What Makes High Tech Employees Smile?


When it comes to compensation, it's tough to beat the high tech industry, but the industry doesn't manage their human capital with salary alone. As new research by PayScale reveals, attracting and retaining technology staff takes more than just cutting the biggest check. It requires finding the right mix of pay, benefits, culture and environment that will increase employee satisfaction.

PayScale’s new Top Tech Employer Comparison report assesses and compares over 20 leading tech firms on employment criteria like comp, benefits, stress levels, work/life balance and employee satisfaction. The report uncovers a number of complex relationships that show the difficulty of achieving workplace satisfaction.

Stress Isn’t Always Bad

While you might assume that work stress leads to employee dissatisfaction, this isn’t always the case. As an example, nearly three quarters of Salesforce.com employees report relatively high levels of stress, but they also report some of the highest levels of overall satisfaction. HP, on the other hand, reports relatively low levels of both stress and satisfaction.

Employees Need a Purpose

Rather than thinking about potentially negative factors like stress, it may be more helpful to focus on the positive effect that meaningful work has on employees. Facebook and LinkedIn employees, for example, report both the highest levels of overall satisfaction and finding meaning in their work.

Money Definitely Isn’t Everything

Pay matters of course, but the report data shows that you don't need to break the bank to create a good work environment. For example, employees of Facebook, who report the second highest levels of satisfaction receive an average $67,800 in starting pay. Yahoo employees, who rank 12th in satisfaction, receive an average of $81,000 in starting pay.

Find the Right Path for Your Business

Crafting the optimal mix of perks, work experience and pay for your staff is no easy task. Start by reading the full PayScale report Once you have digested the contents, contact PayScale to learn how you can use PayScale Insight software to build a comp strategy that attracts, retains and motivates high-powered employees.


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