both the manager and employee.

    Here are some tips to help ensure employee review effectiveness, even if you already have a performance review process that you like. This advice is directed at both managers and HR professionals and gives you the opportunity to reconsider your annual performance review objectives.

  • Recognizing Employee Value

    Recognizing Employee Value The Importance of Recognizing Employee Value

    In the world of work, what is “adding value”? And, as an HR or compensation practitioner, why should I care? How does recognizing employee value help me do my job better?

  • Employee Performance Reviews and Best Practices

    Employee Performance Reviews and Best Practices Employee Performance Review Process Part 1: Challenging the Status Quo

    Few things bring me more satisfaction in my career as an HR professional than when I can take an old process and apply new and innovative approaches to make it better. Is it just me or do you notice that when we keep doing the same things year after year, not only do we lose sight of the original intent, but the tradition becomes almost sacred to us and we find ourselves defending it as if it were something to be adored and revered? When that happens, you know it is long overdue for a process makeover.

  • Steps to an Effective Hiring Process

    Steps to an Effective Hiring Process Hiring Employees: The Value of Behavioral Consistency

    Effective hiring goes by a fancier name: behavioral consistency. Behavioral consistency simply means that whatever a person did in the past is likely what they will do in the future in the same or a similar situation. And, if you’re not already, now is a crucial time to include it in your employee hiring practice.




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