• Compensation Decisions in 2009 and 2010

    Compesation Review 2009Compensation Decisions: What PayScale Observed in 2009 and What's Predicted for 2010

    As part of our look back at 2009 and look ahead to 2010, we asked PayScale’s director of customer service and education, Stacey Carroll, MBA, SPHR, to describe how the year, and it’s tough economic turn, seemed to affect the HR leaders, small business owners, recruiters and other PayScale clients she works with everyday.

    Ms. Carroll points out three major events that she thinks were unique to 2009 and gives her prediction for what will be happening in 2010 for people who perform compensation planning.

  • HR Articles: Compensation Today 2009 Review

    HR Articles 2009A Compensation Today 2009 Review

    By Staff Writer

    In the year of 2009, Compensation Today started publishing compensation and HR-related articles – over 110 of them, at our current count. To make it easy for you to see all of the issues we covered, we’ve created a list with many of our posts bundled by topic – starting with the signing of The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act back in late January. Hopefully, these lists will provide you a handy guide to the information that you need. Enjoy.

  • Top HR Issues for H1N1 Defense

    HR Issues for H1N1 Guidance for HR Professionals During the Influenza (H1N1) Pandemic

    As we are in the midst of influenza pandemic or global epidemic, a day does not go by without some sort of media coverage regarding its impact on our local education and health care systems, businesses, as well as just how our government is planning to respond to all of this. Hearing this information and sorting out all of the details can be overwhelming.

  • Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

    Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Healthcare

    By Staff Writer

    Jobs in healthcare continue to top lists of most stable, recession-proof, lucrative and flexible careers. From nursing to lab work and physical therapy, nearly everyone knows that our nation’s ill and aging population is creating an ever-growing demand for health services and support.

  • Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

    Average Salary of Jobs in Finance In Demand Jobs for 2010: Average Salary of Jobs in Finance

    By Staff Writer

    As the recession slows in the year to come, financial regulations to prevent future crises will be more important than ever. For that reason, many companies may be adding to their team of financial analysts and regulation experts in 2010.

  • Compensation Questions - Analytics

    Compensation Questions Compensation Questions – Applying the Results of Compensation Analytics

    The following is a transcript of the question and answer session that followed PayScale’s webinar, How to Perform Compensation Analytics. The topics covered in these compensation questions include red-circling high performers, benefits and job evaluation tools. Answers are provided by PayScale’s director of customer service and education, Stacey Carroll, M.B.A., SPHR.

  • HR Guide to Holiday Parties

    HR Guide to Holiday Parties 9 Tips to Limit Holiday Office Party Legal Exposure

    ‘Tis the season for holiday parties and the spreading of good cheer in the workplace. Unfortunately, though, too much cheer can cause liability. If your plans include serving alcohol at holiday parties or even sponsoring department “happy hours” at a local pub, your organization could be at risk for legal liability if a drunken employee harms himself or others.

  • The Costs of Employee Turnover

    Cost of Employee Turnover Cost of Employee Turnover - Part 1

    Many of us have a vague sense that there are things we must do. We must eat our vegetables, floss, and make payroll. Then we have a sense that there are things we ought to do. We ought to invest for retirement, volunteer with a community service organization, or learn a language. Into which category do we place “hang onto my employees better?” It might be the former, once you find out in this blog how much employee turnover costs.

  • Ethics in the Workplace

    Ethics in the Workplace Encouraging Positive Workplace Behavior: Ethics on the Job

    Have you ever experienced a situation at work in which a highly performing and highly skilled employee was accused of some inappropriate behavior in the workplace? You probably watched, along with other employees, to see if the person being accused would be confronted if their behavior was indeed determined to be unethical. Maybe you were disappointed because your organization overlooked the unethical behavior due to the fact that the accused employee was such a “good” performer?

  • Laws for Employee Breaks

    Laws for Employee Breaks Employee Work Breaks: Legal Issues and Worker Needs

    Surprisingly, federal law does not require employers to provide employee work breaks. Still, you should consider providing them. In addition to giving employees a necessary break from workday chores, they may also be required as accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or to satisfy state requirements.




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