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  • 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your 2013 Comp Plan


    Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, 
    Compensation Consultant at PayScale

    It’s the end of the year! I’m wrapping up a bunch of client projects, getting them all set to launch their brand new compensation plans in the New Year. As I’m doing so, I’m realizing how helpful the tried and true New Years’ Resolutions are when thinking about best practices for managing compensation plans. Below are some of my favorites.

  • 5 For Friday: 2012 Replay

    Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

    In this edition of 5 for Friday, our last in 2012, it seemed appropriate to take a look back at the big trends that influenced HR this past year and will continue their impact on us during this coming year.

  • How to Win When Your Boss is a Woman


    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    Having worked for both male and female bosses, it is no secret that the sexes see work, priorities, and life differently. My male boss would often cut out of the office at 4:30 p.m. while a female boss would call me at 8 p.m. on a weekend. Some of this is work style, but science has proven that men think, lead and react differently than their female counterparts. As an HR professional who likely has a female boss, it can help to know it isn’t just you.

  • Rockstar, or One-Hit Wonder?

    Evan Rodd, PayScale

    Many of us have dreamed of rock stardom—climbing on stage in front of an audience, and watching thousands of people sing along with us as we aggressively strum our guitar like Angus Young. There’s nothing like that level of recognition to get your adrenaline pumping, especially from a stadium full of people who are able to come together under the common bond of your awesome abilities.

  • 5 For Friday: Santa Edition

    Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

    This week, in our weekly review of the blogosphere, we focus on Santa and all things holiday. 

    1. Without Magic, Santa Would Need 12 Million Employees Chana Joffe-Walt, NPR - Planet Money
      Ever wonder what it would take to do the job of Santa? NPR, with the help of FedEx and UPS figured it out and the answer is a whole lot of people! It's a good thing Santa's got the elves to rely on! 
  • CFO Corner: UK Shareholder Spring was Barely a Fling

    Stickman UK Shareholder Spring

    Dan Walter, Performensation

    In recent presentations I have heard several compensation professionals from the UK refer to their “Shareholder Spring” of 2012. The reference is to the raising of voices from shareholders. While we all love a little hyperbole, I believe that their Shareholder Spring was barely a fling. The UK’s Shareholder Spring led to a lot of posturing, but as of yet, the player and rules of the game are still familiar.

  • 25 Must Read HR Blogs in 2013

    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    Technology is rapidly changing the face of HR. It impacts the way businesses are organized and is a big influence on how people define work. With more pressure on becoming mobile, social, automated, cloud-based and overall tech friendly, Human Resources must stay on top of the changing trends and demonstrate value. No longer is the Human Resources department where you go to just get benefits information, but it’s the department that drives the value of the company through recruitment and employee retention.

  • PayScale Insight Winter 2013 Edition

    Laleh Hassibi,

    Want to price your jobs more accurately, and get the most return on your labor budget? With the Winter 2013 Edition of PayScale Insight we're making compensation management easier than ever before. 

  • Five for Friday: Times are a Changing

    Laleh Hassibi,

    The times are always changing, but we uncovered some interesting tidbits about exactly how things are changing for 2013 in our weekly review of the blogosphere. Here are our top five picks from the week:

  • 5 Time Management Tips You Must Do in 2013

    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    Every year on the first work day of January, your co-workers return to their desks with a new plan to transform themselves via their New Year’s Resolution. Maybe they are mixing health shakes in the breakroom in place of their lunches, walking through the halls (or up and down the stairs) in lieu of their typical breaks to sneak in some exercise or madly chewing nicotine replacement gum to kick the smoking habit. Whatever their goal might be, their intentions are good. But, this year, instead of (yet again) resolving for your health, consider the best New Year’s resolution of all: resolve to find more time.

  • Win Top Tier Techies!

    Evan Rodd,

    As many businesses gravitate towards a stronger software presence, the demand for tech-savvy employees is growing larger every day. 

    It can be challenging enough to secure customers, especially if software is an imperative aspect of your services. When that software needs some TLC, you want the best and brightest in the business. Top companies like Google and Apple offer the incentives and company culture that many techies gravitate towards. When you are trying to stay afloat in a competitive tech marketplace, what can you do to secure top tier techies?

  • Five for Friday: Don't Worry, Be Happy

    Laleh Hassibi,

    Editors note: this is a new feature in our blog that you'll find every Friday. Look for our five favorite stories, infographics, or blog articles of the week. 

    1. Success Means Learning to Let Go
      Geoffrey James, Inc.
      Geoffrey James gives us timely advice for this busy chaotic season that mimics the message behind that old Bob McFerrin classic, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." A key to success is to learn to let go of our frustration about those items on our to-do lists that are driving us crazy because we have no control over them. Instead, we'll do better by saving our energy for the things that really matter to us. 
  • CFO Corner: Equity Compensation – The Ups and Downs of ISOs

    Stickman ups and downs of isos
    Incentive Stock Options are a great place to start talking about equity compensation. ISOs are “appreciation-only” vehicles, meaning they have direct value to employees only if the stock price appreciates above the initial grant price. Other common appreciation-only instruments include NQSOs and SARs (to be covered in future posts). If you understand ISOs, you can easily understand other appreciation instruments.

  • The Science of Compensation & Big Data is Sexy

    Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs

    Uncovering the History of the HR Algorithm

    The term HR algorithms was all the rage when Google announced it was turning to a mathematically sound and logical approach to analyze HR data. Google is renowned for blazing the trail of innovation, and if any company was going to crack the code of better understanding and even predicting employee trends and turnover, it was Google. The internet search engine giant announced it was inputting employee reviews, promotion histories and pay and other similar data into a mathematical algorithm in an effort to mitigate “brain drain,” the disengaged employee and turnover. That was May 2009. 

  • CFO Corner: The 2013 Meaning Of Unemployment

    Although President Barack Obama has been re-elected, our country continues to be divided amid our economic recovery and job growth. With a 7.9 percent unemployment rate in October, Obama is tackling the highest jobless rate of any president in the postwar era.

    However, things do seem to be looking up in the 2013 unemployment forecast. The Labor Department recently reported the nation added 171,000 positions on net in October, with more jobs than initially estimated in August and September. According to the New York Times, economists are hopeful that post-election policies in Congress will address fiscal tightening that may increase job and output growth.


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