5 For Friday: Ladies First

Evan Rodd, PayScale

Now, more than ever, women are claiming their rightful place in the workforce. From HR to CEOs, the gender gap is rapidly decreasing, yet unequal salaries still remain. Why is this? Our weekly blog review examines how sisters are doing it for themselves.

Why Men Get Bigger Pay Hikes Than Women DoSuzanne Lucas, MoneyWatch 
A new study finds that, despite performance, managers still tend to give larger pay increases to male employees. Are women less likely to negotiate a larger salary? Suzanne Lucas, The Real Evil HR Lady investigates this phenomenon.

Are We Closing the Gender Gap at Work? Jessica Miller-Merrell, Compensation Today
Women are entering the workforce in record numbers, but salary growth has reached a plateau. Women still only make 77% of what their male counterparts make. This can equal a loss of $431,000 dollars over the span of a 40-year career. Will the Paycheck Fairness Act ever see the light of day?

Why Human Resources Isn't Just For Women Anymore Susan Strayer, Forbes
Often thought of as a predominately female-driven position, HR is rapidly changing. HR, talent management, or human capital is about securing and developing talent. Maintaining old school HR practices will ultimately impact your bottom line… in the wrong way.

Number of Female Directors Rockets Over the Past Five Years, Says Study Tom Newcombe, HR Magazine
The number of female directors in the UK has risen greatly over the last five years. While this tends ring true for smaller companies, large business are seeing an increase in female leadership as well. There also appears to be a rise in female entrepreneurs, as well.

Men & Women In HR – A Balanced Mix? Regan and Dean
Even though HR still tends to be an overwhelming female profession, men still make many of the decisions when is comes to promotions, and salary range. Do women naturally possess more of the skills required for success in HR roles? A brief history lesson may hold some of the answers. 


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