Cash is King. Who are the rest of the royals?

Stickman Cash is KingBy Dan Walter, Performensation

In the mighty kingdom of compensation, cash is king. Cash holds this majestic position through a family line that stretches back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Like any monarch, King Cash has a retinue of supporters, all with their own long histories and stories of power.

I will be providing a new series of posts on Payscale’s Compensation Today blog. These posts will be focused on explaining the King’s court as well as the strategies, tactics and technical aspects of how to best use these players in the game of chess that is total rewards.

I specialize in High Performance Compensation™ with a focus on equity, executive and performance-based compensation programs. On Thursday November 15, 2012 and the third Thursday of every month thereafter you can read a post about how to do more, or have less problems with, these types of programs. The posts will be short and lean to the irreverent.

Many compensation professionals have not had a chance to work extensively with non-cash alternative compensation systems. Beginning December 6, 2012 and on the first Thursday of every month following I will explain a different equity compensation instrument. This list includes the foundations of ISOs, NQSOs, Restricted Stock, RSUs, Performance Units, ESPP and much more.

I look forward to discussing these topics with you. Look for the postings and accompanying Stickman images and please become part of the conversation.

See you November 15.


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