• How to Design an Executive Compensation Policy

    Executive Compensation Policy How to Design an Executive Compensation Policy

    By Staff Writer

    If your company is looking to bounce back from a drop in profits or handle a growth spurt, you may be in the market for fresh talent at your executive level. What’s the best way to approach salary negotiations during the executive hiring process?

  • Hiring a Compensation Consultant

    Compensation Consultant When Should You Hire a Compensation Consultant?

    Keeping great employees around can make or break a company’s success. Would you like some personalized help with your compensation planning to attract and retain top talent?

  • How to Draft an Employee Manual

    How to Draft an Employee Manual

    How to Draft an Employee Manual or Policy  Manual

    When it comes to drafting an employee manual and a policy manual, many of you may ask, “Do I really need either of these documents?” Even more, there’s often confusion about what the difference is between the two types of manuals.

  • Executive Compensation – Free HR Questions and Answers

    Executive Compensation Executive Compensation: Qualifying and Compensating the Top Levels of Your Organization

    The following is a transcript of the question and answer session that followed PayScale’s webinar, Executive Pay 101: What You Need to Know. The topics covered include qualification and generalized methods of compensating top level executives, vice president and above. Answers are provided by Sharon Koss, SPHR, CCP, president of Koss Management Consulting.

  • Variable Pay Compensation

    Variable Pay Compensation Implementing a Variable Pay Compensation Strategy: What to Beware Of

    How do you reward top performers and keep employees loyal during tighter times? In a previous post I suggested a variable pay program as a way to incentivize your employees to stay with the company and help it reach its goals. From profit-sharing to discretionary bonuses, there are a variety of options.
  • Innovative Salary Programs

    Innovative Salary Programs Using Variable Pay - A Compensation Strategy in this Current Economy

    So there you are in the CEO’s office presenting your recommendations for next year’s salary budget. You have done the analysis, you have all of your facts lined up and your market data to support it. “The costs,” you say, “for next year’s salary increase budget will be … a gazillion dollars.” Well that’s not what you said, but that’s what the CEO heard! In fact, this is probably the fourth meeting that day going over all of the expenses that are needed to run the business and all that person sees is spending more money and an eroding margin. They ‘d probably rather hear about some low-cost salary programs.
  • Determining Supervisor Pay Grades

    Determining Supervisor Pay Grades What Is Fair? Supervisor vs. Employee Pay Grades

    In my time both in the military and civilian workforces, I’ve always been curious to know more about what weighs on my supervisors from day to day. Such things as scope of supervisor responsibilities, everyday demands, and supervisory skills required for them do their job. Sometimes I’ve wanted to know this information so that I can better support my supervisors. Other times, I’ve been in the mind frame that, “Heck, I could do their job.” And it comes down to, “Well, how much money do they make?”
  • How to Get a Job in Human Resources

    How to Get a Job in Human Resources How to Get a Job in Human Resources

    Finding a new job in human resources is easy!

    Now that I’ve lured you into reading my latest blog, I can confidently state that I’m only kidding. If you have experienced the same HR job market as I did over the past year, you may even demand that I see my EAP for substance abuse testing. In my 15 years within human resources (with various job moves interspersed), I have never, ever seen anything like the current human resources job market and am amazed at how quickly and fundamentally I observed a change in the landscape.

  • Non-Monetary Compensation

    Non-Monetary Compensation Non-Monetary Compensation and the Essentials of Developing a Total Compensation Policy

    They say cash is king, but in today’s economy employees know that there is more to the story than cash alone. Today’s job seekers and your employees have become more savvy about non-monetary compensation. And there is a good reason they are paying attention to it.

    Good health insurance and a generous retirement plan benefits are becoming more and more elusive. Employers who offer these non-cash rewards stand out among their peers.



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