• Halloween HR Blunders

    More Spooky HR Tales

    By Staff Writer

    We promised to share any HR horror stories that we collected. Well, hang on tight and try not to scream. Here are some of the worst HR blunders, just in time for Halloween.

  • Tracking the Current Trends in Compensation

    The PayScale Index: Watching Wages Go Up and Down

    By Staff Writer

    As an HR practitioner, you’ve been on a roller coaster in the past few years trying to keep up with failing markets, rampant unemployment and, now, signs that things may be improving. Whether you laid-off employees, eliminated bonuses or paid certain workers a premium to keep them around, wouldn’t it be nice to know what actually happened with wages during this time?

  • Rescinding Job Offers – Without Trouble

    Rescinding Job Offer Based on New Information Q&A

    Can you rescind a job offer if you find out new information about a candidate? For instance, can an employer rescind a job offer due to errors on applications? Learn what steps you can take to limit liability in this situation.

  • Would You Hire a Felon?

    Felon Employment: Ways to Encourage Success

    As discussed in previous articles, it’s no mystery that employers are often hesitant to hire convicted felons. A felony is essentially the modern day scarlet letter when it comes to open doors for employment and various other aspects of life.

  • Employee Disciplinary Procedures: Be Consistent

    Consistent Employee Discipline: Not "One Size Fits All" Q&A

    When considering employee disciplinary procedures, you know that you should treat your employees consistently. However, being consistent does not mean you have to treat them all the exact same way. Find out how you can take appropriate, fair action and limit potential inconsistencies that could cause legal problems.

  • HR Horror Stories

    Creepy, Terrible, Awful HR Nightmares

    What’s your worst HR nightmare? Layoff lists getting shared too early? Compensation budget arguments turning ugly? Well, they have all happened and we’ve collected some frightful ones for you to read below.

  • Pay Incentive Programs

    Incentive Pay and Cautions for Non-Exempt Employees

    Above and beyond base pay is the option of incentive pay. The critical point to make about any plan for a pay incentive program is to watch your messaging. Your communication should focus on the notion that incentive pay is for results above and beyond normal expectations. You want to avoid any one thinking their incentive pay is an entitlement. Look what that thinking has done in the financial industry.

  • Hiring Convicted Felons

    Jobs that Hire Convicted Felons

    In the current job market, even the most experienced and educated individuals may have some difficulty locating jobs despite their best efforts. No one experiences this more than a convicted felon coming out of prison for the first time after many years. A lot of potential employers that work with work release programs are considered “felon friendly” employers, but still often ask what kind of work can felons do? The short answer is - almost everything.

  • Bullying in the Workplace

    Bullying in the Workplace: Will Your Workers Be Able To Sue You For Bullying?

    The word “bully” often conjures up images from the mid-1980’s classic Back to the Future in which mousey George McFly is hounded and humiliated by the Goliath-sized alpha male named Biff Tanner. I can still hear the taunting words of Biff echoing through the 1950’s cafeteria: “Hello McFly. Anybody home, McFly?” And who could help but cheer when George gets up the guts to sock Biff in the face at the high school sock hop? This quintessential form of bullying and other less overt forms of intimidation exist not only in the schoolyard but also in the workplace.

  • Refining Employee Compensation Plans

    Refining Employee Compensation Plans

    Employers and HR professionals alike put a lot of time, research, and energy into developing a strong and attractive employee compensation plan. Stacking benefits like profit–sharing and team-based pay onto basic compensation is commonly done, then that approach is reviewed, researched, and refined over time.




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