CFO Corner: Microsoft's New CFO, Amy Hood, Makes How Much?!


Tim Low, PayScale

Microsoft announced the appointment of their new CFO, Amy Hood, as Seattle Tech Blog Geekwire noted recently. Referring to recent regulatory filings, they also gave a snapshot of her compensation.

She will earn $570,000 in base salary, which should allow her to buy groceries. In addition, she receives Microsoft stock valued at approximately $6.5 million. This got me thinking about what finance people make. While not everyone can hope to make more than half a million in base salary plus six or more million dollars in stock compensation, finance jobs are always in demand, and every new CFO leaves a position as VP of Finance or Controller that needs to be filled.

What Women in Finance Make*:
  • Accounts Payable Manager $42,900
  • Financial Controller $55,200
  • Senior Tax Accountant $64,900
  • CFO $121,100
The factors that drive pay are varied. Elements like company size, industry, degree status and certifications like the CPA matter significantly. For certain positions, geography plays a large role in compensation. For other jobs the market is more national or even global. To pay the right way in your organization, make sure to know what factors drive competitive compensation for your jobs.

*National median pay.

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