Average Salary of Jobs in Nonprofit

Average Salary of Jobs in NonprofitNonprofit Compensation Trends for 2009 and 2010

Sitting in the middle of a robust economy is one of the best ways for nonprofits to increase their fundraising power. Back in 1986, when the tax on charitable donations was increased, donations actually went up simply because people had money in their pockets, according to The Christian Science Monitor’s “Obama's Right: The Wealthy Don’t Need a Huge Tax Break to Support Charity.” By contrast, the sort of economic health we’ve seen over the last year or so can have a devastating effect on nonprofits’ income.

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In a recent online survey of charitable organizations in and around Bettendorf, Il., “Local Nonprofits Feel Pressure of Economic Downturn” 55 percent of the charities found obtaining funding a major challenge, 75 percent decided against a major capital campaign in this economic climate, and, yet, with demand on the rise from individuals and families for charitable services, 55 percent reported that they plan to expand their services in key areas over the next three years.

The Market’s Effect on Nonprofit Compensation Trends

If you work in the nonprofit sector at a management level and have to make decisions about nonprofit compensation and benefits for staff, you may assume that the market has changed for some job positions. But, do you know how? The nonprofit compensation surveys you normally use might not be available yet with data that reflects market changes and unfolding nonprofit compensation trends.

With that in mind, we’ve collected some basic salary numbers from PayScale’s database that will hopefully help you see better what the market is currently paying so you can make the cost-efficient decisions needed.

Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization by Experience

Program Coordinator, Nonprofit Organization by City 

Program Manager, Nonprofit Organization by Employer Type 

Education Coordinator, Nonprofit Organization by State 

Development Manager, Nonprofit Organization by Experience 

Chief Operating Officer, Nonprofit Organization by Experience 

Fundraising Director, Nonprofit Organization by Experience 

Development Supervisor, Nonprofit Organization by Experience 

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  1. 7 G. Soruco 20 Jan
    I would greatly appreciate salary information for an international program manager for 2016
  2. 6 Jose Luis Valenzuela 04 Jan
    I need a payment scale for 2016 for a nonprofit organization in the Los Angeles Area.
  3. 5 Miriam Peterman 10 Oct
    Please provide average salary for an executive director, a Part time and full time event planner/fundraiser for a very small non profit and for student intern , regular teacher and senior teacher in part time positions. At present their are 7 employee's all of which are part time. We are looking to develop a pay scale to include1-2 full time staff. We are located in Arizona.
  4. 4 angel 25 Mar
    need help how much do college athletes get paid
  5. 3 Ariel Joseph Deng 03 Feb
    What would be a salary grade for the following people working with low scale non profit organisation in South Sudan 1. Head of Office 2. Deputy head of Office 3. Project managers 4. Project Officers 5. Support staff i.e. cleaners and guards If you could also shared with the format; will be appreciated.
  6. 2 Carol 13 Aug
    what is a typical going rate for a secretary / director's assistant to make in a non profit
  7. 1 Dorothy McKinney 05 Aug
    Requesting a 2014 current pay scale for non profit employees. Thank you.


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